You’ve decided to become a digital nomad… now what?!

Welcome to my new blog post series for aspiring digital nomads! In this post, I’m sharing with you actual tips and tricks on what to do if you want to become a digital nomad, from the very beginning of it all. Let’s start, shall we?

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You've decided to become a digital nomad... now what?!

You’ve decided to become a digital nomad… now what?!

There are many scenarios that might lead you to become a digital nomad. Maybe you’ve heard something about this lifestyle and it seems like dreams come true for you. Maybe there was someone suggesting that you should look into that. Or you’re just willing to change your life 360 degrees and this post was in your way! Whatever is your case, you might be very confused on what to do next.

What does being a digital nomad really mean?

First of all, it’s important to understand that “being a digital nomad” is NOT a profession. It’s a lifestyle. Digital nomads are location independent entrepreneurs, freelancers, artists, multi-passionate, whatever you prefer. (Digital) location independent work means that the most important asset of your work is your laptop. Yes, artists, songwriters, fitness instructors and many other professionals also CAN be location independent. But when we’re thinking about digital nomads, we have this thought of a laptop on our mind so let’s stick with that.

When laptop becomes the most important asset of your work, it means that you can do your work from anywhere. Whether it’s your bed or local coffee shop. Maybe it’s your countryside or a place across the universe. Be it South America, Italy, Bali, Sweden… Whatever rocks your boat! That’s when you can become a digital nomad.


How to start digital nomad lifestyle?!

So the first step to becoming a digital nomad is actually understanding what kind of skills can be useful for your new potential lifestyle. Let’s take a look at three possible scenarios.

Scenario #1

You’re working in a job that is not any kind of laptop work related. You might be a nurse, cashier, babysitter or gardener. But you’ve started thinking about changing your path, traveling more and just chasing some new options.

What’s up next for you?!

  • First of all, you have to understand what kind of a technology-related job you’d prefer. Whether it’s design, writing, video editing or anything else. You should understand the path that interests you the most. My best suggestion – in your free time, try out various directions. You can find some free courses on Teachable. Try www.codecademy.com if you might be into website development. Read and explore! It’s the best way to understand what would work for you!
  • Afterward, what you need to do is start learning. If you’re getting into something from level zero, start with things like books and Youtube videos to wrap your mind around it. Make sure to practice, even if those are the most basic things ever. Don’t rush it and don’t plan to quit in the next few days. Use your free time to work on your passion.

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Scenario #2

You’re working in a daily job (whether it’s technology related or no) but you do have a passion you’d like to use for your digital nomad career. In this case, you already have some basic knowledge of it, maybe even some experience, even if it’s only high school after class level.

What’s up for you next?

  • Based on your experience level, you can start bringing this passion of yours online. For example, start freelancing or writing a blog!
  • Meanwhile, you can always learn more, polish up your skills and explore new features you might be interested in. But start with the basics.
  • To be a successful digital nomad, you have to build a successful career online. It all starts step by step so don’t be afraid it the result seems way too far. One new client at a time!
  • Write a blog to attract your perfect audience, let people know your skillset and your willingness to learn. While you still have your full-time job, this can be your side gig so you don’t have to worry about the money.

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Scenario #3

You’re all set. You have your freelancing career but currently, you might be working for some local firms instead of going fully independent. Maybe you’ve just left your job and you feel like your freelance career gives you way more options than you thought about before. Or maybe you’ve gone through Scenario #1 & #2 and now you’re here – with a good freelance income, ready to become a digital nomad!

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What’s up next for you? This is the time when you take the leap!

Always keep in mind that taking step by step to your goal is a more successful path to reaching it than rushing all your decisions! Therefore, start with the consideration of where you are today and what smart tactics can you use to become a digital nomad.

Here are some more resources you can use while making the first step:

  1. James says:

    Thank you for taking the time to make this. I’m in the process of mentally preparing myself to take the next step but I am completely lost as to where to take myself next.

    1. admin says:

      Hi, James,

      Congratulations on deciding to become a digital nomad! Always remember to just go for it, step by step, and eventually you’ll get there. Let me know if you need any additional support along the way!


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