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Things to keep in mind before choosing Divi Page Builder

Divi Builder for bloggers pros & cons to keep in mind

Divi Page Builder is one of the most popular ways to set up a website if you’re an online coach, blogger or small business owner. However, there are quite many things you should be aware of before choosing Divi Page Builder so there are no nasty surprises along the way. Here’s all about Divi Builder for bloggers!


When starting your first website or trying to take your blog to the next level, choosing the right platform and tools that will help your growth is an important step! But how to know if what everybody seems to love will also be your perfect choice?!

There are quite many tools and platforms to choose from and Divi Page Builder is one of the most popular options. This time I have done my best to review Divi Builder for bloggers: pros and cons, things to keep in mind and be aware of.

Divi Page Builder works with WordPress so, first, let’s learn more about that!

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How does WordPress work?

WordPress is a website creation platform that offers two variations (which raises confusion in many new bloggers):

  • This is the free website creation platform created for hobby bloggers. Once you’d want to upgrade, you’d need to overpay for features that are not as versatile at the end of the day.
  • This is a self-hosted website platform. Meaning, it offers full freedom when it comes to owning your site, creating it the way you want, etc. 

When you are ready to start a new blog, you should, first, order a hosting and then, and only then, install WordPress through your chosen hosting. Therefore, you don’t actually need to use either or .org directly.

At the end of the day, WordPress is the base. WorPpress platform is where you build your site, add design themes, update plugins, write blog posts, deal with orders and way beyond – whatever your website might need.

Blog Creation Simplified 2020

While choosing WordPress as your website creation platform might request a bit bigger learning leap than any other platform would, it is the most versatile, the most popular and overall really the best platform to go for. The time you’d invest in learning how to use it would pay back in double!  

To learn more about getting started, read more 


What is a WordPress Page Builder?

The dummy explanation of what is a WordPress Page Builder would be the following: WordPress Page Builder is a feature that you add to your WordPress account to make designing easier. I mean, the title is pretty self-explanatory…

Once you get your WordPress installation (from your chosen hosting account), you will have a plain site. It will be an empty website with a few pre-installed features to use, including some of the free WordPress themes.

Normally, the first step would be to research a WordPress theme that you like and installing it on your website. However, many WordPress themes might not offer full flexibility…

What WordPress Page Builders do, they offer you an option to tweak your website – all of its pages – one by one, step by step.

You can still use a WordPress theme as a base but Page Builders are the ones that’ll help you to build the site you really want.


Divi Builder for bloggers: how to know if this is the right choice for you?

Why choose Divi Page Builder?

As a website designer myself who has tried most if not all page builders out there, I like to think that Divi page builder is not only one of the most popular but also one of the most effective builders out there.

It’s not as versatile as a professionally developed site and there are quite a few flaws to deal with (read more in the section about cons of Divi). However, Divi is great for those who want to master their own website without professional help, for example, online coaches, small business owners, freelancers and similar. 

In this article, I have gathered my thoughts on Divi Builder for bloggers specifically so you can make a smart choice before moving forward.

Here are 3 reasons to consider using Divi Builder:

REASON #1 Ease of use

Also known as one of the main reasons why bloggers and business owners choose Divi – it is really easy to use. It’s known as one of the best visual builders. This means that you can build your pages in the real-time by adding new elements, adjusting design and seeing how it all works right away.

REASON #2 Reasonable pricing

For $89/yearly you get unlimited use of Divi Builder for any amount of websites. If this isn’t a great deal, I don’t know what would be! You can also sign up for a one-time payment of $249. To compare, Elementor Pro costs $49/yearly for one site and Studiopress – $129/theme + builder.

REASON #3 Great community

While having a great community is not always the first thing that pops in your head when it comes to choosing which online tools to use, I do consider it as an important factor of why Divi is one of the best WordPress Page Builders out there.


The best Divi Page Builder features

Divi is a widely popular page builder and one of the reasons why is its many different features.

FEATURE #1 Pre-made layouts

Divi has a bunch of amazing pre-made layouts (themes) that you can start using in no time. Once you purchase Divi Page Builder, you can easily start using any of the offered layouts. This would definitely save you some time and money. 

Divi Layouts: Divi Builder for bloggers pros & cons to keep in mind

FEATURE #2 On-screen editing

The most obvious but also one of the absolute favorite features of Divi is the on-screen editing that can be done for any of your website pages. This is the feature that makes Divi easy to work with.

FEATURE #3 Padding & margin dragging

One of the features that make this builder unique is on-screen padding & margin dragging. Many other WordPress page builders would require to set these values off-page. Therefore, adjusting this sizing on-page seems like a great feature to have!

FEATURE #4 A/B testing

A/B testing is praised by many digital marketers and online business owners. In short, this means that you can test different design functions and see which one works the best for your audience! Great for improving your conversions.




Cons of Divi Builder for bloggers

Divi Builder for bloggers seems to be praised a lot! But what about the cons of this builder and things to be aware of?!

These cons also are some of the most important things to be aware of before choosing Divi Page Builder for your website.

CON OF DIVI BUILDER #1: Sometimes the page editing might be a bit slow and lagging

To stay on the safe side, I’d suggest always saving your content in advance and making sure that you’re working with a good internet connection.

CON OF DIVI BUILDER #2: It’s hard to reach perfection

Although the builder is fully responsive and offers versatile editing options, the editing process itself sometimes can hide the real look of the website when it comes to sizing and layout. So if you’ve spent 2 hours working in the editing mode, you might be up for a surprise when going for Preview mode… 

CON OF DIVI BUILDER #3: Not easy to leave

Once you get on Divi, you better stick with them. The way in which the baseline of the website is created is fully adjusted to the Divi system and does not support and easy withdrawal. 

CON OF DIVI BUILDER #4: It’s based on Shortcodes

Normally, a page builder is based on the development code. However, Divi has taken the simple route and most of the site is based on Shortcodes. It is also one of the main reasons why leaving it is so hard – once you deactivate Divi, all your website consists of are Shortcodes which isn’t always the case with other builders. 

CON OF DIVI BUILDER #5: Some lacking features 

For example, you might have problems while trying to make the perfect gallery. Divi Page Builder has set gallery preferences and it’s hard to adjust them. 


What are the other options besides Divi Page Builder?

While I consider Divi as one of the best page builders, there are quite many other options to consider.

Often new website creators choose Divi because of good advertising, without considering what else is out there. But to make a smart business decision you have to be well-informed! Here are just some of the other Page Builders to consider:


Elementor is an amazing option for those who are not ready to invest. It’s the only free WordPress Page Builder that really does the job. Besides that, once you’re ready, you can upgrade to Pro and use even more features. This gives a great chance to try it out first and then see whether or not this page builder works for you. 

Read more reasons to use Elementor as your website page builder.


ThriveThemes is way more than just a page builder. Thrive Architect is a page builder that functions a lot like others on the list. It has many pre-built page elements, including landing page samples. Thrive Architect is the perfect choice for those who are focusing on landing page design instead of full-site design.

Along with that you also have an option to get a full package of other website-related services: Membership site, Email funnels, Online Course platform and way beyond!


StudioPress is the closest competitor to Divi themes. Overall, StudioPress is a step up from Divi. It has better functionality and a well-reversed base. This means, fewer functionality issues! However, with StudioPress you wouldn’t have the access to all of their themes. Instead, you’d need to pick one before getting started.

Divi Builder for bloggers pros & cons to keep in mind


I hope this Divi Builder for bloggers review gave you all the necessary answers!

At the end of the day, I’d suggest giving a go to trial accounts and using the money-back guarantee and see which tool works the best for you and your business needs.

Got any questions about Divi Builder for bloggers? Leave them in the comments!

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