It’s time to talk about building your creative business website the right way! Have you just started freelancing and you’re looking forward to making the best decisions possible? Maybe you’re thinking about starting your online business but you have no idea how your website should look like. This guide with the best web design ideas for a creative business website will help!


Design tips for creative business website


Website design decisions are rough.

I’ve redesigned my own website at least 3 times, just because I was searching for the best solutions to all my needs (perks of being a web designer!).

In the same time, I know there are tons of creatives out there struggling with this, spending loads of time for designs that are still not working for them, not bringing the results and overall are not satisfying.

Therefore, I’ve tried to gather some of the best web design practices for creative business website: whether you’re a blogger, coach, online entrepreneur, freelancer, craft maker or literally anything else!

These tips will help you to get the ball rolling.

The best web design practices for creative business website

Be clear about your offer

Making your message obvious is crucial! It takes only a few seconds for the person to decide whether or not to take a look at your content. Therefore, make sure that you’re super clear on what you have to offer!!

Make it easy to sign up on your email list

A successful email list is HUGE in growing your online business. Most of the popular online business owners have a clear call-to-action that’ll make you want to be on their list NOW!!

Don’t forget the introduction!

Being personal on your website is really important if you want for people to remember you. One of the first steps to this is to add some introduction! No one has time for guessing games – do I know this blogger? Have I seen her/him online? What’s hers/his name?! Make it easy for your audience to learn more about you.

Bring attention to your blog

The best way to prove your expertise is with your blog. But how can you do that unless your visitors have clear indicators on where to find it? That’s right. Not everyone who’s on your website came there from your existing posts. Make sure to bring attention to your blog!

Use full-width HD photos

Having an amazing website design is a good indicator of the content within it. If your website has low quality, outdated design – no one will be interested in sticking around. Using full-width HD photos are a great element for creative website design!

Don’t hesitate to go bright!

Well, don’t get me wrong here. Not everyone is meant to have a bright orange website! Make sure to align it with your brand and the essence of your business. BUT! Don’t hesitate to bring bright colors in your website design if that’s what you want to do!


What is the best platform to use for your creative business website?!

Oh, the good old question on which website creation platform to use…

In short, here’s what I’m thinking about this as a website creator myself:

  • WordPress is the perfect fit for almost any kind of business. Compared with a powerful hosting like Siteground it can go a long way and make any of your e-dreams happen. It’s a perfectly working platform that’s used for most of the well-known sites, as well as smaller creative websites. Use this simple 5 step guide to your first WordPress site.
  • Squarespace is my favorite from not self-hosted options. It’s elegant, it has many different options and overall this platform is very easy to use. However, it shouldn’t be your choice for any long-term project. Especially, if you want to create a blog!
  • Wix, Weebly or similar is on the bottom of any of my website creation lists… Although they are extremely easy to use, they also come with several roadblocks that’ll stop you from creating a truly powerful website.

No matter what is your choice, keep in mind that most website owners eventually move away from platforms like Squarespace, Wix and Weebly to start their sites on WordPress. Save your time and start out right!

For more in-depth answer make sure to read the article linked above.



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