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5 quick hacks on how to find time for a side project

Many of us have some kind of a side or passion projects that can’t pay the bills just yet. Very often it’s tempting to “go all-in” and leave the rest in the hands of destiny but, let’s be honest – in reality, this scenario happens very rarely. After all, those bills are piling up! So how to find time for a side project when you already have tons on your plate, whether it’s your day job, full-time freelancing or other projects?!


Even those who are in always fun kind of job positions, either it’s full-time graphic design freelancing, event planning or being a race car driver (I mean, literally, WHATEVER), can be willing to make some kind of a side project happen.

It’s rarely easy to find any free time in our already busy schedules – it’s either work, kids, loved ones or yoga, it’s all booked up. So I’ve taken on a challenge to offer you several options on how you really CAN find time for a side project!


5 quick hacks on how to find time for a side project

How to find time for a side project?

IDEA #1: First, rethink – do you REALLY need this NOW?

Everyone is SUPER busy these days. If you don’t have time AT ALL, then just don’t do it. It’s impossible to find time for side project if you can’t get rid of what’s already on your table.

But if this project really is on your plan and you ARE ready to find some time – it’s already a small win!

Be mindful about your options. Maybe you can wake up one hour earlier? Spend half of your lunch break for it and later on get to it before getting in bed? An hour per day or two counts!!

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IDEA #2: Reconsider what’s already on your plate

You know – for every ”no”, you can say ”yes” to something else. This is the time when you can review all of your priorities and planned tasks. Maybe there are still some ”no’s” to be told! And I bet there is!

This is something you should be doing occasionally, even when nothing new has come up just yet. It’s important to keep yourself on track. It’s so easy to get distracted these days! Well… you already knew this anyway…

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Here are a few tips on how to decide what’s really important for your business:

  • Review your social media plan. Are all of your efforts paying off? Maybe it’s time to downgrade and do 2 social media instead of 3 or more?
  • Get rid of unhealthy client relationships. Is there someone who isn’t really paying enough? Maybe you have to spend too much time explaining things when you could be working instead? Whatever the reason is – make sure to rethink when you invest your time!
  • Are all of the tasks you’re used to really necessary for your business? Very often we start doing something just because someone told us to. Or maybe we did it with our previous business. Or 5 years ago it was a thing.


IDEA #3: Set your motivation straight

What are you doing this for? Why would you want to find time for a side project? Are you really into this idea? Take a paper and write it all down, starting with the most important things.

Is it your long-term dream to get it done? Maybe it’s money? Which is completely normal (!). Are you willing to share your knowledge? Create a freebie to get more people interested in what you’re doing? Whatever that is – you have to be super sure about it.

If you realize that you don’t feel like doing it, after all, don’t push yourself. Only with the right motivation, you will find more time to get things done!

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IDEA #4: Don’t be afraid to ask for help

What I mean is help from the outside. Are you really willing to get all this done by yourself? Is it even possible? Do you have enough knowledge of all the systems? About marketing? Design? You don’t have to do it all alone!

If your side passion is something small, most likely you don’t have to worry about it. But if it’s going to be big, you can most definitely find people for outsourcing.

It doesn’t have to be something you’d love to do! Find people in the field that you’re not that passionate about and you’ll get much more time on your hands! As you might have noticed, we spend much more time doing things we don’t like instead of doing those we love. 

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IDEA #5: Come up with trade-offs

This is a bit tricky topic because in this case, those would be trade-offs with your friends and family! Spending time with your beloved ones IS important not only for your relationships but also for your own sanity. It’s necessary to spend some time offline, get your juices flowing again as much as you can.

But if you’ve decided to get this passion project rolling, make sure to work on some trade-offs.

The scale of this really depends on your plans, your situation and how much time you have to find. Anyhow, here are some ideas:

  • Don’t meet up for a weekly coffee with your best friend. Instead, invite her/him to celebrate after you’re done and get away for a whole day or the weekend!
  • Trade your daily breakfast with the family for the whole evening out within a week or two.
  • Instead of keeping in touch with your clients every day, send them out weekly emails.
  • Instead of spending Friday’s night out, invite your friends for Sunday’s brunch (only one day will be traded instead of two… *wink, wink*)

Sometimes these small trade-offs might not be worth it and you could actually end up being more productive and motivated once it’s happening. But other times this additional hour a day can be THE one you actually need the most!

Let others know how important is the time for you.

Very often your friends and family can actually help you out and offer a trade-off for you, send you out for a working holiday or just call less often – knowing that you’re busy. Just be open about it!


My favorite ways to find time for a side project

Here are some of my favorite ways of making more time in my schedule, whether it’s for a big or rather smaller project:

  • I schedule similar tasks for one day. Let’s say, I need to answer my emails, write some new pitches and just clean up my inbox in general. That’s my Monday! Or maybe I have to add new slides to my courses, update course student emails and add a new lesson – voila, another day is booked! It’s really TONS easier to get into the groove once you know that the whole day is dedicated to this one kind of thing. So it can happen for the side project as well! I use Google Calendar to keep up with everything.
  • I wake up earlier. It’s always waking up earlier, not staying up late. After 10 PM my brain just shuts down. And although I’m not much of a 5 AM kind of person, I can’t stand working for hours and not getting anything done even more.
  • I zone out. I mean, I either go to the countryside to work, lock myself in the apartment or shut down my phone. Zoning out really gives me a lot more time in my daily life. Perfect for making your side project happen!

What are your favorite tactics to find time for a side project?!

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  • Gawoon
    November 2, 2017 at 11:41 pm

    Amen to your point about scheduling similar tasks for one day. In my case, batch recording podcast episodes has proven to be a lifesaver!

    • Ieva Laicane
      November 5, 2017 at 2:40 pm

      Yes, it’s definitely an amazing method, isn’t it? 🙂



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