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5 popular myths about online courses

5 popular myths about online courses

I’ve been helping creatives to turn their offline knowledge into online courses for the past 5+ yrs. What are the most common myths about online courses that many believe in?


Online course creation is an amazing way to earn passive income. And, the fact is, anyone CAN create an online course.

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But despite the fact that more and more people get into online courses (thanks, Corona!), there are still quite many myths about online courses.

What are they and are they true? Let’s see!


5 popular myths about online courses


Myths about online courses

MYTH #1: Only teachers, educators or coaches can create an online course

One of the most common myths about online courses is the idea that a digital course can be created only by “field professionals”, respectively, those who teach already. Therefore, you can’t create a course unless you’re a teacher, any kind of an educator or a coach.


I like to believe that the movement of online courses was started by the opposite – people who wanted to share their knowledge but had no formal (“official” if you may) way of doing it. Therefore, they got into online course creation.

But that’s just a thought of mine…

In reality, though, having some teaching background CAN help in terms of creating a great curriculum and providing truly valuable material. But even with no such background, absolutely everyone can get into course creation.

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MYTH #2: You need a pro-level tech to create courses

This is something I strongly believed in myself for SO LONG. That you need a pro-level tech to create courses online. Including but not limited to a professional camera, microphone, lightning. Preferably even a recording studio and personal video editor.

Which, again, IS NOT TRUE.

These days I create my courses with phone + mic I brought for $30.

Most of our phones are such great quality that no one would ever doubt how the video is made. Besides that, people don’t really care, believe me!

As long as you are willing to put your knowledge out there, it can be done in ANY possible way.

Don’t have a great phone camera? How about your laptop? Maybe skip the camera altogether and do just voice recording?

Don’t have a professional light? Use the daylight (like I did for Course Creation Lab videos). It won’t work for you 24/7 but will do the job for your recording hours.

Don’t make your tech setup your excuse. You can create a course with whatever you already have or just doing some minor investments, for example, for a microphone (which can make a huge difference).

+ (mindblowing!) You CAN edit your own course videos. YES, YOU CAN. Even with no video editing experience.


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MYTH #3: You need long-term experience within the field

To create a course on the subject, you must-have years and years of related field experience, right?


While, obviously, you need to be knowledgable within your field, there is no need – or any specific requirements – to have years and years of experience.

See, there are people who can learn and experience within a year as much as others will in 10 years.

Or maybe your niche or experience is so specific that you can start teaching after a month or two just because you’ve been so deep into this, there’s no need to wait for any more knowledge or experience to appear.

What really matters is that you can provide RESULTS. Either you’ve had great experiences yourself or you have already helped somebody, RESULTS should drive your course, not a specific time of experience.


MYTH #4: You must already have an audience

It must be impossible to sell an online course with no audience already waiting… This one should be true, right?

Well. Let me spell this one for you.

W R O N G.

Of course, it’s a lot easier to sell or do anything with a huge fan base. However, it’s definitely not one of the requirements when it comes to creating a successful online course.

Look at the course creation as work in progress.

You can absolutely create a course WHILE growing your community. Or even create a course and THEN create a community.

Of course, this means that your sales will be coming in later.

If you do have an audience the felling will happen faster and you will, most likely, be able to make your sales even BEFORE releasing the course.

However, there is no pressure to have an audience for you to actually start working on your course. So let that go and GET TO WORK.


MYTH #5: You have to be pretty to make it work

Here’s a fun one. I read this in one of the Facebook groups recently. Whether or not only the pretty ones succeed in online courses?

We always see these high-level ads from entrepreneurs and creatives with top-level ads on Facebook or Instagram. They have amazing stories, beautiful videos, classy clothing.

And we think… DAMN. You must-have the looks to get up there, right?!

Well. That’s not quite right.

See, when you get to the top, earning tens of thousands or more per each launch, you, obviously, upper your marketing game.

You hire a professional photographer, probably a make-up artist, dress for the occasion. Your ads get better. Your pictures are of higher quality.


But that’s just the visible part of the story.

People connect with people. No matter your looks. Whether it’s a crooked tooth, double chin, blind eye or you’re missing an arm. It literally – and I can’t stress this enough – DOES. NOT. MATTER.

Think about yourself. Do you feel more connected with somebody who gives you that human-like feeling or with a pitch-perfect speaker?

Looks absolutely don’t matter. Once you see those high-earning course creators in pajama after a night of no sleep you will understand.

It’s the way you present yourself! And, once again, it’s just about YOUR preference, your comfort. YOUR people will find you and love you no matter what.

If somebody has a problem with double chins, how’s that your issue?

If you don’t feel fully comfortable the way you are, seek some simple tricks to “upgrade”! Choose an outfit that really fits you, get yourself in good lightning, find a pose that works the best for you.


DO WHAT FEELS GOOD. Your tribe will find you no matter what.

What are your thoughts on these myths about online courses? Have you heard these misconceptions? Have any of them held you back before?


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