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How going offline saved my business

How going offline saved my business

I’ve been working ever since I started freelancing. Literally. For most of the days: every day, most of the hours and way too many of them. I’ve spent tons of Friday nights and Sunday mornings by my computer working with designs, writing blog posts, reaching out to new clients. The list goes on and works for all days of the week! So this is the story about how going offline made me love my work again.


This spring for me is the time when I’m finding all the best ways to reinvent myself. I’ve never ever felt this exhausted and tired or whatever I’m doing.

And that’s a funny thing. I’ve been growing ever since I got into freelancing. Reaching out to my dreams, succeeding, getting more and better. Connections, chances, clients, money. But somehow I am so exhausted…

It’s all pretty obvious. Overworking is not the answer to anything.

I was planning to take some time off this spring whether it’d happen with or without a reason. But let’s be honest here – it’d have never happened without a reason.

So I created one for myself and invited a friend over to have a week with us in Croatia and spend some time here. Voila, my vacation was set!

Somehow it was the perfect timing since it happened right after I created my online course and right before I got back to full-time client work. It was one of the craziest times in my life and I had lost all the possible motivation for anything at that time.

I was lazy, uninspired, I had no ideas about any new projects and no passion for the old ones, I woke up with a willingness to be in the next day already and then the next one… and next one. Just waiting for time to pass without any good reason.


The actual process of unplugging

That’s literally what saved my life and career. I still spent some time online checking my e-mail or getting in touch with some clients but I did only a tiny bit of work through seven days.

Those were the days when I had no need to wake up earlier and open my computer right away, I didn’t check my Twitter or Facebook for anything work-related, I spent little to no time thinking about any kind of creation process or planning my days, writing down lists and occupying my mind with what’s written in them.

I spent days sitting in the sun and thinking about nothing, looking into the sea and thinking about how wonderful the sea is, how beautiful are the waves and how slow is the life going when you actually stop and take a moment to see it happening.

Those days were for chatting with my friends, laughing. I read without checking the clock and slept without putting on the alarm.

Is there any more happiness than this? Ever? Anywhere? I don’t think so!


Getting back to work after going offline

The moment when vacation ends is like… a disaster. It’s like everything you’ve ever loved is taken away from you… Okay, I’m exaggerating here a bit. But you know what I mean!

At the same time, suddenly getting back in the flow seems so easy and so enjoyable. After staying away from the world that kept spinning even without my online presence (yes!! That really happened!) it feels good to be back.

This break gave me the option to see a new vision, state new goals and create a fresh idea about how things should be happening.

We all know that vacations or any kind of free time is really important for your well-being. Don’t hesitate to take some time off! It’s always (ALWAYS!) possible. If not now then within a week or month. Don’t try to find non-existing excuses for not taking a break.

Clear your head, spend some time with your loved ones and see the world (and your work) with new eyes.


How going offline saved my business

  • It gave me new inspiration. I felt like diving headfirst into new projects and finishing the rest.
  • I felt the ENERGY. You know that urge… The urge to get things done. It felt incredibly good to get it back!
  • I had a chance to review my goals. Going offline can be especially important when you need to reassess what and why you’re doing.

All of which (and well beyond that) are some of the most important reasons of going offline.

Give yourself a chance of relaxing. It can save your business!

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