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The best free WordPress themes for bloggers

The best free Wordpress themes

Blog design is an important part of successful blogging experience both for yourself and your readers. However, often it’s not possible to invest in a high-quality paid theme right away. That’s when free WordPress themes come in handy. So the question is – where to find the best free WordPress themes for bloggers?

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As a website designer myself, I’d always (always!) suggest researching good, high-quality paid WordPress themes instead of the free offer. However, there are quite many occasions when using the free theme just seems like a better option, for example:

  • If you’ve just started and want to just dip your toe in blogging and see what you can do with it;
  • If you really, really can’t afford to purchase any of the paid themes (although quite many are extremely cheap!)
  • If blogging is just a hobby and you do it for the sake of writing more than anything else

This might arise a question…

What are the main differences between free and paid WordPress themes?

Although you can find quite many decent free themes online, there are several important differences between free and paid WordPress themes to note.

  • Free themes will have fewer customization options – paid themes are more versatile.
  • Free themes might lack support and updates while most of the paid themes are constantly updated and provide support forums.
  • In most cases, paid themes are overall better designed and have fewer issues.

Other than that, it is absolutely possible to find a great free WordPress theme that’d be a good fit for your blog!

Also, most free themes offer Pro upgrades for the future if you feel like your chosen theme is a good fit and you need more features!

Are you unsure how to change or set up your new WordPress theme?

Make sure read this article: How to change your WordPress theme like a pro! 

The best free WordPress themes for bloggers

The best free WordPress Page Builder

Before I dive into a list of the best free WordPress themes for bloggers, I want to offer you another excellent option (also absolutely free!): Elementor Page Builder.

No matter which free WordPress theme you choose, you can install the Elementor Page Builder plugin on your website and easily edit and adjust your website pages.

The best free WordPress themes: the best free WordPress page builder

An important thing to note when choosing Elementor Page Builder is the fact that it has limited capability to make edits on Blog Archive or Blog Post pages. You can edit and adjust any other pages you create, for example, Homepage, About, Contact or any other your website

With Elementor Pro you can also edit Blog Post style and Blog Archive pages. However, the free version doesn’t offer that. Therefore, make sure to pick a free WordPress theme with a blog style that you like since you will be able to adjust it only as far as the theme allows.

The best free WordPress themes for bloggers

For the first 2-3 years of blogging, I was using a free theme because of several reasons. First of all, I found a theme that I absolutely adored! I also didn’t have much money to invest and I never knew whether or not it will pay off.

If you are seeking effective and well-working WordPress theme, make sure to dive right into this review of the best free WordPress themes for bloggers!

Ready to upgrade? Check out this review of paid WordPress themes for bloggers.

Free WordPress theme: GuCherry by Everest Themes

GuCherry Free WordPress theme

This one is my personal favorite from of the best free WordPress themes for bloggers. It seems to have it all! Versatility for effective blog design, beautiful visuals and creative approach.

Free WordPress theme: Anariel by Premium Coding

Anariel free WordPress theme

Light and effectively built theme by high-class developers. Anariel has many great features that will help you to showcase all of your content, as well as social media and any other relevant assets.

Free WordPress theme: GreatMag by aThemes

The best free WordPress theme review: GreatMag Theme

Want to combine modern image layout with a classical blog view? Consider using GreatMag as a theme for your blog! It’s perfect if your blog covers different topics and has nice visuals to add. Besides that, you can upgrade from the free version to Pro for more features whenever you feel ready (and if this theme seems like a good fit!)

Free WordPress theme: Riba Lite

The best free WordPress themes for bloggers: Riba Lite

Want a stunning blog theme with wonderful animations? Choose Riba Lite! I personally consider this one of the best free WordPress themes because it has a unique layout that can be hard to find when it comes to free options. Try Demo to see how it works!

Blog Creation Simplified 2020

Free WordPress theme: Foodica Lite

The best free WordPress theme review: Foodica Lite

Foodica Lite is one of my absolute favorites! If you’re looking for a classical blog style with minimalistic yet effective design, choose Foodica Lite free WordPress theme. Besides that, this free theme also offers a Pro version for the future upgrade if you feel like it.

Free WordPress theme: Magnus by MyThemeShop

The best free WordPress themes for bloggers: Magnus

Looking for a bold and creative solution for your blog design? Consider using a free WordPress theme – Magnus. It’s simple yet offers eye-catching design solutions that will help your blog to stand out from the crowd. Make sure to check out the Demo!

Free WordPress theme: Laura Lite by Just Free Themes

The best free WordPress themes for bloggers: Laura Lite

Are you searching for light and feminine WordPress theme for your blog? Laura Lite can be the perfect option! It has a bullet-proof style with script font elements that give an elegant finish to the page.

Free WordPress theme: Type by Design Lab Themes

Type free WordPress theme

Bold magazine-style blogging theme that’d be the perfect fit for bloggers of all kinds. From all of the free WordPress themes for bloggers, this one is a simple classic that will be a timeless choice.

Free WordPress theme: Kale by Just Free Theme

The best free WordPress themes for bloggers: Kale WordPress theme

Are you searching for a theme that’d offer you an oldie but goldie kind of design options? Check out Kale! It’s simple but offers effective design solutions for bloggers.

Free WordPress theme: Fashy by Premium Coding

Fashy Free WordPress theme

Looking for a bold and modern solution for your blog? Try Fashy free WordPress theme for bloggers! It provides an elegant and simple solution that has fine lines and elegant design. The perfect pick for minimalists!

The best cheap WordPress themes for bloggers

If you’re ready to give your blog a bit of an investment, here’s a list of some of the best cheap WordPress themes for bloggers.

  • Lotus || $2 – Extremely simple, minimal blog theme
  • Olivia || $19 – Straight-forward, simple, creative blogging theme
  • Clean || $19 – Feminine, light, minimal theme for bloggers
  • Feminine || $35 – Fashionable, great for visuals, with easy to read layout

I hope this review of free WordPress themes for bloggers gave you a new inspiration to improve your blog and pick a stunning design for it.

Share your favorite free WordPress themes for bloggers in the comments!

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