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Learn to get more organized in your business

Get more organized in your online business

Being organized is an important part of successfully owning an online business. Here, I have gathered several tips on how to be a better boss this year: learn to get more organized, happier and more successful.


How to get more organized


How to be a better boss this year?

TIP #1: Get more organized

My files used to be a total mess and it was one of the things that challenged my productivity. If anyone but me would take a look at my folders, they’d drive themselves insane by trying to find ANYTHING. To be honest – it used to be hard to find anything myself as well.

I’ve tried through years to bring on some good systems and I’m getting a tiny bit better with each new idea since first I try out things, then I’m trying to improve these ideas and find the best solutions for myself. So here are a few file organization ideas for you to be a better boss in 2018!

Daily maintenance

Yes, you read it right. To get more organized in your business, going through any new files at the end of each day is very important.

Just like kids do before going to bed: bringing all their toys back in their places. After all, that’s what we’ve been taught all along, right? So let’s get back to the basics!

Archiving for old and useless files

I still like to keep things – just in case. But most likely, this just in case never happens. And even more likely – I never open these kept files EVER and they’re just somewhere there, messing with my mind, my computer and my systems.

So my suggestion for you is to archive/zip all of the old files that are done. You can still keep them but make sure to gather them in one folder, somewhere deep, deep in the depths of your computer. And then, when after few years you might find and delete them because that’s when you can be sure – they’re absolutely unnecessary!

Changing ”final-1”, ”final-2” to reasonable file names

I’m a designer and yes, I’m guilty. Yes, I DO have TONS of ”final” files for each project. Do they make my life easier? Oh, boy, they don’t!

So something new I’ve come up with is the following: I’ll name each file with the date, instead of that number thing. Therefore whenever I’ll see something that’s really outdated (even, tho, maybe with ”final” in the name), I’ll just delete or archive it. What a wonderful idea I have here, right?

Once you get more organized in business, other aspects of being more productive come in and it’s easier to reach your business goals.


TIP #2: Care less about statistics

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE statistics. And there’s nothing bad about checking out stats. It’s actually a very necessary thing in any business to assure any further growth. But…

I understand that I’m spending way too much time for that. Like – A LOT! I look through some statistics at least 2-3 times daily, which could sum up in around an hour in a day.

I do love getting to know my reader flow, it increases my motivation and boosts my confidence. I can analyze right away: what things I did right, what – wrong.

At the same time, it somehow holds me back. First of all, it really takes a lot of time, secondly, I tend to get doubtful and sad about my intentions whenever my statistics are dropping. Therefore I’ve come up with several ideas on how to deal with that.

Set one time weekly to look through ALL statistics and analyze

2-3 hours weekly are enough to get through my blog and other useful statistics, to draw conclusions, analyze what worked and what didn’t work that week. Therefore I can come up with a more consistent plan for my further activities for the next week or even longer period of time, and be a better boss by being more productive!

Choose other accounting points

My blog drives my traffic, traffic gives me a new audience, the audience gives me new clients. It’s important!

At the same time, statistics can be disturbing and misleading. If your blog today is read 100 times less than yesterday but today your readers made two course purchases, which day is better in the long-run? Do numbers really matter as much? Maybe it’s the interaction. Interested client emails? Questions about your products that matter most?


TIP #3: Do less & do it better

That’s actually my main mantra for 2018!

In the recent years, ever since I started my business, I’ve had so many ideas, I’ve been willing to take on as many projects as possible and I LOVED it, but I had a lack of time for any balance in my life.

Besides that, at the end of the year, I got tired and it started to feel way too heavy. Because of several project delays and other asap projects that I needed to start right away, I was unable to actually enjoy my working process. Everything seemed like a neverending hamster wheel.

But this year I’m going for less in better quality! Does this sound like a good idea to you? Take a look at my ideas!

Learn to say “no”

Everyone is talking about it, but not everyone is really going for that “no saying thing”. And I’m really looking forward to trying it out! My suggestion is: you should too!

Saying “no” will free up your time for more important things and will also help you to get more organized about the things you really want to achieve.

Saying “no” will free you from projects you’re not 100% confident about. And, the hell with that, you just know that in saying “no” is some kind of pleasure as well!

Raise your prices

As soon as you’ll raise your prices, you’ll have the ability to work less! Imagine this: working for 1 hour for the payment you’d be getting now for 2 or even all 3 hours!

It’s a risky business. It’s always been and all the freelancers or online business owners are well aware of the risks. But it’s ALWAY worth trying!

Expand your deadlines

Give yourself more time to ease into projects, to get comfortable around them and be confident about your timing.

To be honest: my timing sucked this year and I’m completely ashamed of that. Therefore I learned my lesson and realized that it’s super important to give yourself some time!

Once you get more organized about your processes, it gets a lot easier to understand how much time you’ll need to get things done. However, there are always new obstacles that can come into your way.


What are your favorite ways to get more organized in business? Share in the comments!


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