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Tips for stunning landing page design (+tools to use!)

Tips for stunning landing page design (+tools to use!)

Usually, landing pages are created specifically to drive leads or make sales. Online entrepreneurs and bloggers create landing pages for their courses, e-products, services or free opt-ins. If you’re on your way to creating a stunning offer, learn to design a landing page that will sell itself!

With more and more offers being created every day, the design takes an important role in making sales.

The good news is – you can design your own landing pages and learn the basics of what it takes to make more sales or create more leads. Let’s get started, shall we?

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Tips for stunning landing page design


What is a landing page?

A landing page is a standalone web page meant to advertise whatever you’re selling or advertising without any monetary gain.

The main reason to use landing pages as your marketing platform: to limit the options your visitor have, so they would choose exactly what you’re selling.

While there are many different ways to use landing pages, the most common is to have it separate from your site. Sometimes, it’s under a subdomain or even a different domain, letting your audience focus on that one specific offer only.

You might’ve seen landing pages for offers like Webinars, E-books, Online Seminars, Online Courses, free Opt-ins (free e-books, courses, worksheets, etc).


How to design an effective landing page? 

The conversation-centered design is the key to your success! Here are a few tips to keep in mind to design an effective landing page:

TIP#1: Make your objective obvious

WHAT are you trying to sell? When I get on your page, I need to understand it in an instant. No one has time to waste.

I know I sound like miss obvious right here, but you have to make your landing page clear at all times. Whoever and whenever sees it, they need to know what can they get from it.

Use obvious titles, clear bullet points, include specific copywriting (great for SEO as well!).

Whatever you’re selling, make people understand what it is, why they need it and why your offer is the best one to choose!


TIP #2: Brand it based on your business values 

Your landing page design should be branded based on your business values and any existing brand guidelines.

It’s always the best to keep Landing page branding unique enough to stand out but also brand-aligned, keeping in mind the rest of your business.

For example, if your website is light, in pastel colors and minimalistic, it can be confusing if you design a colorful and bold Sales page.

While there is no such rule that your landing page should have exactly the same feel like the rest of your business, it can be valuable to keep it related to your business values and creating it in a similar style.

TIP #3: Add your personality or a hero image

To create a landing page that’ll make sales, it’s important to add in your personality and your unique touch in its design.

It can be a banner with your image, video insight with your comments or anything else YOU want to add.

While many landing page designs are rather similar in their layout, adding a personal touch and your branding voice can be a good way to stand out and be more memorable.

If you don’t want to put yourself on the page and it’s not what your offer is all about, you can choose another path and add a hero image.

A hero image is like an avatar that’d be associated with your offer. The important part is not to overdo it and choose what’ll work the best for you!


TIP #4: Don’t forget the call to action

After all: action is what you’ve created all of this page for. Don’t forget to make it obvious, right in front, bold, bright, whatever fits your design and your needs.

There is no need to be minimalistic with this. Don’t put your call to action in a sentence or at the end of the page. It has to be visible at all times.

If your page has to be scrolled various times to read it through, create more than one call to action, give your visitors an option to make this action at all times.

Put Enroll or Purchase buttons once in a while all over the page. Choose a bold style, outstanding colors. It’s not a myth that people skip making the purchase if they have to search for the button to do it…


TiP #5: Give insights into the product

Don’t forget that people don’t like to buy things while they’re blindfolded. There won’t be enough words to explain a thing. You have to show it! 

You can vary here a lot: show them various navigations, screenshots, process photos, sample designs, sample writings. Anything! Anything that can obviously show them what they’re looking for. Get creative about this, since it can drive more sales! And remember to stay in touch with your initial branding idea. Also: quality over quantity at all times!


TIP #6: Make your page simple

That’s another way to go! Make it super-super-super SIMPLE! It can be minimalistic or industrial. You can use one product photo or one call to action button with a simple explanation about what it’s for.

Having a landing page doesn’t mean that you have to put all the information out there but it’s important to find the middle way between giving away too much and not enough.


What tools to use for landing page creation?

While there really are many different tools and techniques to discuss, I’ll offer you what I feel like is the most budget-friendly option that’ll also be a time saver and will end up looking stunning.

This option will work for you if you have a self-hosted WordPress website.

A designer team of Bluchic offers a Landing page bundle. It includes 15 professionally made landing page templates that will work for all your needs:

  • Webinar signups
  • Lead generation with a free opt-in
  • Thank You page
  • Freebie Library access
  • Tripwire page
  • and more!

All of their pages are easy to edit because they’re built with a free plugin called Elementor. Elementor is a drag & drop editor that lets you easily create and edit pages on your own.

Combining this Landing page bundle with Elementor plugin you have the option to fully customize your own landing pages and create stunning results! With Bluchic created templates, you won’t have to waste time and wreck your mind about the best layout or how to create it.

If you don’t want to purchase these templates, you can also easily use Elementor all on its own and create your own landing pages from zero!

There are also other landing page creators like LeadPages or ClickFunnels.


What are your favorite tools to use for landing page creation? Share in the comments!

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  • Ekta
    May 23, 2020 at 2:43 pm

    I had created my landing page using elementor and I am still not so sure about it. But thanks for these amazing resources I’ll check them soon!


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