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Freelance job search: How to find freelance jobs on social media?

Freelance job search: How to find freelance jobs on social media?

With location independence becoming more and more popular, freelancing is also one of the most competitive ways to work. To get started, you need to find good jobs. Let’s see how you can find freelance jobs on social media!


There are several effective methods of how you can stand out and find freelance jobs on social media all of which can be used both by starters and professionals.

I’ve tried almost any item on this list, especially, when I was just starting. The truth is – everything might work, as long as you put in your time and attention.

In most cases, these solutions won’t be quick-fix for your job search but these might pay off big time! Many freelancers have made social media their main strategy to find new freelance job opportunities.  


How to find freelance jobs on social media


How to find freelance jobs on social media

METHOD #1: Facebook groups

Facebook groups are a very trending thing even if you didn’t know that. Joining gazillion groups and being inactive in each one of them will give your participation no meaning. Choose groups where you can find clients, not peers.

I’m absolutely sure it’s a huge gold mine when you need to find freelance jobs on social media. At the same time, it will request a strategy!


First of all, you will spend TONS of time if you will try to be all over the place. Start out by choosing around 2-3 active and relevant groups to join. Remember, you want to join either groups with direct job offers or groups where you could possibly find your perfect audience.


Don’t start being active in them and then disappear for a month. Facebook, just like everything else, will give you results if you will stay consistent. I suggest scheduling your participation so you actually can spend some time weekly in these groups and be present.


When you have decided on groups to participate in (or you’re just making this decision) – it’s important to feel like you really are part of this community. That’s how you can be truly supportive and truly happy for other achievements. There’s no use in just being there, you should feel like you’re supporting your family. If you haven’t found this feeling, you might need to find another FB group! No kidding here, guys. I have been part of many groups, but only in few I actually cared about people and felt like they care about me.


When you’re in Facebook groups, scroll through the feed to check what kind of topics they’re talking about. Can you help? Great! Do that! Share your opinion on which logo will be the best, help out with your Squarespace experience or tell them how you started freelancing. This will:

– Show your expertise;
– Make them notice you;
– Give them more information about who you are & what you’re doing with your life.


I was surprised by how many blog posts I already have about topics people are interested in. That’s an amazing way to get your blog posts out there because they’ll reach not only one person but also everyone else who might research the same topic later on. Your reach can be HUGE.


Almost every Facebook group has a weekly promo feed, some even more than one. Be prepared – they might get crazy! But it really IS a great way to show your offer.

You might feel like everyone is just posting and not caring. There are Facebook groups where 3-4 comments per minute appear on topics like this. But in active Facebook groups, all of these people also take a time to scroll through the comments and actually check out what’s happening. Some might see 3-5 comments above theirs but there are tons of people who scroll through the whole comment feed (for example, me right here).


Not only promo is a thing on Facebook groups! Many creative entrepreneur groups also have a thing called Collaboration days when you can comment on one post and find people who’d like to work with. Whether it’s guest blogging, product try-outs, review writing or anything alike – it’s a gold mine! You can not only find people who  might need your services but also find great partners and friends.


Let’s not forget that Facebook groups are not only about asking questions and trying to solve your own problems (or sell your own services). It IS an amazing place where you can show others your expertise and let them know that you’re the one who knows stuff. How to do that? There are several ways besides commenting on other people threads.

– You can decide on a topic and share weekly advice regarding that. Let’s say, post with 100-200 words + illustrative photo about how to rock your Pinterest. Anything your topic related! (Make sure not to post any links in your text or on your photo, it is not allowed in most of the groups!)

– Share inspirational (self-made) quote or tip photo or maybe even a short video on topics others might find relevant.


METHOD #2: Facebook – friends & relatives

Have you thought about asking around, talking with people you already know, to find a relevant job position, even if it’s a short-term project?

The truth is – most likely, there’s someone on your friend list who either needs something or who knows someone… Don’t hesitate to ask and talk about these things out loud. Having a need for new projects is nothing to be ashamed of. And this really is a great way to find freelance jobs on social media!


Many of your friends or family members might not even know what the hell are you doing in your life (it took around 3 years for my friends to start understanding this…). So the option to actually SHARE this info and let them know that you’re open to new projects could be very valuable for you. 


You don’t have to always be super honest. Sometimes saying “hey, guys, I need a job!” is not the easiest thing to do, I get that. Therefore, you can just share your portfolio and see if any messages come around. Don’t forget to mention your email or just leave a simple message that anyone who’d be interested in working with you can get in touch! Sometimes it’s really that simple but many freelancers never really give it a shot.


If you don’t want to share this in public space but you definitely know that there could be someone interested in working with you, send a personal message to the specific person. For example, if you know someone who’s working in a company where they occasionally need things you offer – send this person a message!


METHOD #3: Twitter

Will you be surprised if I’ll say that Twitter is still a thing? And it can also be an effective way to find freelance jobs on social media. 

Although you might not feel this way, there still are people sharing and caring. Finding a job on Twitter might not always include being super active or building a following but it can always help!


Research relevant hashtags that could be used for remote job openings or freelance projects in your field. For example, #designjobs or #designerneeded. The more specific you can get with your hashtags – the more specific your search will be. On the other hand, if you have some time for more broad research, make sure to include some general hashtags that might include job openings relevant to you. For example, #freelancejobs, #jobbard, #jobopening.


There are tons of online job board accounts offering updated information about the latest projects or openings. Make sure to research these accounts and follow the ones who might provide you some interesting jobs. Sometimes it’s also useful to follow professionals in your field – they might publish info about some freelance projects as well.


This suggestion is a bit more time consuming but if you consider Twitter being a part of your job search it might as well be worth it! Follow your perfect clients. In my case, those were online business owners, anyone who might need help with some kind of designs. This tactic would also include daily checking in to see people’s comments and questions and make your inquiry.


Answer people questions, share your portfolio items, let your followers know what the hell are you doing! Share your Service page from the website, update them about your availability. Sharing is caring! The more information and tips you share, the more people will trust you and your skills, eventually – coming to you for help.


METHOD #4: Instagram

Instagram might work a lot like Twitter does. It’s all about research and sharing!

You have to build the community around you that will know who you are and trust you and your skills. Especially these days, it really can be one of the most surprising yet effective ways to find freelance jobs on social media. 


For any visual freelancers, for example, designers, photographs, video makers, Instagram is a great place where to share portfolio items and grow following. Make sure to use relevant hashtags and let people know that you’re open to cooperation.


Instagram stories really is an amazing way to share your work. This depends on what exactly is your field but very often in stories you could share your work in progress, videos of the making process and your own personal insights all of which can lead to new freelance job opportunities.


Live videos are fun since they let you connect with your audience more easily and in a rather fun manner. As a freelancer, you can create live videos where you share your tips & tricks in your specific field and answer relevant questions. This can get you some great leads!


METHOD #5: LinkedIn

For many, LinkedIn is one of the least favorite words in “social media world”. Like… who should even care?! But, to be honest, it’s a total goldmine for freelancers!

If you have an old account that’s been stuck without any updates for years – it’s time to get back to it and make it work for you. LinkedIn is really one of the best ways to find freelance jobs on social media.


First of all, make sure your information is up to date AND it’s actually relevant. If you’ve been in the corporate job for years and you feel like it’ll look better to leave it that way on LinkedIn – there’s no use in that. Make sure to update your status to a freelancer or whatever is the thing you’re doing. Add your experience if you’ve worked for companies remotely. All of this is good information to have on your LinkedIn profile and it can really help you!


Boom! LinkedIn also has a thing called Groups! You can join relevant groups to check out the latest job offers, learn more about tendencies in your field (which can be helpful in your project search!), offer your skills and connect with people who might need your help.


This is not Facebook anymore. The importance of this platform actually hides in connecting with your peers, your bosses, managers, colleagues and literally anyone else who has been in any contact with you. That’s how you can grow connections, learn more about freelance projects and reach out to a bigger audience.


LinkedIn is the perfect place to create a post about your job search process. Whether it’s a remote position or freelance project – inform people about your skillset and your interest in taking on new projects. There are tons of people who search freelancers through LinkedIn! They either use the search bar or seek through connections. So connect and inform!


METHOD #6: Pinterest

Although officially Pinterest is a search engine, not social media, I’m still adding it to this list. First of all, Pinterest is my #1 source of blog traffic.

Therefore, if blogging is a part of your freelance job search strategy – make sure to start utilizing its features!

Other than that, here’s what you can do:


The first and easiest way to get started on Pinterest if your freelancing is based on a visual skill is to share your portfolio items there! Create a board where you share your graphics, photographs, any kind of designs. Many freelancers even create special client boards where they create inspiration boards for their clients and share them. That’s a great inspiration source for others! 


This is the trigger for your Pinterest success! Relevant group boards let you share your posts or portfolio items to a bigger audience – even if you don’t have huge numbers yourself just yet. The most important part is to find RELEVANT boards. If you’re a graphic designer, search for design boards, also interior inspiration boards (if you’re, for example, creating prints as well), website design boards and so on. You’ll find more info on that in this article.


If your freelance career is not strongly visual and you are, for example, a writer, make sure to share your expertise instead of portfolio items! Blog posts are HUGE on Pinterest and by joining relevant boards you can grow your audience and attract new clients.


Pinterest also lets you share your actual offer, for example, by sharing your service page. Just make sure to add a vertical graphic to it so people notice the post! You can also create a blog post where you share what you’re doing and pin it for the attention. But always keep your graphics VERTICAL!


I hope you’ve got some new inspiration and ideas on how to find freelance jobs on social media!

The most important part is to be out there. As a freelancer, you won’t have the option to hide… Be open to new freelance job opportunities and I’m sure you’ll find what you’re searching for.

Have you ever managed to find freelance jobs on social media? Share your experience in the comments!

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