The truth about being a freelancer

The truth about being a freelancer

It’s a well-known fact that many people don’t really get freelancing. It’s something kind of cool but if you’re not into that, you might never really understand what it’s all about… Besides struggling with the fact that your mother thinks you have no job and your friends just feel way too excited about whatever you’re doing (without any understanding what it actually is), there are some other things to consider. So here’s the truth about being a freelancer no one talks about but each freelancer experiences at some point.


The truth about being a freelancer

It all starts with the excitement.

The excitement about whatever will come up next for you. It’s so amazing to enter the world of freelancing!

This word itself consists of that FREE part that seems so enchanting for most of us. Free from your annoying boss. Including being free from daily waking up at 6 AM and that crazy commute you experience. And free from projects you end up hating and free from the misery of the office life.

Freelancing gives you tons of freedom. Freedom for your decisions! Also, freedom for the way you dress and talk. Freedom for you… You don’t have to work with people you don’t like, you don’t even have to talk with people eye-to-eye if you don’t like that. Basically, whenever you start freelancing, you realize that you can do whatever you want!

And then the week passes by. 

You understand that you are the one who’s responsible for your own paycheck. You not only have to do the job but you have to find it, get it and manage the process of it.

Besides that, you actually have to get yourself out of the bed.

Oh, and you have to make others understand that you still have something to do. No, you can not go out at 2 PM for coffee because you have a meeting. What meeting? The one in Skype. DON’T TELL ME IT’S NOT A REAL MEETING.

Your client is bossy and wants everything his own way. You’ve tried all time management apps but you’re still running late on everything.

But it’s alright at the end of the day.

You remember your horrible boss and realize that after all your pajama is much comfier than your suit (or those crazy high heels).

Your butt that got numb and square because of your hard office chair is now getting back in the shape in your sofa. Your kitchen is nearby and you have so many ideas to work with!

Isn’t that the best thing ever to be a freelancer?

No, it’s not.

After two more weeks you realize that you have started to work on 3 different (new & exciting!) projects at the same time but you still have to find time for some food and maybe even to visit a friend (but at the end of the day it’s all just the extra and we all know it).

The world behind your window is fading away for you and you’re not so sure which season it is outdoors. T-shirt works for you so it might be summer but maybe it’s Christmas tomorrow. Who cares after all.

It’s due to your bill tomorrow but you haven’t even finished the outline of your 3 project ideas. Should you leave it all and earn some cash? You Google “Fast cash online” and after the night spent on advertisement clicking, you start to think about getting back to your old job…

Until the next morning.

You’re not so sure in what kinda misery you got lost yesterday. It’s a new day and it’s a new chance for you! You’ve got the plan! You’ve figured it all out!

Instead of working on 3 projects, you’ll start with one. Instead of spending your mornings on inspirational post reading, you’ll just find the actual freelance job that’ll pay your bills.

Life’s amazing again and who the hell cares about that crazy boss you’ve left behind! You’re spreading your wings and ready to fly. After your first income in your PayPal, you get tickets to someplace warm. Freelancers have to rest at some point as well, right?

And after all… What can go wrong?! You’ve figured it all out.

Until the client drops you. 

And your project fails. You have the next bill due. And you have no money. Anyone who was interested in working with you has somehow disappeared without a trace, there are no new clients by the horizon, you’ve gained at least ten cans of ice cream and don’t know how the sunlight looks like…

For a week or two, you feel like there’s no use to your life. What the hell were you thinking when you got into freelancing? Who even gave you this idea that it’ll be somehow amazing?

Your friends and old colleagues are happy for you – you’ve done such a great job with all this time management on your own and your new project looks stunning! Besides that, they’re impressed with your ability to work from home and they envy your option to wake up whenever you want to…

Meanwhile, you can’t remember the last time you actually slept and your home has started to feel like a big, smelly cave for you.

Then your big shot comes. 

Somehow you’ve managed to get that one client who can not only pay your bills but also supports your healthcare and even provides you occasional office space. You meet new people, get new ideas, feel like life is happening for you and it was the right decision after all. Because everything happens as it should, right?


The truth about being a freelancer: 

However happy or successful one might be, freelancers are children of the misery. Doesn’t matter how good everything is, at some point, each one of us gets too close to dropping it all and doing something ‘meaningful‘.

But at the end of the day, that’s the fun of being a freelancer – you never know what tomorrow will bring!

While the truth about being freelancer might be a bit devastating, at times, it’s still a very flexible and enjoyable way to get the work done.

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