About Me

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Here’s a quick insight into how I got here:

  • I decided to quit studying and work as an Au Pair in Italy when I was 19.
  • From there, I tried all kinds of on-the-road jobs and realized that I never want to be tied to one place. (]I’ve never worked in a standard 9-to-5)
  • Eventually, I found out about freelancing and digital nomadism and decided I want to be a graphic designer.
  • I took on various smaller design jobs – while still learning what the heck the design is…
  • I got into graphic design, digital marketing and blogging. That lead me to online course creation and extensive traveling as a location independent digital nomad.
  • Ever since then, I’ve been in online business, working on my own projects, learning, cooperating, expanding my freelance career. It’s been an exciting journey!

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The Random Passion project was created based on my willingness to share what I’ve learned.

I got into online business with not the smallest experience in this niche but with a huge willingness to learn, improve and grow. And I did!

I know that everything is absolutely possible – as long as you’re ready to work hard.

In this blog, I have not only documented my own journey and growth but also shared all tips and tricks I’ve found out that anyone just getting into the online business and starting location independent income would consider useful. My biggest passion is helping other aspiring freelancers, digital nomads and online entrepreneurs to establish their business and earn living online.


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