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3 ideas to review the true purpose of your business

So here’s the dilemma of a nowadays world: how the heck can one build an online business of his/her dreams if everyone is telling what exactly to do? Have you noticed this? Wherever you turn, there are “the right” answers, “tailored just for you” (and gazillion other people). Here are 3 hacks that will help you to review the true purpose of your business and get back to YOUR WHY.


When I first created my website, I was willing to write. No, I’m not a writer, I’m not even a native English speaker and I definitely don’t have the master blogging skills but I really wanted to write. My mission was to share my traveling experiences and not only capture them for others to read but also capture them for my own fun – I LOVED it!

Eventually, I realized that there’s a lot more beyond simple blogging that I could do.

I can create a passive income, monetize my blog, build digital products, offer my services online and a lot beyond that.

It’s truly hard to stay focused when there are so many options! So how to review the true purpose of your business?!

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3 ideas to review the true purpose of your business


3 ideas that will help you to review the true purpose of your business

IDEA #1: Tune down the opinions around you

Everybody around will have an opinion on how, why and when should be done in your business. It is especially true when it comes to working online and being present in online communities like Facebook groups.

The more questions you ask or the more discussions you get into, the more options you’ll have and the more right answers you’ll encounter… It gets really overwhelming!

Therefore, my very first hack that will help you to review the true purpose of your business is to LISTEN TO YOURSELF.

Yes, there are all kinds of things one can do… However, it’s important to understand what you WANT to do in the first place.

Your answer might not be the same as the others. It might not end up being the single most successful way. And, let’s be honest, it can turn into quite a massacre as well. However, staying true to your own passion and your set goals is way more important.

Besides that, listening to yourself and your own ideas can also turn into a complete goldmine and give you a chance to explore something you never thought would be in stars for you!

Here are some simple steps for how you can tune down other opinions:

  • While reviewing your goals, avoid social media, especially, when it comes to business-related discussions
  • Create clear boundaries when it comes to other people making decisions for you. Either it’s family, friends or partners. Be open to their perspective but understand that they don’t run YOUR business
  • Avoid following big, influential ideas. Everybody is in that crowd. Give yourself permission to discover what’s in YOUR mind.

IDEA #2: Get back to creating the content that YOU are passionate about

I fed my new audience with what they wanted to hear.

Have you noticed that what they want to hear is something that has already been written for countless times?

But it’s still what people are interested in! Topics like “How to get more…”, “How to work less…” and anything money or numbers related is something people will always be reading. Meaning, it’s something that will be written countless times and also something that others will get their money rolling in from.

I’m crazy about minimalism and simplicity (at least, once in a full moon, when I remember these terms). And when this full moon comes, I suddenly stop to ask myself a question – wait, WHY exactly am I doing this?!

With years, I’ve built this “must-do-to-belong” list so high without even noticing it myself. And it really bums me out!

At which point did I drift from writing down my travel adventures for myself to producing content that will be pinned a thousand times? This is something that many bloggers, especially new ones, don’t really think about.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think it’s bad to provide content others will like. I don’t think it’s useless or boring to write what’s been already written. As soon as you add your own experiences and your own point of view – it gets completely different value! Which is totally amazing.

However, it’s important to review the true purpose of your business and understand whether the content you’re creating now is the one you got started with? If not, has it improved to help you to succeed in your business? Or have you just joined the crowd?


IDEA #3: Get back to your WHY

But here’s what bothers me – is THIS really why you started? Are these the topics and writing style that made you want to write more? Is this REALLY what you actually want to create? I feel like we all are copy-pasted these days. And the issue of minimalism is what takes me back to my basics.

If I want to be doing a high-quality job, I should, first of all, do what I really love. With “really” I mean – what I stand and fall for, at all times. There’s no need to clutter my daily to-do list with things others said me to do. For example, “You should grow your email list, there’s no blogging without it!“, “You should create a better portfolio page, there will be no clients without it!” and other bullshit like that. Yes, it might be working for you, it might be working for many others but give the freedom of choice for others!

What I really need to do with my business (and you need to do with yours) is to find what’s REALLY necessary. And not for others but for me. The fact that others are active on five different social media doesn’t mean that you have to spend all your time now doing just that because “it’s te highway to success”. Maybe your SEO game is so strong that you don’t even need social media at all?

Go for YOUR dreams. Create YOUR business. And build it the way YOU want to build it.


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  • Christina
    October 24, 2017 at 10:59 pm

    Thanks for sharing this! It’s all I needed.

    • Ieva Laicane
      October 25, 2017 at 8:32 am

      Yay! I’m very happy to hear! 🙂



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