Reasons to create a Facebook group

Reasons to create a Facebook group

A few months ago, I started my Facebook group – Course Creation Lab – a space for aspiring online course creators to learn, grow & share. It was one of the absolutely best business decisions I’ve ever made! Here are some of the reasons to create a Facebook group.


First of all, let me share a bit of my story.

I’ve been very hesitant FOR YEARS to start a Facebook group (and the night after I did, I actually had nightmares about it, haha).

I was scared of the time commitment and didn’t feel like I have enough to offer. I wasn’t sure what to create the group about and how to approach the management.

So many obstacles. So many doubts.

It was a no, after no, after no. I had other priorities. Other projects. Clients. On and on and on.

Until I realized… I’ve been in business 5 years and I don’t have ANY place where I’m actually growing my tribe. Yes, I do have an email list that I value highly. But I’ve been so bad with writing emails and the communication between people is not as great…

I’ve been hesitant on starting a business Instagram without the idea what to post or how to grow it… Now I’ve made one connected to my FB tribe though and it’s been majorly successful! You can learn some of my Instagram Growth Hacks here!

At the end of the day, when someone asks me “how can I connect & stay in touch?!” I barely have anything to offer…


Reasons to create a Facebook group


Why did I decide to take the leap and create a Facebook group?

There came a day when I felt like IT’S TIME.

I wanted to grow a tribe of people that I can encourage, inspire and help directly.

First of all, I set up some simple goals. My group is not about the numbers – because those can be quite disturbing. It’s about growing a community of passionate, kind, encouraging people.

People who WANT to make things happen.

To be honest, I’ve been lacking real-life connections so I thought that this FB group could fill a hole… And it definitely has!


Reasons to create a Facebook group

Real connections.

The main reason why starting the Facebook group has been super beneficial is the REAL CONNECTIONS I’ve built.

People are truly connecting, opening up, sharing, asking questions. It’s like a big online meetup and IT’S SO MUCH FUN.

Direct marketing.

Obviously, having my own group gives me great marketing opportunities. I can share my offers with people who are already interested in what I have to offer, who trust me and want to learn more.

Invested tribe.

Once people get on Facebook groups and fall in love with them, they start getting very involved. Commenting, sharing, posting.

Obviously, not everyone will love the group and stay forever active within it… But if you do provide value and build a nice community, you will feel it within the engagement. And that can be not only encouraging but also super inspiring and give some nice monetary return.

They can fill out questionnaires and help you to come up with your own best products. They’ll give you their feedback and support.

The numbers don’t matter. Genuine engagement does!

Often smaller Facebook groups are way more active and closer to each other. Within 24 hours I had 16 group members. Around 6 people made some comments or were active within the tribe. 6 people might not seem a lot where there can be thousands… But if those 6 people truly love you and are dedicated to your message, they will always come back for more and will turn into customers.

Besides that, it’s easier to manage a smaller tribe!


Should you start a Facebook group?

YES. If you’re dedicated and want to make it happen.

For years, I felt like it’s almost a “must” to do it. Every business seemed to have a Facebook group… And it puts on so much pressure! So I truly believe that you just have to FEEL ready. Be dedicated to make it happen.

DO make a group if you want to focus on the community. If you want to communicate with your tribe more, get in touch, stay on top of the conversations and comments. Get into that TRIBE VIBE. Keep up with the conversations.

NO. If you don’t feel like working on it.

Having a Facebook group – and making it worthwhile – is A LOT of work. You not only need to figure out a way to grow the tribe but also to keep engaged and add value.

DON’T create a group if you feel like it’s an easy marketing method or you’ve just heard that it’s the right thing to do. I truly believe that Facebook tribes can grow when you invest your HEART in them.

Heart, energy, positive vibes.


Tips for growing a successful Facebook group

TIP #1: Be consistent

Most Facebook groups have one or another form of consistent posts. For example, Monday intro, Wednesday promo, Friday inspiration, etc. This helps you to “fill the days” when you might not be able to come up with unique content.

TIP #2: Be present

Your presence truly matters! Be present and helpful. Be around your audience, support them, like and answer to their comments, encourage them to share their experiences and support them when they do.

TIP #3: Do lives

Doing FB Lives is an amazing way to bring more value to your audience. However, if you don’t want to do Lives, you can also provide pre-recorded videos instead. But being present – especially in a video – will boost your group a lot! Besides that, it will also grow trust in your group members making them more eager to connect with you and, possibly, buy from you.

Get some tips for how to make more effective videos here!

TIP #4: Don’t spam

Even though it’s your group and you might feel free to do whatever you want, don’t get annoying for your group members with constant spam!

Of course, you can freely promote your products or offers once in a while. You can also create one pinned post that will always be on top of the group for whoever comes around. But always provide value before making the sales!

TIP #5: Be genuine

In my opinion, what makes FB groups AMAZING are genuine group creators. Not robots who follow all the must-do rules but people who just show up as they are and shine their light.

Your goal with the group should be truly GENUINE if you want to make it work!


Do you feel inspired by these reasons to create a Facebook group? There definitely are plenty of benefits to consider!

That’s it about starting a Facebook group! Let me know if you have any further questions about the topic, I’ll be happy to share. Meanwhile, join my group Course Creation Lab to learn all about turning your experience into an online course!

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