I felt strong disgust to word “affiliate” for a long time. Until I found the other side of it and realized that many bloggers and business owners have learned how to use affiliate marketing to build more valuable, interesting and useful content. So here’s an insight for you, including some great affiliate offers to join. It’s time to learn to grow your blog with affiliate programs! P.S. This post includes both

P.S. This post talks about both sides of the deal – creating an affiliate program for your product AND being an affiliate yourself.


Basics of affiliate marketing for bloggers

About affiliate programs

The simplified explanation for affiliate programs is the following: affiliate programs are partner programs both for those who are willing to share information about products/services/offers & get commission or percentage of what’s sold through a link they’ve shared AND those who have these products/services/offers to share.

All system is simplified and it’s not hard to those who’re willing to participate in affiliate programs. For example, such giants like Amazon and Shopify has their own affiliate program.  And so does tons of other companies. Which means: you register as an affiliate & get your link to share a variety of products (whatever you choose).

As soon as someone clicks on the link you’ve shared and/or buys whatever was in this link, percentage of what’s bought rolls in your account. For Amazon it’s even better than this: you can actually get money even if the person clicks on your provided link BUT buys ANOTHER product than the one you’re advertising. Doesn’t that sound great?! But for many people it still sounds brain wrecking, therefore I’ll look a bit deeper into all this!

In case you got the point & you’re willing to start your affiliate career, roll to the end of this post to see several not-so-popular, but great affiliate programs to join!


How to create an affiliate program for your product?

If you are an online business providing services or products, you can create an affiliate program for your product. Keep in mind that some percentage or commission from each purchase will be paid to your affiliate (the one who will share your information)! You are the one in charge of this percentage, but don’t make it too low, because people won’t be interested in joining!

What are the products you can share through affiliate links? Whatever is on your mind!

  • Your services like design, copywriting or photography;
  • Physical products like jewelry, books, furniture or literally ANYTHING else;
  • Digital products like e-books, online courses, webinars, etc.

Websites for affiliate program creation

So you have decided to create an affiliate program for whatever you’re offering. Where to go and what to do? You’ll have to join affiliate platform which will generate links for you, track your budget and show you how much your affiliates are getting in revenue (also how many clicks they’re getting to the shared links). These platforms are easy to understand and simple to use. They cost from $15 to more than $50 a month, but are so worth it!

  • Directtrack – widely considered the world’s leading affiliate marketing and affiliate software tracking platform—powering the largest and most reputable affiliate networks and in-house affiliate programs;
  • SendOwl – ”The only e-commerce platform that cares about conversion rates, ease of use, and owls”;
  • WPAffiliateManager – Affiliate plugin for WordPress websites;
  • LeadDyno – The best affiliate tracking software. Recruit affiliates, help them promote,
    and build a commish-only sales force. Works with any website.

So at this point, you might have started to think… there are TONS of these platforms! (Also – they all call themselves “the best“). And both of these assumptions are soooo true.

How to choose the best affiliate network?

Trust your guts is my main advice! But besides that:

  • See how long is their trial period. They vary from several days to a month. SendOwl has month trial period, which is one of the main reasons I made my choice the way it is!
  • What’s the monthly price? It varies because whatever these platforms are offering varies a lot as well. Maybe you don’t need those top-notch options? There are affiliate websites that don’t look THAT good, but are offering pretty decent options! So take a look at least through few before making your decision. That can save your bank!
  • How’s the customer support? If you feel like diving into something that you’ve never experienced before, customer support is SUPER important. I have to be honest – I never really use it, except for some of my Squarespace issues. But in this case, I took a look at what each website is offering because we’re talking about money here, after all…
  • How do they connect with other websites? Most likely your affiliates will be able to get paid through PayPal in any of these. But in case you’re curious about other options, take a closer look and make your decision wisely! Also make sure that your affiliate platform is not specified for website host that is not yours (for example, WordPress only).

As soon as you’ve chosen, you just have to follow the instructions that will be provided by each website. In most cases you just have to provide your link to the product you’re sharing, some additional information & you’re good to go! You will receive the link that can be shared for people to join your affiliate program.


How to become an affiliate yourself?

If you don’t have a product/service to offer or you just don’t feel like opening affiliate program, you can always become an affiliate yourself!

There are no restrictions on how many affiliate programs you can work: it’s all up to you!

How to choose the best affiliate program to join?

  • Choose a product relevant to your audience. If you’re going to share baby smoothie links to teenagers, nothing good will come out of this…
  • Take a look at the offered revenue. Is it commission that you’re getting from each sale? Or percentage? What’s the commission they’re offering?
  • How big is the affiliate program? If it’s big (like Amazon) you can deal with 5%, because their products are more popular & it’s more likely that someone could buy something. If the affiliate program is smaller and for something not so well known, don’t get involved if it’s less than 10%! You’ll work your but off but won’t get much income anyway… BUT
  • You should always keep in mind: what’s the price for the product you’re advertising? If that’s $100 and you’re getting 10% it might not be worth it. If that’s $500 & you’re getting 10% situation changes pretty much…

Affiliate Marketing Simplified

How to be a successful affiliate?

  • I already stated this before, but it’s pretty important: choose product relevant to your audience! (Should I repeat it once again?) But really! You can rock the hell out of being an affiliate IF you’re choosing the right products to share. Maybe there’s NO ONE else sharing this & you’re the only affiliate for this service, but it’s actually SO GREAT for your audience, that they’ll love it from the first glance.
  • Share the link with a story! If you’re sharing a blank link with nothing more to say, it’ll look pretty sad. “Come buy this amazing product *link*” says literally nothing. Add in your personal experience with the product or provider, share your thoughts about why it’s so great, why people should pay attention. Sometimes you don’t even have to add this call to action.
  • Use several ways to share the link. Don’t use only one platform – either it’s your favorite social media or mailing list… You can add it in your blog post, on your blog’s sidebar, share it with your Facebook friends, share on Pinterest. Try out these ways and see the statistics – where people have bigger interest and where you’re getting better revenue?


Affiliate program library

So here are a variety of options besides you can take a look at! Bigger is not always better – small affiliate programs can bring in huge revenue for you because only several people are advertising the service!


REMEMBER: It’s always the best if you’re a passionate product user yourself. Start your affiliate program search with the products/services you’re using yourself!!


This post includes affiliate links. They cost nothing to you but could provide me the very necessary caffeine boost for my next articles. Thank you! 

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  1. Tracy says: October 28, 2017 at 9:56 pm

    Thank you! Very informative, I’m glad I stopped by!! You’re right there are so many options that I get my knickers in a twist and procrastinate..encouraged by your tips, would love to receive emails as I start my journey to freedom✈

    1. Ieva Laicane says: October 29, 2017 at 10:08 am

      Hi, Tracy! I’m excited to have you over. Thanks for stopping by 🙂 You can join my mailing list over at I’d be happy to have you in the tribe. Cheers!

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