hi, i'm ieva!​

I was an Au Pair in Italy at the age of 19 when it hit me - traveling is my passion! New cultures, places and people literally take my breath away. I was fascinated with all the options out there and I wanted to find a way to keep traveling as much as possible.

I was eager to find a way and so I did. With no college education, I was accepted as a social media manager intern in a design studio.

Eventually, I decided to look into graphic design. And with no artistic skills whatsoever, I just started to dig deep right into it and LEARN all I could get my hands on.

It took around 2 years for me to get from Au Pairing in Italy to freelancing as a graphic designer and becoming location independent.

here's my secret to always getting what I want...

Those who know me also know that PASSION is my middle name. Once I put my mind on something that I really want, I just find a way.

There have always been obstacles to overcome. Lack of money, knowledge, experience - to name just a few... But my secret to always getting what I want is GOING FOR IT. Finding a way. There always is a way, you just have to get creative about it.

Since very young age, I've had many big dreams: I wanted to open my hotel, be a theater director, writer... and somehow all of those dreams have come true. Not in the exact way I imagined but I've found a way to get the exact feeling I was hoping for.

By age of 24, I have managed to live in Italy, Croatia, Portugal, Albania and other beautiful countries. I have traveled with my best friends all over the Europe, met new friends wherever I go, been an Au Pair and volunteer, participated in many different projects, expanded my horizons when it comes to new foods and cultures. I have managed to live my dream thanks to being location independent and working online.

Now, I help online entrepreneurs to bring their passion online and start earning location independent income.

I'm a blogger, freelancer and online course creator. I started blogging four years ago so I could travel the world while pursuing my passion of writing, designing and helping others.

Today, my biggest joy is showing others that IT IS POSSIBLE. Those who are stuck in their 9 to 5 jobs.... Those who are just out of college and have no idea what to do... Those who have A DREAM.

Let me just say this - with technologies and freedom like we have in the 21st century, everything really is possible.



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