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Breaking myths about Upwork: why I don’t hate this platform

Breaking myths about Upwork: why I don't hate this platform

Here’s a controversial topic for you! Upwork is a freelance job board platform, offering all kinds of jobs for all kinds of freelancers. And there’s a lot of hate going on about it. I get it… But it’s time for breaking myths about Upwork and explaining why I don’t hate this platform!


I started working on Upwork back in 2015. I know, things were different back then. With this platform and freelancing field in general. I started as a freelance graphic designer with no knowledge about this topic whatsoever – I just needed somewhere to start! And Upwork was the place! I also managed to grow my career there and now I’m still taking on some occasional gigs there.

Before reading any further, please keep in mind that I’m keeping an open mind about it. Although these are my thoughts and my experience, I totally get that there are people who wouldn’t agree. There are many other job search methods and many of them really can be more successful for you or your friends. It depends on many aspects!

Breaking myths about Upwork

Let’s start with the basics. Why are people hating Upwork so much? There really are many forums, Facebook groups and all kinds of chats where the name of Upwork is like Lord Voldemort (here, I said it!!). One of the first reactions that’s triggered is “NO WAY. Do whatever you want BUT NOT UPWORK!!“.

And here are a few reasons why:

MYTH #1: This platform is offering only low-rate jobs

It’s true that there are TONS of freelancers offering their services for a very low rate. Which sucks for many others. BUT. The pricing of your services depends on you and there’s ALWAYS someone who’s ready to pay more for a better service, more experience, higher quality, etc.

There are many aspects to keep in mind tho. If you sign up on Upwork and you have no experience at all, you’re not getting higher rate jobs. But as soon as you start getting reviews and grow your experience, you can grow your rates.

I’ve seen successful freelancers who are working for $50/h or more. It usually depends on the niche and experience tho. But it’s NOT all about low-rate jobs.

[bctt tweet=”The pricing of your services depends on you and there’s ALWAYS someone who’s ready to pay more for a better service.” username=”ievalaicane”]

MYTH #2: There are mostly scam jobs

First, I have to say that I’m sorry for anyone who has scammy experience whether it’s Upwork or not. It’s always annoying!

Within 3 years since I’m on the platform I’ve taken on a scam job… never. Exactly never. Yes, there are many profiles out there who are looking for cheap solutions, for the waste of your time, for creepy offers. Yes, they are there. Just like (very often) they are almost anywhere else.

That’s why on Upwork it’s crucial to establish a screening process so you don’t waste your connections and your time.

MYTH #3: Too high fees

Well, I can totally agree that this part of the Upwork IS NOT COOL, DUDE! Upwork takes 20% of your income up to $500 per project. Then it’s 10%, afterward – 5%. And these fees are painful, especially for many new freelancers who are really striving for their first income to keep this boat floating. I get it.

Unfortunately, rarely anything in this life comes for free. I’m ready to pay for the opportunity to get my freelance gigs the easy way. I just know that it’ll take WAY more time to find them myself on other websites.

Yes, there are all kinds of other reasons as well. Some people can’t find relevant jobs while others don’t like 2-week money withholding. Different things work for different people!


Why I don’t hate Upwork

I got my very first job there

As I already mentioned, I got started on Upwork with no experience whatsoever. I was into graphic design for a month, learning from Youtube tutorials and learning a few basics. And I find the opportunity to actually get started with a very simple job that I could do. I also got an amazing review. I’m absolutely sure that it’d take A LOT more of my time if I’d be trying to search for a job elsewhere without any kind of experience.

I’ve found several of my all-time favorite clients on Upwork

I’ve really worked with several truly amazing people! They’ve been the most professional, kind and inspirational people I’ve met. Also, most of those people really are the kind that’s interested in paying a good amount of money to get the work done GOOD. And to really trust in the freelancer.

I had the option to try out different fields and find my true passion

Upwork is offering jobs in all kinds of fields: design, video, writing, marketing, legal and so much more! And you’re not restricted to work in one field only. So I actually used this option to explore different fields than design.

I previously had the experience as a social media manager so I took on several projects like that. I’ve also been a Virtual Assistant, Content Writer and I’ve tried out several other different jobs.

This opportunity gave me the chance to actually explore different fields and understand what’ll be the best fit for my long-term career. I always kept coming back to design but even in design, I had the option to try out different fields: print design, website design, etc. It’s definitely an amazing option to for those who are doubtful about their career path.

I like that my payments are secured!

Upwork has its payment protection system which ensures you always are getting paid! Unless you work without the contract or get in some kind of other weird trouble you WILL get paid! And that’s another reason why I don’t hate Upwork.

Besides that, they have a payment schedule that lets you plan your income and is pretty friendly. There are different systems for hourly and fixed-price jobs but for hourly jobs, you’ll get your payment within 2 weeks from the week you’re working in.


Because of these and various other smaller reasons, I like Upwork and I’m still suggesting it for others. YES, it’s harder to get started now because there are SO many freelancers! Sometimes new profiles don’t even get approval because of a very basic skill set in a crowded field. Anyhow, I think it’s worth a try.

At the end of the day, it’s totally up to you where you’re searching for a job and which method suits the best for your needs.

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  • Ann
    February 20, 2018 at 10:37 pm

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I keep hearing negative things about Upwork, but now I will give it a second chance because I brushed it aside thinking it wasn’t work the hassle.

    • Ieva Laicane
      February 21, 2018 at 9:55 pm

      Well, I’d really encourage you to give it a try, at least – to see whether or not it works for you 🙂 I mean, I have several friends who got involved in this because of me and all of them are happy and successful freelancers just because of the platform. At the same time, I absolutely understand that it’s not really working for everyone and it can be a bit harder to succeed now. But it’s always worth a try. Best of luck!


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