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Beautiful WordPress themes for bloggers

The best WordPress theme review for bloggers

Are you in search of beautiful WordPress themes for bloggers? You’ve come to the right place!

Many new bloggers encounter a lot of confusion when it comes to choosing and setting up WordPress themes.

As a website designer, I work with a variety of WordPress themes on a daily basis and understand how easy it is to get confused when there are almost unlimited options to design your blog the way you want it to be.

To keep make your decision easier, I’d suggest, first, coming up with an overall website strategy to understand your blog goals and what purpose will it serve.

If you’re ready to make your pick, read on to find some of the most beautiful WordPress themes for bloggers.

Beautiful WordPress themes for bloggers

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Important features to have on a WordPress theme

Here are a few of the most important features to have on a WordPress theme:

  • Several Demo contents
    Having various Demo contents ready for your use will make it easier to get started, especially, if you’re not a designer yourself.
  • Versatile design
    It’s important to choose a theme that can live through times and improve along with your website.
  • Full customization
    If you’re spending your money to pay for a theme, make sure to have all the options you might need. Usually, a great range of customization is offered if the theme is based on some kind of a drag & drop builder.  For example, WP Bakery, Elementor or similar.

Besides that, it’s also important to have a responsive and SEO-adjusted theme. These days most of the themes in a market are applicable to this.

Before making the final decision on which WordPress theme to choose, make sure to learn more about WordPress themes for starters and read tips on how to choose the best WordPress theme


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A Short overview of WordPress theme review for bloggers

Before diving head-first into the list of the most beautiful WordPress themes for bloggers, here are all of them categorized!

The best themes for …

If you’re searching for some unique WordPress theme shops, make sure to check out this!

Beautiful WordPress themes for bloggers

This list of beautiful WordPress themes for bloggers is based on a variety of different blogging-focused themes that I have encountered while working with bloggers and online business owners.

I have personally used many of the mentioned themes, either for my own or my client blogs.


Felt WordPress theme: The best WordPress theme review for bloggers


Price: Starting from $112
Pros: Wonderful homepage with a variety of layout options
Cons: No easy to use page builder included

This is a great theme to use if you can’t decide between going for a blog or magazine look. Although the base of the theme is like a simple blog, various unique design elements make it feel high-end and able to hold various categories and give an easy-to-use interface.


The best WordPress theme review

Emily Grace

Price: $59
Pros: Stunning first impression
Cons: Optimized for visual content only

Emily Grace is a chic and sophisticated WordPress theme that is packed with features for the modern blogger. This theme gives a great chance to present your portfolio and offer. Emily Grace deserves an important place in this WordPress theme review for bloggers!


Charlotte: WordPress theme for bloggers


Price: $39
Pros: Beautiful, simple layout

Straightforward but simple and elegant theme solution for bloggers! With a full-width top banner, you can provide insight into the most popular blog posts. The theme offers a nice post layout + beautiful widgets to use.


TUULIKKI: WordPress theme for bloggers


Price: $49
Pros: Wonderful light layout, shop included

I want to call this theme PRECIOUS. It’s so light, minimal but so, so elegant! I find it to have one of the most “hygge” feels to it.


Healey: WordPress theme for bloggers


Price: $29
Pros: Beautiful visuals

Healey theme is the perfect fit for food or fashion bloggers with highly visual content. It has a simple but eye-catching layout with beautiful imaginary.


Valentina: WordPress theme for bloggers


Price: $25
Pros: Clean, minimal style
Cons: Might come off as too simple for some

Simplicity is the key! This beautiful WordPress theme for bloggers doesn’t overcomplicate with unnecessary page elements. It has a simple design with all the must-have features.



Victoria WordPress theme: The best WordPress theme review for bloggers


Price: $79
Pros: Bulletproof layout
Cons: Might feel a bit overused

Victoria offers a bulletproof layout – a layout that’s been used by online entrepreneurs, bloggers and coaches all over the world. It’s well-working and it has proven its usability. The composition is created, based on a variety of necessary page elements like signup for an opt-in, icon elements, recent blog posts, and more. At the same time, it might feel a bit overused, just because such layout is so popular. Anyhow, if you don’t want to risk it too much, choose Victoria from Bluchic!


The best WordPress theme review for bloggers: Essence Pro Theme


Price: $129 (with Genesis Framework)
Pros: Unique Homepage layout
Cons: Too simplified Demo theme setup

This theme gives a simple yet very effective layout for bloggers. It’s outstanding in the market of all-too-similar blogs and has a unique perspective to offer. I personally really like the big banner and the option to have a signup form as the first thing on the page. For those who look for more complicated design solutions, this theme might be too simple (although with Genesis Framework you’d have all the necessary features to make the updates). 

If you’re searching for some unique WordPress theme shops, make sure to check out this!


Mai Lifestyle Pro WordPress Theme: the best WordPress theme review

Mai Lifestyle Pro

Price: $129 (with Genesis Framework)
Pros: A variety of layout variations

The Perfect Theme for Wellness, Food/Recipe, Fitness and Lifestyle Sites. Choose from flexible image-rich layouts, including full-width sections and archive options that will make your content shine.


Bluebird WordPress theme: The best WordPress theme review for bloggers


Price: $19
Pros: Beautiful blog view
Cons: Lack of customization options for other pages

If your main focus is blogging and you want to create a simple yet lovely blog design, Bluebird is the best theme for you! It has nothing excessive in it but has all one needs for a successful WordPress blog. It is suitable for a variety of content creators.


Inspirational website design trends 2019: Authority Pro theme


Price: $129 (with Genesis Framework)
Pros: Outstanding website features
Cons: You would need some experience or practice to successfully update this layout

This is an ideal theme for those who want to highlight their best features. If the blog is not the only feature of your website and you want to share more about who you are or what you do, this theme is a great way to introduce yourself to your audience! It has unique features and fun page elements used.


Julia WordPress theme: The best WordPress theme review for bloggers


Price: Starting from $112
Pros: Beautiful layout with outstanding visuals
Cons: Some of the Demo designs might feel a bit outdated

Julia is a very modern and outstanding theme with a very impressive visual layout. It’s created as a theme for food bloggers but I’m absolutely sure it would work just as well for anyone who appreciates good photography along with their blog posts: fashion bloggers, craft makers, lifestyle bloggers and definitely many others.


Chanel WordPress theme: The best WordPress theme review for bloggers


Price: $19
Pros: Classic but outstanding layout
Cons: Limited to content creators

Chanel is one of my favorite budget-friendly themes when it comes to blogging. It is the perfect fit for content creators who’d love to use a simple but elegant layout. Tiny design details all over the site draw attention and make the page easier to read.


The best WordPress theme review for bloggers: Foodie Pro WordPress theme review


Price: $129 (with Genesis Framework)
Pros: It’s simple yet stunning
Cons: Might lack some more unique features

If you’re looking forward to updating your website with something more standardized and yet still manage to stand out and have unique website features, look no further! While Foodie theme (obviously) will be great for food bloggers, it will also be a nice fit for those who see simplicity and minimalism in design.


The best WordPress theme review for bloggers: Refined Pro WordPress theme review



Refined is the perfect pick for those who want to really grow their blog and expand it into more than just a few features. This theme gives a great option to layout and showcase various topics, articles and offers. It’s also very elegant and simple! The lack of contrasts makes it a bit hard to navigate or follow in the long-run but nonetheless, it’s a very welcoming and warm theme.

Noto WordPress theme: The best WordPress theme review for bloggers


Price: Starting from $112
Pros: Eye-catching blog layout
Cons: Lack of visuals

If you’re done with boring grid layouts and feel like you’re ready to stand out with your blog design, make sure to check out Noto by Pixelgrade! Its layout is simple yet truly stunning. As they say, “Noto is for writers who want to put words in the spotlight.”


Chicserve WordPress theme: The best WordPress theme review for bloggers


Price: $129
Pros: Perfect for service-based businesses and coaches

Chicserve is one of the latest releases by Bluchic and it has several magnificent features for service-based business websites! The website’s layout includes all the features you might need and it’s based on a very easy to use editor – Elementor.


Find the best WordPress theme yourself! 

Although I hope you’ve found this WordPress theme review for bloggers useful and maybe even found your perfect theme, I totally get if it hasn’t happened for you just yet.

If you’re still seeking for your one and unique theme, make sure to check out various WordPress theme markets:

  • My Theme Shopone-time purchase, independent themes
  • Studio Press – one-time purchase, comes with Genesis Framework
  • Pixelgrade – both subscription and one-purchase themes
  • Elegant Themes – subscription-based themes with Divi Framework
  • BluChic – one-time purchase, comes with Elementor Builder
  • WP Zoom – one-time purchase, high-quality, unique WordPress themes
  • Template Monster – one-time purchase, independent themes

I hope you found this WordPress theme review for bloggers useful and found the theme of your dreams! Let me know if you have any questions.


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    Great post! Thanks for your wonderful recommendation.
    You can also try one more wordPress theme which is known as Kosmic. It’s a multipurpose theme that you can use it to design any types of website.


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