Guide to amazing blog graphics that’ll bring your visuals to the next level

Guide to amazing blog graphics that'll bring your visuals to the next level

Visual communication is the main marketing leader these days. We all are visuals and we just love visual content, you can do nothing about it, but make it amazing for your business! How to make sure that your visual content game is top notch and you have amazing blog graphics? Read on!


The essence of great blog graphics

 There are some main visual elements that you should keep in mind when creating strong and visually appealing graphics. I’ll guide you through them, so you can get to work afterward!


People tend to overuse typography and forget about other design elements, BUT the thing is: typography can work on itself and you should let it do that! Just keep in mind some boundaries and work with typography only when it’s really a great fit!

The most important thing to remember:

You should use only legible fonts that are appropriate for your purpose.

Handwritten, “graffitty-like” and other similar fonts are great for brand-specific design in small details, but they’re not as great for daily use! Such fonts shouldn’t be used for things like post banners, body text and even less in e-mails or materials like media kit. In the same time, there are light versions of these fonts as well. Be mindful about what you’ve decided to use and how appropriate it is!



Colors are great, colors are wonderful and many people do love them. But it will be totally enough if you use 3 colors instead of all kind of colors variations for each situation.

In a perfect scenery, you should decide upon 5 colors for your brand and use no more than these 5 for everything!

You should think that it will get boring or you can’t really express yourself within 5 colors, but the truth is – you truly can. You just have to choose the right ones! For this purpose, you can surf through a variety of color palettes and play around with your ideas. It is super important to give yourself some time to really understand – is this working for you? Do you like these colors? Will you be happy to use them for a longer time? Take your time to decide and make them work for you.


Custom Pinterest graphic design for bloggers


Call to action

You might think that call to action (CTA) is useless and it comes out to be annoying because people will be able to find whatever they need on their own. The truth is: they won’t.

You have to use appropriate CTA for your potential customers to buy, for your potential clients to sign up. Without that ”Register here” or ”But today” they might miss the very last trigger for final decision!

Once again – don’t overdo it! It is important to trigger that final decision, but it is also easy to scare people off. There’s no magic formula for this, you just have to understand either it’s one or five CTA’s you need to use in your page (most likely it will be one…).



Icons are a simple and wonderful way how to add a bit of design for any of your visual design elements.

Use simple and easy-to-understand icons for your designs.

If you’ve decided to use a lot of icons, use outlined, simple ones. If you need to use only a few, decide on fully colored ones, but style them accordingly (so they’d be in the same design, including size, colors, etc.). Overall outlined icons are easier to understand.


Negative space

My main advice for negative space is:

Use it!

Might come out as silly advice, but that’s actually what you really have to keep in mind! Whenever you have information overload and people doesn’t have a place where to rest their eyes, they start to feel fatigue, they’re not interested anymore and after all, they just leave. This works for both, whether it’s a visual content or written one. Negative space is a lifesaver (or customer saver in this case…)!


Layout hierarchy

Layout hierarchy is a master of simple and easy-to-understand visual elements. Many visuals with possibly great potential are lacking this.

Present content in a way that guides your readers through in a logical sequence!

Align elements in a layout that is simple, created accordingly to whatever you’re presenting and maintains consistency at all times. It’s not a great idea to put numbers first and explain them later on or start with a photo that illustrates whatever you’re explaining at the end of the graphic… Try to look at your visual elements from a point of someone who doesn’t know anything about the topic – is it simple and logical?


Data visualizations

Use data visualizations to prove your point!

Visualize data in a comparative and visually appealing way.

When writing information about how “this is better than that”, many people don’t really get the point.

In this case, visual content comes at the right time and the right place!

These days, you can easily use programs like Canva to create infographics and similar data visualization elements that will improve your blog graphics.


Remember that you don’t have to be a high-class designer to create a nice looking site.

Keep in mind these simple design hacks and always keep it simple if you’re not sure about the best choice to make!

Are you ready to create great blog graphics for your posts?


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