Tips for working with affiliate programs

Being an affiliate is one of the best ways to earn money online but what are the things you should know before starting? I’ve gathered several tips for working with affiliate programs that’ll really grow your online income. Let’s get started!

I’ve talked about being an affiliate previously and it’s no surprise – affiliate programs is one of the best and most popular ways to build your income as a blogger. It also can be a very overwhelming process to go through. And that’s why I’m here to help!


Tips for working with affiliate programs: path to growing your online income

Tips for working with affiliate programs: a path to growing your online income

Becoming an affiliate seems very tempting: you can earn commission per sales made and sell any type of a product that has an affiliate program (and most of them do!).

You can see successful affiliates in many different niches: mommy and fashion bloggers, sharing clothing advice, daily products they use, cosmetics, kitchenware, digital marketers and online business owners, earning income from sharing their favorite tools and software to use, people in fitness, art, interior design or cooking… And well beyond that!

Even with  small traffic, it IS possible to generate consistent affiliate income.

So here are some tips to keep in mind before getting into affiliate marketing:

TIP #1: Quality over quantity 

Will it be more profitable to choose many different affiliate programs instead of focusing on one? No, it won’t! It’s really one of the first lessons you should learn when getting into affiliate marketing in general. Quality matters, quantity doesn’t.

Just like with anything else in life – half-done will never be really better than completed. Make sure to write ONE blog post with tons of useful info instead of writing ten with vague tips. Choose 3 powerful and relevant affiliate programs instead of 15 kind-of-good. Devote your mindset to your set goals, instead of wandering around and trying to do everything everyone else is doing.


TIP #2: Position yourself as an expert

One of the best tips for working with affiliate programs is to position yourself as an expert in the field. Let’s say, you’ve become an affiliate for online course program. Writing one article about the program could give you some profit. But how about writing ten or making your whole blog about it? THAT will give you some DAMN GOOD profit, believe me! Positioning yourself as an expert will make you the go-to person in the field. Besides that, having your blog related to the topic will make it way more trustful than just having an article or two related to your affiliate product.


TIP #3: Choose relevant affiliate programs

One of the most important tips for working with affiliate programs is this. That’s also why most of this blog post will be about choosing the best affiliate program for your blog and for your business goals. So it’s also tip #3. Choosing relevant affiliate program IS crucial to your success! Who will buy if no one will be interested in your offer?

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What kind of affiliate programs are the best to join?

TIP #4: Join less popular programs

Amazon is great but… everybody uses it! Being an affiliate on Amazon can turn out to be tons harder than being an affiliate for a smaller brand. Most of the products are already massively promoted elsewhere, therefore, your offer is not unique.

While less-known programs, on the other hand, give you a chance to promote something really unique, interesting and many people might see this offer for the first time!


TIP #5: Make sure people know the product

It’s great to be an affiliate for a product or company people already trust in. If you’re partnering with a new product or brand, selling will be hard since you’ll have to help the brand get clients trust first. As soon as you partner up with someone/something people already know and trust in, your job gets easier – all you need to do is to sell the product because trust is already there.

Yes, this is contradicting my previous point. But the golden middle way is the way to go! Find a brand that doesn’t have TONS of affiliates but does have the trust of their customers.


TIP #6: Check out the commission rate

Here’s the difference between being an affiliate for, let’s say, the same old Amazon or little less known brand. On average, Amazon pays around 5% per sale. Smaller or little-known brands have commissions starting from 10%, on average being around 30%. Doesn’t this sound way better? Working your butt off for 30% rate is way more reasonable than 5%!

For example, MyThemeShop offers 50% affiliate rate from each purchase made.

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How to choose the best affiliate program for your blog?

TIP #7: Know what your audience is interested in

Choosing a program that will be interesting for your audience is the most important of the tips for working with affiliate programs.

I’m writing a blog for aspiring freelancers and digital nomads. I know that my audience is interested in… well… anything freelancing and nomadism related! But I can’t sell everything so I have to narrow my niche. What exactly am I trying to help with? I help with getting started. What are the products or services people will need when getting started? That’s where I find my best affiliate programs.

Always narrow your field. Being a blogger and selling everything will lead you nowhere. Make sure to spot what YOUR audience is interested in. If millennials are your main audience, becoming an affiliate for anti-aging creme might not be the right decision. If your main audience is millennials who are afraid of aging fast, cha-ching! you’ve got the jackpot. Make sure to check under the surface. Dig deep into what your reader is searching for.

TIP #8: Try it out yourself

Being an affiliate for a service or product you haven’t tried out yourself is plain cheating. After all, being an affiliate is all about suggesting something for others. Besides that, it’s just more of the work for you. Instead of sharing your experience and opinion, you’ll have to do additional research to understand the product.

TIP #9: Truly believe in what you’re selling

This one is closely connected with Tip #8. If you’ve tried something but you don’t like it – don’t try to sell it! Selling only products you truly like yourself will make your sales more successful.


Tips for working with affiliate programs: path to growing your online income


Here’s another tip for you…

There are TONS of affiliate programs to join, many of them are truly great. My 10th of tips for working with affiliate programs is to find something that you feel like a great fit in all of my previously mentioned categories.

It should be a product or service you’ve used and you’ve liked. It should be something with a good commission rate and something people really trust in. But don’t follow the crowd!

Doing what everybody else does is not the path to success! Use the option to really tailor your chosen affiliate programs to your blog. Connect with the products and services and understand WHY your readers should be interested in it.

If you’re ready to take that next step and build your passive income streams, make sure to check out Passive Income Simplified


Do you have any concerns about getting started or maybe some more tips for working with affiliate programs?? Let me know in the comments!

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