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What to do while staying at home? Invest time in personal growth!

What to do while staying at home? Invest time in personal growth!

Like the beginning of an apocalyptic-kind of a movie, I must start with a scene… It’s March 2020 and the world is in lockdown because of Corona. Millions of people are quarantined at their homes, isolated and bored. Many have lost their jobs or don’t know what the future holds… What to do while staying at home?! Invest time in personal growth! Here’s how.


In most countries all the casual activities are closed: gyms, spa and beauty salons, activity centers, bars and clubs, libraries and plenty of other places. Anything one might consider as fun.

In some – retail shops and any “irrelevant” public spaces are also shot down.

If you’re not there yet – it is, most likely, your nearest future.

So what to do while staying at home? How to make this time work for you and invest time in personal growth?!

If you’re not using all this free time to upgrade your skills, improve yourself as a person or do what you’ve always wanted to do (but never had any time for it), you’re wasting ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY.

Yes, that’s how I see Corona and quarantine. As an opportunity.


What to do while staying at home? Invest time in personal growth!


What to do while staying at home? Invest time in personal growth!

IDEA #1: Learn new skills with Online Courses

Use Skillshare to get 2 FREE months of premium courses in niches like business, marketing, design, productivity, creativity and even cooking.

Online courses is an amazing way to invest time in personal growth but for many this concept still seems unusual.

Online courses usually are provided by field professionals focusing on one specific topic or “how-to”.

The benefits of online courses compared to, for example, Youtube videos, is that the course is goal-driven and consists of all the to-do’s you need to make happen. This means that you get structured and clear, step by step, info.

There really is no reason not to give it a try!

Here are some links where you can find courses online:

  • Coursera. Build Skills with Online Courses from Top Institutions. You can either choose a specific course you want to go through, Specialization which is a group of related courses or even get an online degree!
  • MindValley. Personal growth courses and masterclasses.
  • Codecademy. A free way to get into HTML/CSS development + learn other coding languages for free.
  • edX. Free courses by Harvard, MIT and more.
  • Skillshare.
  • I have gathered 30+ of the best courses for bloggers.
  • Besides all of that, you can also learn from individuals. For example, if you have a blogger you adore, make sure to check out their website for online courses they might be offering.
  • My most recent course is Pin Design Masterclass where I provide step by step guidance on how to create stunning pin designs with Photoshop!


IDEA #2: Start a business online

I can’t even count how many times I’ve received a question on how to start a business online in the past 2 weeks alone!

Yes, this is THE PERFECT TIME to actually invest in yourself and make your dream business happen.

The current situation shows us that working online is the future. However, many people have a misconception that they won’t be able to start a business because…
… they don’t have enough experience or knowledge
… they don’t know what or how to do
… they might not have enough money or resources to invest

The formula for getting started is simple: use your existing skills/experience and turn it into online income.

You don’t need to learn anything new before getting started! Get the ball rolling and do it step by step.

If you don’t have any idea on WHAT to do, you can gather some ideas:

Here’s a simplified plan on how to start a business:

STEP #1: Understand what knowledge or skills could you sell.

Either you’ve been laid off from your job or you’re just looking for new opportunities, consider what you’ve been doing on day to day basis so far and how it can contribute to others!

STEP #2: Figure out the best way to get it to your audience.

Would it be a course? Offering freelance services? Creating a physical product? Or making online workshops?

STEP #3: Clarify your audience.

Who will find this offer the most relevant? The more specific you are, the easier it will be to move on.


Whether it starts with starting a website or writing an outline of a course or offer. Step – by – step. Just find the starting point and get going. Understand that you won’t be able to do it all at the same time but the sooner you start somewhere, the sooner you can figure out the rest.

STEP #5: Reach out.

Where can you get to your people? How can you let others know what are you offering? Reach out to them and show the product or idea, get the feedback and work on improvements.


What to do while staying at home? Invest time in personal growth!


IDEA #3: Read

I bet almost everyone reading this has used the phrase “I don’t have time for books”.

Well. Now you do.

In times like these, when book shops and libraries might already be closed in your part of the world, turn to Kindle or Audiobooks!

However, many of us also have stored “one day I’ll read this” kind of book in our bookshelves. So make sure to check for those.

Reading is an amazing way to escape reality! And if you’ve lost the art of diving in the book like there’s no tomorrow, give it a go now.

But besides that, you can also LEARN. There are plenty of self-development, personal growth, self-help and business niche books out there that can help you to get out of the slump and improve your chances in the future. Whether we’re talking about getting a new job or just getting your life back on track.

Check out my favorite business and personal growth related books.


IDEA #4: Dive into new hobbies

Previously mentioned online courses could be a great help to start a new hobby!

However, there’s no need for a course to do that…

What to do while staying at home?

  • Start a garden in your kitchen! Plant seeds in small pots and figure out how to keep them alive.
  • Paint. Use watercolors to express your creativity. There’s no need to have a goal with this but maybe you’ll get a new home decor out of it!
  • Draw. Learning how to draw is super exciting! (Definitely can find plenty of drawing courses on Skillshare!)
    Remodel your old furniture.
  • Sew. Haven’t done that since primary school? Yeah, me either… But maybe now is the time to pick that skill back up!
  • Write. Short stories, poems, miniatures or novels. Maybe start a blog!
  • Learn a new language. You can use apps like Duolingo to practice and learn plenty of different languages.

Let your imagination run wild! Developing a hobby is a great way to invest time in personal growth. After all, we always need some downtime.


IDEA #5: Challenge your mind

Is there something you never thought you’d want to or could do?

How about challenging yourself? It’s the perfect pitch for incredible personal growth!

Sudoku or huge puzzles might be a good start… But how about learning a completely new subject you never thought you could enjoy?

Our minds are quite lazy these days so putting up daily challenges really can be an amazing way not only to work on new skills but also to make sure you stay on top of your game.

Solving math problems… Reading philosophical books…  Speaking in another language… Writing with the other hand… Meditating each day… Plenty of options!!


IDEA #6: Challenge your body

The last but not least tip is to challenge your body!

Yes, physical activity is one thing. And if you have an opportunity to do home workouts or go for a run here and there, it’s already an amazing start.

But how about setting up a new challenge?

Stretch a split or learn a handstand… Try fasting… Don’t use alcohol or eat sweets… Try no carb or no sugar diets…

In a normal daily rush, we don’t have time to TRY things just because it’s hard to actually adjust our daily routines to new habits. So why not to use this free-flow time when you can actually afford to take more risks?

Challenge your body and come out of quarantine more skilled than before!


What are your favorite ways to invest time in personal growth?! Are you using these uncertain times for growth and improvement? Share in the comments how!

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