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How to increase Pinterest traffic in 2020

How to increase Pinterest traffic in 2020

By now, I must’ve written what seems to be gazillion blog posts on Pinterest… So here’s another one for good luck! These are the exact steps I took to adjust my Pinterest strategy – ideas to increase Pinterest traffic in 2020!


Pinterest has been my no.1 source of income since 2015. And the only thing that never changes on Pinterest – there are always new updates just around the corner!

Pinterest is an always-evolving platform that requires for bloggers to always review and improve Pinterest strategies.

That’s exactly what I’ve done and here’s what I did to increase Pinterest traffic in 2020.

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Master Your Pinterest

A bit of background…

As mentioned before, I’ve been an active Pinterest user since 2015 which is also when it became my main source of traffic.

Ever since then, I’ve always been very eager to experiment and see what else can I do to reach an even bigger audience and improve any of my existing strategies.

Through years, I’ve created (pardon my french) shitloads of pin designs, tested what works the best. I’ve created and deleted boards. Joined Tailwind and Tailwind Tribes (the best investment EVER). Written and rewritten my descriptions.

But. Nothing was ever good enough to get me over 400K.

Until just recently when I did the following…


How to increase Pinterest traffic in 2020


How to increase Pinterest traffic in 2020?

There was one week when I was closely monitoring my Pinterest traffic, day by day. In that period of time, I was implementing all of these steps and wanted to see what will come out of it… Whether they will have any impact on my traffic at all.

For around 2 weeks in a row, my traffic was growing 10K DAILY! 

From there on, it continued with a consistent increase over time.

How to increase Pinterest traffic in 2020: Pinterest Strategy for 2020

Here’s how to increase Pinterest traffic in 2020.

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STEP #1: I reduced the number of my scheduled Pins

Based on Tailwind’s Spam Protection suggestion, I reduced my number of daily pins from 70+ to 50.

Pinterest Strategy for 2020

Based on the best Pin Practices and Tailwind’s Stats, they have actually come up with a rule that, by default, you can’t add more than 50 pins/per day. If you manually turn off the Spam Protection, you will still have this option.

When I first got the message, I was surprised because, for a long while, I thought that my consistent pinning is one of the main points of my strategy. I was pinning both fresh and older pins on my own and group boards. By now, I have around 500+ pins pinned on my blog board which gives me plenty of content to work with and I used it at my best…

However, with this suggestion coming in, I wanted to give it a try and see how it could improve my stats.

To not give any huge hits to my traffic, I started out slowly.

First, I reduced 5 pins/per day in Tailwinds Time Slots. Then, every few days I deleted some more… And my traffic kept increasing!

There is no sure way to say whether the increase happened BECAUSE I started pinning less or this factor was neutral. But now I can say for sure – while you should pin often and stay active, pinning less will not be the main component of your growth.


Master Your Pinterest

A quick note about Tailwind

I know many bloggers still are hesitant about investing in something they can do themselves… Also, the rumor of scheduled pins not being as effective as manual pinning holds some people back.

Let me tell you this. First of all, scheduled pins are EQUAL to manual pins. 1:1. Pinterest has said this in an official report.

When it comes to investing, I’ve always been the slow kind. I always want to make sure that my few bucks go in something WORTH having. Like ALWAYS. I might not be madly obsessive about money but I do not like how those monthly payments sum up…

However, Tailwind has not only saved loads of my time but it has also proven to be a valuable tool to understand my stats better + Tailwind Tribes are amazing and seem to be way more effective than Group Boards.

So my verdict is yes – Tailwind IS one of those things you should invest in (and it’s really not that expensive!)

You can read more in this article: Is Tailwind really worth your time and money?


STEP #2: I started pinning to the most relevant boards only

With decreased pin numbers per day, I had to create a better strategy on how to distribute my pins and make sure that I pin enough different content per day.

So one other thing I did to increase Pinterest traffic in 2020 – I started pinning to THE MOST relevant boards only.

This is one of those tips that is old like Pinterest itself. However, I never took it as seriously…

When a new pin was created, I pinned it to the most relevant board first. Then – to 2-3 other boards. Then, I scheduled it for ALL at least slightly relevant boards + posted on all the group boards I was on…

What a waste of Time Slots!

Now, I focus on pinning each pin to the most relevant boards only. If previously one pin was scheduled for 10+ boards, now I always keep this number below 10.

So far so good!

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STEP #3: I reevaluated the use of Group Boards

This has always been a tricky game. Group boards…

Are they useful or not?!

In one of the recent Pinterest reports (a few months ago), a representative of Pinterest said the following: group boards are great, as long as they are niche-focused and active!

Quality over quantity!

I’ve been (and still am, tbh) on several “bloggers post everything” group boards. Based on what Pinterest has said, they are no good…

So I started evaluating all of my board results, on which boards I actually reached people and where I got any traction, and which of them was just a waste of time…

You can see these stats on Tailwind!

Although sometimes it feels like breaking up with an old friend – since I’ve been on some on these boards for YEARS – it is for the better!

Now, I use fewer group boards but make sure that they are of higher quality and pay off in the long run.


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STEP #4: I pin new pins daily!

Last but not least – I always try to add AT LEAST one fresh pin on Pinterest every-single-day.

Recently, Pinterest came out with the information that FRESH PINS ARE CRUCIAL! Here’s a bit more on what is Fresh Content and why it matters:

Pinterest Strategy for 2020

You can learn to create your own pin design templates in Pin Design Masterclass! I have shared everything I know about effective pin design, step by step.

I’ve been going MAD about updating new pins, haha. Some might say it is too much and not that necessary… But I do enjoy creating new pins and I love seeing how I can reach different audiences just by changing some wording or pin style.

(+ Descriptions also do a big part here!)


Master Your Pinterest



All of this got me to consistent traffic increase, day by day. I might never know if one factor played a bigger role than the others but it all works together in my favor!


What is your top trick to increase Pinterest traffic in 2020?

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