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Is digital nomadism always a story of success?

Is digital nomadism always a story of success?

After reading tons of inspirational stories on Medium, seeing happy photos on Instagram or reading excited Facebook updates, many of you may wonder – is digital nomadism really always a story of success?!

Well… No. Nothing is always a success. Even multimillion businesses aren’t always successful. And, let’s be honest, for each one of us, whatever we are doing, not everything always turns out to be a story of success. It just isn’t possible.

Some things work out just fine but others burn in red flames. And that’s okay because that’s exactly how life works.

Is digital nomadism really as good as it looks like?

No, not everything is great and not all of those experiences are purely magical. Between good days, there will be a lack of money, a deep sadness, an ocean of work to do, maybe even worse…

You might experience health issues, terrible apartments and non-existing internet (because that’s the worst thing of all for nomads…). I can’t name ANY digital nomad who hasn’t experienced one or few of these things. Luggage disappears, rats exist and crime, unfortunately, happens. And that’s okay.

Look at it this way.

If you’re staying back home, are you really protected from all this? So wouldn’t it be better to experience difficulties in a paradise city instead of your hometown? At least, there’s always a beautiful sunset to catch!


Is digital nomadism always worth it?

You better believe it is! If you’re up for meeting new friends all around the world, creating great connections, enjoying magical moments (while still working your ass off, for sure) and after all – just seeing beautiful places – yes, digital nomadism is worth it.

It will teach you a lot not only about yourself and people around you but also about life in general. You can’t even imagine what kind of emotional channels digital nomadism might open for you! These experiences are unbelievable!


Will digital nomadism be possibly the best experience of your life?

Well, you see… What you get from your own adventures and experiences depends on you! If you’d ask me, I’d definitely say that yes – digital nomadism really can bring you the most amazing experiences.

And once again let me remind you – bad days happen. It’s not all about unicorns shitting rainbows. But what you take even from those bad days depends on you and you only. You can take a look back and say “oh, gosh, why did I get into this?!” or you can say “I survived! What an amazing experience!”

You know, “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!” And if you have the ability to find good in each experience then yes, you really might see digital nomadism as one of the best choices in your life.

Even tho not all of my days have been magical (with those rainbow shitting unicorns), I still always, always, always say that digital nomadism definitely was one of THE BEST choices in my life. I look back with no regrets and I look in the future with neverending excitement. Isn’t that what we all are going for?!


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