Make more sales with these 4 effective design tricks

Make more sales with these effective design tips

The design is a powerful tool to evoke emotions in your potential buyers, clients, readers. That’s why in this article I’ll be sharing some tips on how to make more sales by making the right design decisions.


Let me start by saying that we’re all wired in a similar way.

We like to seek patterns we know, we like to follow the habits we already have. People like things easy and convenient. And although many wouldn’t even think of this, the design is a big part of this pattern making.

For you, as a business owner, blogger, seller, it’s important to understand what’s hidden behind these decisions and how you can use them to make more sales, gather more followers and overall impact more people.

The design won’t save a bad product. But it can drive even more sales and bigger attention to high-quality offers.

If you’re confident that your content is great and your offer is really eye-catching, then you CAN get more attention by using the design in the right way.


Design tricks to make more sales with


How to use design to make more sales

There’s actually no big math behind this whole “use design to make more sales” thing.

We all are emotional creatures who respond to various visuals, you just have to understand how to use this visual design for your own good! That’s why I’m here to help you out in understanding the basics behind this whole design thing.


Why are emotions so important when you want to make more sales?!

Many research results have proven: people buy according to their emotions!

Are you selling something that will make them happy and already triggers a smile on their face? Will this product help them and they already start to feel better about their daily life?

Emotion is more effective in advertising than logic.

If people experience strong emotions when seeing or experiencing something, they will be able to make a better decision because their emotions will let them do that.

Emotional campaigns have at least 2x better results than static ones.

Advertisers know: you should use kids or animals to make people buy. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible unless you’re selling diapers or dog food… But you can still use this wise advice when making decisions about what photos to use, what kind of copy to write.

Talk about things people will care. Besides kids and animals, those will be themselves…

Even if your product is not self-care related, make sure to use this idea for your design!


10 Emotional triggers to evoke

There are 10 basic emotions you can evoke in your audience.

  • Fear: “Don’t miss it!”
  • Guilt: “You can make a difference if you chose this!”
  • Trust: “Visit us or meet our team!”
  • Value: “There’s no better offer in the market!”
  • Belonging: “Everyone has it! Do you?”
  • Competition: “Be better than them!”
  • Instant gratification: “Get results today!”
  • Leadership: “Be the first one to try this out!”
  • Trendsetting: “Follow the best!”
  • Time: “Do it in half the time!”

Although some might seem a bit “dangerous” and might lead your possible client away from your offer, it’s something very misleading. Actually, you can use any of these emotions to make people buy!

Emotion trigger + design tricks = the perfect combination to sell more!


Design tricks that will help you to make more sales 

There are several “good-to-know” tricks to use for your advertising campaigns if you want to not only make more sales but even make them come back for more.

TIP #1: Be bold

Have you ever missed a campaign on a billboard that was basically yelling at you to look that direction? Have you forgotten that super big pop-up that maybe was annoying but made you write down your e-mail? Do you notice small letters or big and bold ones? That’s right. People always notice the big, bold and… noticeable! Use these things in your design when you want to get noticed and remembered!


TIP #2: Use colors

This post won’t be about color theory but I have to mention colors… Use them!

Powerful, colorful and bright campaigns are great! You just have to find the right combination. Don’t be afraid to use them for serious campaigns as well as fun ones.

Choose the colors wisely, use contrasts, adjust them to your brand but don’t be afraid. This doesn’t mean that using all color palette will always be the best decision and it actually really rarely is… But with a bit of research, you’ll be able to get what you were looking for!


TIP #3: Make your message obvious

Let’s say you have one basic goal your buyers will be able to reach. State it big, bold and clear. Make sure to be specific but short and obvious. People don’t have time for trying to understand what the hell are you selling. Save their time!


TIP #4: Use a strong character

If you are using a character (whether it’s a person or animation), make sure to use a memorable and strong one! Stock photo happy faces are not memorable! Make your campaign stand out and be remembered by “oh, yeah, that crazy person’s photo…”. As long as you can make them remember you, you are good to go!


Phrases that will help you to make more sales 

People love to get more and better. How to make sure they know you can give it to them?

Use these phrases in your campaigns:

  • “Free shipping!”
  • “Free return!”
  • “Start today!”
  • “Additional surprises!”
  • “More payment options”

Don’t forget to show them all of your best options! In advertising and design, there’s no place for shame or feeling like you’re pushing it. Most likely, you’re not! So just go for it!



  1. Evoke emotions!
  2. Make your message obvious
  3. Don’t be afraid of colors
  4. Add character to your campaign
  5. Use terms that influence people


If you’re eager to learn more hacks to make more sales, read 10 Psychology concepts for designers.


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