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The best free online courses for bloggers

The best free online courses for bloggers

Being a blogger often means having to wear all of the hats. You’re your own copywriter, editor, graphic designer, digital marketer and often – way beyond. And it’s amazing to learn all of these skills. But how to get started?! Here are the best free online courses for bloggers.


These days we’re lucky to have plenty of resources online to learn any skill imaginable.

However, it can also take plenty of hours to, first of all, find legit resources, and second, understand which of these skills you really need and what will turn out to be a waste of time.

My favorite platform to learn FOR FREE is Skillshare.

They offer plenty of online courses from field professionals and you can get 2 months of the premium content without paying a cent. Make sure to check it out!


What should you learn as a blogger? 

The answer to this question will depend on you and you only.

However, there are some general things most bloggers have on their to-do lists to one extent or another…  

Besides basic skills like writing and your blog management, here are some useful skills for bloggers to learn: 

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you want your blog to get noticed on search engines, there’s no way around learning SEO! 
  • Email marketing. Why and how to set up and manage email marketing is a very important skill to learn if you plan to monetize your blog and/or build a community around it!
  • Social media marketing. Putting yourself out there and getting your blog recognized can be a great challenge. Learn more about social media marketing and how to put yourself out there. 
  • Productivity and time management. There’s no shortcut to being a great blogger but writing and getting things done so improving your productivity skills and learning more about time management can be crucial. 
  • Graphic design. I’m not implying that you should be able to rank for design awards. However, it’s useful if you know how to create your own social media posts, pin designs and other design essentials. 

How to not get overwhelmed with all this info?!

Instead of mad planning and road mapping your way to knowing it all, my suggestion is to go with the flow.

Either you’ve just started blogging or have already been doing that for a while, most likely there are some skills you just feel like you need. 

See what comes to you naturally and go with it. 

Do you feel like you need to be more out there and learn more about digital marketing? Get into lessons about social media. 

Are you struggling to rank on search engines? Learn more about SEO. 

Focus on one topic at a time. Improve in the field. Move on. 

There’s no need (and no way!) to learn and know it all within a blink of an eye. Scattering your attention won’t bring you any closer to useful knowledge.

So. Once again. Focus. Improve. Continue. 

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The best free online courses for bloggers


The best free online courses for bloggers 

Sign up on Skillshare and get 2 FREE premium months. This means, having unlimited access to all of their online courses (even the premium ones!) without paying a cent. 

Here are some of Skillshare’s best free online courses for bloggers: 

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The best free Search Engine Optimization (SEO) courses for bloggers 

The best free Email Marketing courses for bloggers

The best free Social Media courses for bloggers

The best free Productivity & Time management courses for bloggers

The best free Graphic Design courses for bloggers

If you’re interested in designing your own graphics, you can also join my Pin Design Masterclass where I not only share how to create click-worthy pin designs but also give you the introduction to Photoshop basics. 


The best free online courses for bloggers


What are your favorites of the best free online courses for bloggers? Leave them in the comments! 

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