How many blog posts to write per week? And other blogging questions answered

How many blog posts to write per week? And other blogging questions answered

Content marketing is one of the easiest ways to grow your audience, sell your products or services and grow a business online. Therefore, it’s important to understand the basics of blogging before you get into it. For example, how many blog posts to write per week? What’s the “magic number“? Plus some tips on how to provide more value. Here’s the key to a successful content marketing!

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How many blog posts to write per week? And other blogging questions answered

Key to a successful content marketing

Just like almost with anything in your life, you will hear many options known as “the right answer” to the question How many blog posts to write per week?

But is there really any number you should follow to be at least a bit more successful and make your blog shine through?

The key to a successful content marketing is rather simple: you have to provide valuable and consistent content for your readers to keep them interested, engaged and after all – coming back for more.

There are a few basic things you should keep in mind if you want your blog posts to rank higher in search engines and, after all, if you want more daily readers.

Here are all of the most important questions answered for you!

Your blogging questions answered

Q #1: How many blog posts to write per week?

Consistency is the key and one blog post per week is a great solution when you’ve decided to write but you really don’t have THAT much time for your blog.

Keep in mind that quality stands over quantity. It is always better to write one good blog post per week than create three average ones. 

One blog post will be enough to gain some readers and provide some content both for your social media and search services. It will take a while to boost your SEO ratings and get a consistent number of new readers but it will be enough to prove your expertise!

Another very popular option to aim for is two blog posts per week. This is a great number of posts for those who have more time to invest in blogging. Choose two blog posts per week if your goal is to successfully monetize your blog better sooner than later.

At the same time, make sure to still provide valuable and professionally written posts instead.

So is there a magic number of how many blog posts to write? As long as you can provide at least one good post per week, you should be fine in the eyes of search engines and your readers. If you can do more – do more. But it’s not something that will decide your blog’s destiny.


Q2: Is it possible to write too many blog posts? 

Getting back to the question of how many blog posts to write per week, we also should consider, whether there even is an option to write too much…

No, there isn’t. As long as each one of your posts is unique and valuable content, you can easily blog every day if you want to.

At the same time, you also have to make sure that you are repurposing your old content and that it actually gets seen and read. After all, what is the point of writing tens of posts per week if only one gets read?!

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Q3: How long should a blog post be? 

Here’s how most of the successful bloggers and internet marketers have stated this:

  • The very least minimum of a word count should be 300 words per post. In this case, it’s barely a blog post but if you really need to write one – go for it. I personally suggest not writing such short posts. They rarely have any value for your readers.
  • Normally, a post should be at least 700 words per post. This is the minimum for an average blog post. In this case, it’s suggested to have at least one 1200+ word post per month.
  • Ideally, you should write at least 1200+ word posts, each time. This ensures that you can provide the necessary value and don’t overdo it with useless info.
  • The longer is your post – the more likely it is to attract Google’s attention. At the same time, your readers can get easily tired of a long post and your bounce rate might increase. Most of the blog posts on the first page on Google’s search are 2000+ word long.



Q4: How to provide enough value?

The most important thing to consider when deciding how many blog posts to write is – how many valuable posts can you come up with? Here are a few things to consider:

  • Are you answering the question your target audience is specifically interested in?
  • Can you expand this question and answer some relevant topics within the post as well?
  • Is there any additional value you can provide? It can be a free e-book, workbook, course or anything else your audience would like.

Any longer blog post should be separated into several parts, making the content easy to read. Make sure to use headings, add “Click To Tweet” or images where possible. Make sure to separate relevant text into bullet points.

If you can’t provide long, relevant posts, aim for fewer words but more value. 


Q5: How many blog posts should you have before launching a blog? 

Well, here’s a controversial question for you! And I have a rather unpopular opinion on this.

It doesn’t matter how many posts you’ve written before you launch your blog. It will take at least a few hard-working weeks to reach a consistent audience who’ll care about how many posts you have. 

Rarely anyone can reach a consistent audience in the very first moment of their launch. Even though your first post could be viewed by tens or hundreds of people, they, most likely, are not going to stick around. And if they know that your post is all about your blog launch – most of them won’t expect to have any more posts to read besides that.

On the other hand…

It is good to prepare at least 5 other valuable and unique blog posts that you can both promote right away and use as valuable content later on as well. But the most important part here is to work for this content like it’s the best content you’re ever going to write.

This way, you can create a content that can easily be promoted and re-used (or upgraded) later on.

If you have just launched your blog, make sure to read Steps to take after you’ve started a blog.


The key points of successful blog post


Do you have any other blogging questions that were left unanswered?! Let me know in the comments!

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