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Simple tricks to make your offers look more valuable

Simple tricks to make your offers look more valuable

Do you know you have A LOT to give but somehow… you just can’t deliver the message? Here are some simple tricks to make your offers look more valuable and make more sales! 


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The online space these days is so crowded that only paying extra attention to the details can lift you higher than your competition.

Here are some simple tricks to make your offers look more valuable!


Simple tricks to make your offers look more valuable


Simple tricks to make your offers look more valuable

TIP #1: Increase the price

Every time I increase the price, I get more sales than ever before. Isn’t this ironic?

But I totally get where it’s coming from.

See, I don’t encourage you to overprice your products if you’re unsure about the quality or outcome. First, test the product!

Then, when you know you’re providing plenty of value, increase the price accordingly.

One of my courses – Course Creation Lab – is absolutely the most valuable course I could provide. I’ve been helping offline business owners to turn their knowledge into online businesses for years and I know EVERYTHING about creating courses. From Curriculums to platforms, to content improvements, designs, Sales pages and more.

There’s no doubt, the course has value.

And I was selling it for $39.

There’s a difference between being affordable and being ridiculous. I was the later.

I made one sale 🙂

In three years 🙂

Until I reviewed the course & thought to myself “damn, that’s a lot of good info!”

I increased the price to $129 and made 5 sales in a week!

See, imagine yourself seeing the same product. One costs $19, the other one – $229. The $19 option seems like Made in China… And, of course, if you can’t afford anything else, you’d go for it. But if this investment is important and you truly want to get all the value you possibly could get out of it? You’d go for the pricier item.

It’s called perceived value. What it costs is what we think we’ll get. If an amazingly great offer costs only $39, we just don’t believe in the value it can truly provide!

The price IS NOT always the main indicator for the value though… So let’s see what else you could do to make your offers look more valuable…


TIP #2: Review the design

I’m a designer by trade so, naturally, I have to say – design is BIG.

It truly can make or break your success but you don’t have to be a designer to create a winning brand strategy!

If your brand is sloppy and does not deliver the message, it can impact your sales in a major way.

Here are some simple design tricks to use to make any of your designs look top-notch:

  • Colors. Low-key. Elegant. Grounded. Instead of bright and crazy color combos, follow some of the latest trends and try out some more grounded options. For example, all types of sand tone is rocking the online world right now!
  • Fonts. Straight-forward. Easy to read. Here we don’t have much to discuss, to be honest. Once you start playing around with the fonts, you’re entering a danger zone. Sometimes you can stumble upon a winner. But it can also impact your brand in a negative way!
  • ELEGANCE SELLS. & So does playfulness. So you have two different directions to choose from if you want to pick a winning strategy! Elegance and simplicity have been trending for years so if that feels like your brand calling, follow it without thinking twice. However, if you’re feeling more playful and funky, don’t hesitate to use some fun elements in your branding.

Besides that, it’s very important to stay consistent in your design! Instead of using different fonts and colors through your materials and promo’s, choose one set branding and stick with it!

If you’re not sure how top-notch your brand is or looks like, ask around and be open to your audience’s honest opinions.


TIP #3: Use enticing language

After 5 years in business, this is still my biggest challenge!

Not surprisingly, good copywriters cost an arm and a leg…

Words SELL. Eye-catching titles, enticing intros, a copy that hooks you up and truly makes you interested in what’s coming up next.

However, you don’t need to be a copywriter to make your offers look more valuable with a good copy.

Here are some things you can do now:

  • Get inspiration from the headlines. Check out some of the best bloggers or even news websites to see how they make up their headlines.
  • Use power words. There are so many power words to choose from! Use them not only for your headlines or promos but also for the copy itself. For example, jackpot, extra, winning, free, shocking, limited, easy, fast, best-selling, and so on!
  • Talk with your audience! Incorporate the language that will speak directly with your audience. Instead of using smart, niche-related words that outsiders might not understand, try to relate to your people.


Course Creation Lab: Turn Your Experience into Passive Income


TIP #4: Add guest contributors

Adding a guest contributor can go such a long way!

First of all, whoever you’ve invited to join, will be eager to share your offer later on as well because the participation proves their expertise!

Besides that, it’s just always nice to have another expert’s opinion.

There are plenty of different ways to go about this and here are some ideas to get started with!

Where to find guest contributors?

First, I’d suggest searching between the people you already know and you might already have some collabs with. That’s the best chance to get some free contributors for your content!

If you’ve ever exchanged guest posts, collaborated on a giveaway or any other offers, or maybe you’ve just been online friends for a while.

You can also research field professionals that inspire you. For example, reach out to people on Instagram.

What type of content to ask from them?

This would depend on your specific product. The best chance for guest contributors to shine is in online courses. For example, you can invite a contributor to do one 10-20 minute lesson for you.

They can also share an opinion in a paragraph or two! Or maybe even offer their product or freebie for your audience.

Do you need to pay for guest contributors?

This would depend on your specific deal.

For example, if the collab works out for both of you & you’re working with someone with who you already have good relationships, most likely, they’ll be open to contributing for free.

In other cases, you might need to offer some kind of payment to cover their time and energy investment in the process.

Research your options!


TIP #5: Add bonuses

I couldn’t leave this list without the tip about adding bonuses!

  • Instead of selling **just** your online course, add in a 1:1 coaching offer for 1 hour as well!
  • Instead of selling **just** a masterclass, add in templates to use.
  • Instead of selling **just** an e-book, add printables to work with.

Any added value is just that… added value! And can do no harm to your offer whatsoever.


TIP #6: Position yourself as the expert

See, if you’re researching courses on social media, are you more likely to buy from

A. Someone whose business is all about social media, proving you – that is their absolute field of expertise & they eat and breathe this topic? Or
B. Someone who has courses on social media, website design, copywriting and beyond?

Seems like the second person is a smart cookie! But social media is just a part of what they do and offer… If they’re not dedicated their whole day to social media specifically, can they really offer you the same value?

It’s important to position yourself as an expert in your field if you want your offers to look more valuable.

For example, my field of expertise is online course creation, everything from idea to marketing.

Having online courses as my niche is already a bold move (pat, pat on my own back) but, for example, if someone would search for an online course marketing expert and find a person specializing exactly in that topic, that’s a lost sale for me.

Now, I’m not gonna cry a river for it because helping with course creation, all aspects included, truly is where my heart lies. But it’s a good sample to understand the difference!

Are you positioning yourself as an expert in your field?

Another important thing you can do is adjusting your Sales page copy to this. Don’t focus on your overall experience and all the great things you might’ve done in your life. UNLESS they are directly important to your field of expertise and just show you in a better light.

Telling our stories is important. And it’s also important to give some kind of background for your knowledge. However, the focus should definitely be put on YOUR FIELD OF EXPERTISE.


I hope you found these simple tricks to make your offers look more valuable useful! Let me know in the comments what mistakes you might’ve been making so far?? And what helped YOU to position your offers as a better deal for your clients?

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