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Why your blog isn’t making money: 5 common blog monetization mistakes

Why your blog isn't making money: 5 most common blog monetization mistakes

Blog monetization is one of the best ways to earn passive income online. Whether you choose to put out ads, work with affiliate marketing or sell your own products, any blogger can find a suitable niche to work with. However, it’s not uncommon to discover that your blog isn’t making money after all the hard work you’ve put into it… which of these blog monetization mistakes are you making?!


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Last year I published the truth behind making money blogging – how long it took me to get started and what kind of problems I experienced along the way. Since then I have received many reader questions about why their blogging strategy isn’t working and what could they improve. Hence this post! 

Let’s discover why your blog isn’t making money and what to do about it.


The most popular blog monetization mistakes to learn from


Why your blog isn’t making money: 5 most common blog monetization mistakes

#1 OF BLOG MONETIZATION MISTAKES: Wrong blog monetization method

Each blogger, niche and audience have a blog monetization method that will work better than others. 

Choosing the wrong method and, therefore, putting all of your efforts into something that is not going to pay off, can be very draining and demotivating.

What do I mean by the wrong blog monetization method?! 

For example, maybe you’re putting out ads all over the website while your reach is not big enough for any profitable income. 

Other bloggers have chosen affiliate marketing but promote products their audience doesn’t really care about or, for example, can’t afford. 

How to know if you’ve chosen the right blog monetization method? 

  • Do your market research. Talk with your actual readers and hear their thoughts. Can they afford what you’re offering? Are they interested in products or promos on your site?
  • Evaluate the results. If your blog isn’t making money something must be wrong. And if your chosen blog monetization method doesn’t pay off, the key might be just there… See which ones of your blog monetization methods gain the most traction and which one doesn’t. 


BLOG MONETIZATION MISTAKE #2: Not enough traffic generated

One of the main requirements to earn consistent income with blogging is to generate enough traffic. And one of the most common blog monetization mistakes is simple – not paying enough attention to this simple fact!

I’m not talking about thousands of readers per day!

If you align your chosen blog monetization method with your traffic, you can hit the sweet spot quite fast. 

For example, if you’re promoting affiliate products for a very specific niche and your readers are truly interested in the offer, you can easily earn consistent income from around 100 readers per day. 

I started earning around $100+/monthly with just around 50 readers. I understand that $100 per month might not be the goal of the goals but it’s a nice beginning and good motivation to work harder.

However, if there is little to no traffic generated, there will be no income. 

To successfully earn income blogging, focus on growing your blog as a whole and getting more people on it. 

Here I have gathered some of my favorite methods to get more blog traffic.

My absolute favorite definitely is Pinterest. It’s the most bulletproof way to get traffic as a new blogger. On average, it takes around a week or two of work until you’ll start seeing consistent traffic increase.

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BLOG MONETIZATION MISTAKE #3 Your graphics and/or blog design sucks 

Pardon my french with that sucks part but having a nice blog design and graphics IS important. 

One of the reasons why your blog isn’t making money could be because your blog design doesn’t create trust. 

See, if your blog design looks cheap and self-made, you might come off as a newbie. And people don’t trust newbies… 

To build trust and make sure people listen in your opinion, therefore, trust your suggested products or want to purchase your own creations, you need to have a legit presentation of yourself and your business.

How to make sure your blog design is top-notch? 

First of all, your blog theme should be recently updated. Web design is a very fast-changing field and it’s easy to spot outdated website designs. 

If you haven’t changed your WordPress theme in years or, worse, you’ve been using their free themes all along, it might as well be the reason. Check out the web design trends for 2020 with some inspirational themes to use! 

Besides blog layout and design, it’s also important to consider your graphics. For example, are your pins up to date and well-designed? Do you share brand-aligned posts on social media? Are you using nice stock photos? 

How to improve? 

  • If you are using a free WordPress theme from their directory, it might be a bit boring and outdated. Instead, check out some of these free themes and consider changing!
  • If you have an option to invest in a legit theme, review some of the best WordPress themes for bloggers or use any of the indie shops to find a unique theme for your business
  • Make sure your graphics are clean and easy to read. Confusing fonts, eye-burning colors and just too much of everything is a no-go!
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BLOG MONETIZATION MISTAKE #4 You’re trying too hard

One of the reasons why your blog isn’t making money might be a simple fact that you’re trying too hard. What do I mean by that?! 

I mean being too salesy. Writing posts JUST to make sales. Promoting JUST affiliate products. Having way too many ads on the website. 

It’s easy to spot money-making blogs. Most of them create just promo content and provides no real value. 

And it’s a vicious circle. If your readers spot that your blog is not user-friendly, your articles won’t get shared and they won’t come back for more. Losing customers one new reader at a time! 

How to improve your blog to make more money?!

  • Be honest. The more honest and open you are, the more people will listen to you and trust you. After all, we always fall for the neighbor Nancie’s opinion faster than what is shared on billboards. 
  • Be useful. Write posts to HELP. If you can add relevant affiliate links or products between – great! But it should never be the main goal. 
  • Keep it simple. Simple text with fewer links and fewer ads is a lot more enticing than something filled with affiliate links and promo materials.


Reasons your blog isn't making money


BLOG MONETIZATION MISTAKE #5 You’re not focused enough

The last but not least of the blog monetization mistakes I learned while trying to improve my affiliate income. And it’s demeaning the importance of focus. 

You will earn a lot more if your blog will have a clear focus and your readers will know what they’re coming for.

First of all, choose one or two blog monetization methods to focus on. Overflowing your blog with affiliate links, sponsored posts, digital product promo and ads will make it a hot mess and we don’t want that. 

Instead, find what works the best for you – by researching your audience, as well as evaluating your own results – and focus on that. 


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There are PLENTY of different digital marketing strategies that can be used to improve your blogging income. Don’t give up just because one or two of them didn’t work out.

Give yourself more time and be open to try out new things!

What blog monetization mistakes have you made or are dealing with now? Let me know in the comments!

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