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How to make budget-friendly business investments

Smart business investments: How to start investing in your online business?

For many online business starters, making any investments in the business is a literal pain in the arse. And I totally get you! It took me more than a year in the business to be confident about the money spending decisions I make. So let’s talk about business investments: why you should invest in your business and how to do it on a budget.


When I first started, the only monthly business investment was my website.

Within around 2-3 months my personalized email came in. But that was it.

I was barely getting any money for food, why would I even think about investing elsewhere?! I was absolutely confident – I CAN build my business on a budget that looks like no budget at all. At truth to be said, I really did it!

After a while, I started thinking about various business investment options and try them out. Those were small investments, starting from $5/month, but they gave me a great insight into why it really IS worth investing in your business.

Later down the road, I discovered that avoiding investments was one of the biggest mistakes I made in my business! And it definitely slowed down my growth.

Business investments that are worth it

I am a multi-passionate person with tons of interests so when I started building my business, I was up for learning it all, as much as I’d need to.

The design is what I do on a daily basis but I managed to learn things like social media marketing, website building, content writing and so much more. It was a MESS.

I was literally working/learning from early morning till late, late night. On one hand, I really did love the process. On the other hand, now I know that some business investments would’ve made my life so-much-easier!

Here are a few things I’ve invested in, on a very basic level, and would suggest for you too:

Website & personalized email

$20 – $40/first time investment + $5 – $10/monthly. This is an absolute YES from me. The price I’ve mentioned is a very basic estimate based on my own experience and it can vary a lot. But you HAVE to get your personalized domain + self-hosted website and unique email to get noticed in the field of online business. It’s definitely the best investment I’ve made of all. And I’ve never doubted about that. The cheapest & the most trustful option to choose is Siteground hosting + WordPress website. Siteground has amazing support and very affordable deals while WordPress is one of the most popular website platforms with many variables.


Pinterest scheduling tool – $15/per month.

Pinterest is my go-to for consistent blog traffic and I absolutely stand by the idea that every blogger MUST be on Pinterest to reach more audience. However, it does take quite a lot of time. Therefore, Tailwind was one of the next investments I absolutely adored.

Get my Bulletproof Pinterest Strategy to learn all about using Pinterest and Tailwind.


Social media scheduling, $10/h. Since I worked as a social media manager for several companies, Buffer was a big time saver for me! I was trying to grow my own following + worked for 3+ companies at that time, and purchasing a Business plan on Buffer was one of the best decisions I made!

WordPress theme

~ $40 – $70. This didn’t happen until later but it’s still something I strongly advise. Do your research, read my post on WordPress Themes for starters and make a wise decision.

Having a brand-aligned and user-friendly theme is a must-have for any blogger and it really can make or break your success.


$29/month. Well, here’s the thing. For a small budget, it’d be an absolutely amazing idea to use an email service provider that’s free. But here’s why I suggest starting with and using ConvertKit – because it converts! I’ve worked my arse off to find a way that suits the best for my e-mail sign-ups. And I occasionally try out new things just to see what’s new in the market. But using ConvertKit will actually pay itself off! You won’t drive yourself insane while trying to set up everything, your visitors will be excited for your signups and your email list will ACTUALLY grow.


$5/h <. It’s actually really easy and rather cheap to outsource some simple tasks you don’t have any time for yourself. For example, Pinterest pin scheduling, blog post banner graphics. Also, if the situation allows, make sure to invest in things like Facebook ad manager or overall online VA who’ll help you with your daily tasks. Your weekly investment depends on you!


How to make a wise business investment?

First of all, be honest about your budget

Yes, you might have a big hole in your pocket but maybe you’re losing more money with all the time you’re spending?? I definitely did.

Decide where are you spending most of your time and what can be outsourced to technologies or people

For example, social media or design. Whatever that is, if you don’t feel comfortable doing it but your business needs it, find some alternative!

Always start with smaller investments so you can get used to them

For this reason, many great companies have a “free month” policy which means that you can try something out before you make a purchase. That’s a great way to understand whether it’s really necessary for you!

Think of a strategically best time to make this monthly payment and start then

For example, if you have all your home bills at 1st of the month then make your online monthly payment happen at 10th of the month. So you don’t feel like you’re spending all your money right away!!


Things to keep in mind

Make sure that you review your business investments once in a while! Very often people with money tend to forget where their money is going to. And it’s a no-no, no matter how much you have! It’s better to donate it for poor than spend it on something you don’t need anymore.

So make sure to check out your monthly and yearly subscriptions once in a while so you actually know where your money is going to and do you really still need it!

Don’t be afraid to make business investments! As long as you make thoughtful decisions, you’ll be fine and your business will just get more successful and powerful from your investment which means – more money in return!


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