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Make your post go viral on Pinterest: research of my 5 most repinned posts

How to write a blog post that'll go viral on Pinterest

Pinterest is my #1 source of traffic and I’m always happy to share some insights on how I have reached that. This time, let’s take a look at how to write a blog post that’ll go viral on Pinterest. For that, I’ve prepared research of my 5 most repinned posts so we can draw some conclusions.


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Ever since I started building my Pinterest strategy, I noticed an incredible growth in my blog visitor numbers.

It took around 2 weeks of being active on Pinterest when tens turned into hundreds and a month or two more when hundreds turned into thousands. At this point, my Pinterest profile gets around 250K monthly views. And it can be so much more than that!

There are some quite consistent requirements for creating a post that will go viral on Pinterest. However, it doesn’t depend on only one aspect of a blog post.

At the end of the day, it’s all about, first, getting the attention (therefore, creating pins that drive the attention), then, keeping the reader with helpful and insightful content!


How to make blog post go viral on Pinterest


How to write a blog post that’ll go viral on Pinterest

I’ve taken 5 of my most repinned posts on Pinterest to research and understand what are the key points that are in common for all of them and what are separate values that make each one of these posts special.

It’s important to keep in mind that each one of these posts has several more different graphics, some of which also have turned into thousands of repins. I haven’t combined the numbers for all but it’s still pretty obvious that these exact posts keep getting bigger reach.

Master Your Pinterest

These include the following posts:

Your guide to creative freelancing

In this post, I’ve described a rather easy tactic to getting started as a freelancer, giving more info about the things everyone should keep in mind and prepare themselves for. Freelancing really is a VERY popular topic these days and more and more people are looking for ways to start a full-time location independent lifestyle. Besides that, most of my audience is interested in this exact topic.

Social media marketing for creatives

This is one of my all-time most popular blog posts, combining all stats together. Here’s why: social media is a HUGE topic that TONS of people are interested in. It’s a free and simple way to grow your traffic, to build your business, market yourself and your products so people are keen to understand more. Besides that, I’ve described several various social media. So even for those who are confident on platforms like Facebook or Instagram, still have something to read about LinkedIn, Twitter or Pinterest!

Guide to e-book writing & publishing for starters

This is just a lucky shot, I must say. I wrote this post just to share my own experience of creating an e-book. I did it with no knowledge about the field so I had to research it all and I’ve shared my insights in this post. This proves that you don’t always have to be the master of the topic to write a stunning post!

Start doing instead of planning

Let me tell you a secret – people love productivity tips, tricks and tactics. And that’s exactly what this post is all about. When I wrote it, I was at the very beginning of my own business and I felt VERY overwhelmed. All of it was just too much. So without much of the research, I just wrote down my thoughts on the topic and it’s still one of my top 5 blog posts!

Make your post go viral on Pinterest: research of my 5 most repinned posts

Web design trends from 2016

Oh, boy, what happened with this one… I never expected that! My guess is that it got into very lucky hands. By using Pinterest group boards, I must have reached a completely different audience that was super interested in this topic and it took around a week for this post to reach more than 1K shares. For this post, I did a lot of research because I was interested in the topic myself so I decided to share my discovery. One other reason why people must’ve liked it – it’s very visual and all of the trends have sample photos.



So how to make sure your posts go viral on Pinterest?!

TIP TO GO VIRAL ON PINTEREST #1: Have outstanding graphics

Having an outstanding graphic is one of the first steps to go viral on Pinterest.

Vertical, well-designed graphic with obvious text and accent on the most important info is what gets noticed on Pinterest.

Very often pinners choose to use outstanding colors instead of background photos. I’m not a fan of this method myself since I like to keep it rather neutral but I can’t argue with the fact that it drives tons of attention!

Pin Design Masterclass: learn to design click-worthy pins with Photoshop


TIP TO GO VIRAL ON PINTEREST #2: The topic has to be in-depth and descriptive

All of my most popular posts on Pinterest have one thing in common – all of them are lengthy and very informative. I mean, VERY. Very often bloggers are afraid to invest an actual work in the blog posts but, hey, it’s what makes them so popular!

As I already described before, most of my popular posts were written based on loads of research and huge time investment.


TIP TO GO VIRAL ON PINTEREST #3: Translate complicated info into simple steps

We can find literally anything on the internet but there are many interesting topics that are covered only in the most complicated way ever.

For example, it took me A LOOOONG time to learn more about SEO since there wasn’t a super simple post about it and all of the info was super lengthy and requested tons of my time. That’s why I did my job and gathered it all in one post: SEO for dummies. Guess what, it’s also one of my most repinned posts!


TIP TO GO VIRAL ON PINTEREST #4:A clear action plan is a must!

People don’t like to read jibber-jabber that feels like a never-ending introduction to your blog post. What they do like is a clear action plan – what, when and how they need to get things done!

Besides that, your readers will enjoy bullet points and clear formatting that lets them scroll through the post stopping only where there’s the info that interests them. The time is money, baby!


TIP TO GO VIRAL ON PINTEREST #5: Know what your audience needs

I know that my audience wants to make money online. So any blog posts that’ll be helpful for them to achieve it, has the potential to go viral on Pinterest.

You see, I know that most of my followers are online business owners and freelancers. They want to know the fastest, simplest and easiest ways to make things work for THEM. How to use social media? How to create an e-course? How to build a sustainable website? All of these are questions that’ll make them more successful. Which is why I’m here to share my knowledge!

What is YOUR audience interested in?? Don’t copy the most successful posts just because you see those big numbers. Numbers don’t matter if your audience isn’t engaging.


>> Get my free eBook where I’ve revealed my Bulletproof Pinterest Strategy. 


Besides all of that: Use group boards

This has nothing to do with the post itself but it’s a crucial part to go viral on Pinterest: you must use Pinterest group boards to reach a bigger audience. I’ve written more about that in my Pinterest strategy post.

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