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How to find the best online course idea?

Guide to the best course topic

The first most important step in creating an online course is to choose the perfect idea. In this article, I’ll guide you through several questions to ask yourself in search of the best online course idea.


Online course creation is a popular way to create passive online income by monetizing the skills you already have.

Platforms like Teachable offer a simple way to set up and sell your course on any topic, for any of your chosen audience.

While all of this sound like the perfect plan, there is a lot of background work to do before getting started!

Choosing the best online course idea is one of the hardest things to do. After all, making the right decision can be the turning point for your whole idea and even your whole career.

Through years, I have helped many online entrepreneurs to turn their existing skills and experience into an online course. It also includes finding the right idea to cover. In this post, I’ll share a few ideas that you might find helpful in decision making!


How to find the best online course idea


How to decide on the best online course idea for your course?

The easiest way to find the best online course idea is to do a brainstorming session with yourself.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

QUESTION #1: What is the field I’m most passionate about?

It’s hard to create a profitable course unless you’re truly passionate about the topic you’re sharing.

The most successful online course creators eat and breath their chosen idea. It’s a part of their reality. They either work in the field or share a big part of their life within it.

I personally chose to create courses on Passive Income and Online Course creation because that’s what I do on a daily basis and that’s what I’m passionate about myself. I not only work within this field but I’m also always eager to learn more, therefore, provide even more value in my courses.

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QUESTION #2: What is the field I have enough knowledge to share it with others?

Although it is absolutely possible to learn a skill from zero and, later on, share what you’ve learned with others, it will also take a lot more time.

If you have decided to create an online course NOW, it’s important to choose a field you’re comfortable in.

Therefore, the next thing to consider is what field you have enough knowledge and experience to share it with others.

The trick here is that you don’t need to know it all. You just need to know more than others to start sharing this knowledge! After all, it’s not possible to always know all the answers. But a decent background knowledge is highly suggestible


QUESTION #3: What is the topic I am ready to work with? 

The last but not least of the first questions to consider is the actual topic you’d like to work with.

Even though you might have the knowledge and passion within a field, working with it can be a whole another story.

Any online course creation involves a lot of additional research, providing useful guides and resources, digging really deep.

Therefore, when you make the decision on which will be the best online course idea for you, make sure to consider the work it will take to create this course!


Seems like three simple questions to answer but they can also turn out to be a great challenge. 

If you’re anything like me, you enjoy doing a variety of things and you have knowledge in several fields, you haven’t dedicated your career for that ONE thing you love, but you’ve tried to combine at least few of your most favorite fields. And that’s where it gets hard…


So as soon as you have answered these questions and realized that you might be having more than one great topic to share your knowledge in, it’s time for the next level research:

What online course topic will you be able to sell?

QUESTION #4: What topic is relevant to what you’re already sharing?!

The best online course idea for you would be related to what you’re already sharing with your audience – unless you’re starting from ground zero.

That way, you already have an audience that is interested in what you have to say and offering them an online course could be a lot easier than selling it to strangers.


QUESTION #5: What does your audience want? 

Once you know your audience, it’s important to find the answer to what does your audience want?!

If you already have a base of readers, what are the topics they usually prefer? What questions are you getting? Which ones are your most read posts?

If you have no audience yet, you should clarify who you want to build this course for – who you want to help! And then, go to these people and ASK if your idea really is worth it and do they really need it.

Often, we overthink things big time. Instead, just ask those who might be your perfect clients.


QUESTION #6: What value can you add?

It’s time to get absolutely real.

What exact value can you add?

Do you have a great experience with any specific type of projects that you can share? Do you know how to do something others only wonder about? Have you got any kind of an interesting approach to making things happen?!

Not everything has to be absolutely unique at all times. It’s alright if your idea is already out there. All you need to do is to give your personal spin to it.


Course Creation Lab: Turn Your Offline Experience into Online Income


Create a mind map to find the best idea

If you find yourself stuck with several online course idea or another way around – with none, get back to primary school tasks and make a mind map!

  • Write down your field of interest/your working field or something you want to relate your course topic to.
  • Add around any relevant topic, being more specific. Let’s say, it’s written “Graphic design” in the middle. You can write “Introduction to Adobe Photoshop“, “How to create amazing Blog headers“, “Make your own E-book cover” and “Be visible on social media: create your own banners!” as 4 topics you’d like to cover.
  • What’s next? From each one of these, make 2-4 more ideas. It can be something alike or similar that you’d like to teach, something that asks for more ideas, something that at first seems super silly, but later on can turn out to be a great idea. Like “Introduction to Adobe Photoshop“: 1. “Photoshop for Etsy shop owners“, 2. “Photoshop for those who hate Photoshop“, etc.
  • And the last but not least point in all this mind map thing is getting back to those previous questions and evaluating each of them according to the topic!


Once the first step is made, you just have to make that ball rolling.


What’s your hardest struggle in course creation? Let me know in the comments!

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