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4 Online Course Marketing methods to build the hype

Online course marketing: how to build a hype before launch?

When you’re creating your online course or any other kind of info-product, it’s crucial to get the hype going before it’s ready. It will not only give you more inspiration to finish the product but also assure you that there’ll be someone who will want to buy what to have to offer! This time I’m here to share some ideas for pre-marketing for your online course.


Marketing is a crucial part of making your course sell. The course creation process is not all that easy and fun, you can’t just write your content, create some design elements and be all happy about it. It also takes some additional online course marketing. When is the best time to market your course? Before it’s finished! So here are some suggestions, how you can let people know about your product whether it’s an online course, e-book or anything else, and raise their awareness, including list building options.



Online course marketing: how to build the hype before the course is done

There are all kinds of tactics to try out. This is the time when you can actually try it all and see what works the best for you and your audience!

IDEA #1: Let people know what’s happening

If people around you won’t be informed about what’s happening, there’s no chance you’re gonna rock your sales in the first week in (or even in the first month in). But we all want that, right? So there are some things you can do for that:

Behind the scenes

Post behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram or share them on all social media, write about your adventures, tweet about them and share posts in Facebook groups. Let the community help you and let them in! They’re part of it! After all – every and each one of those who sees it could become your next customers. Don’t let them hang!

Introduction stories

Write stories about your experience, share it with others. Write a blog (like the one you see here) or post updates on Facebook. Send out Newsletters informing your list about what you’re busy with.

Get into conversation

Do you have any topics you’re struggling with? Is it the name of your E-course? How often should you share your behind-the-scenes? What color should be in your design? How long E-book should you offer afterward? Ask people around! Their opinion will be priceless and will help you a lot! 

Choose which of the social media will be the best fit for your online course marketing.


IDEA #2: Give value for free

It’s crucial to give the value for free with all kinds of freebies that might be relevant to your online course! Keeping the topic relevant will make sure that you gather around people who might be interested in your final online course and will want to purchase it!

So what kind of freebie content can you create? There are tons, you just have to choose the best for your business!


And the list goes on! What you’re offering as your freebie depends on what your online course is all about.

Make sure to add VALUE. Even if it’s just a page or two.


IDEA #3: Show your expertise

Believe it or not, but you’re not the only one creating your first or fifth online course.

There are many people out there who are just like you and they could use your expertise!

Offer your help in the comment section for relevant topics on Facebook groups, keep your eyes and ears wide open on Twitter or any other social media (or real-life situation).

It’s not only all about new clients. You can get new & super useful information, you can share and maybe get some new friends who will help you advertise your online course later on.

Besides that, helping others, whether they’re creating something like you or they’re not, lets others see what you’re doing. Therefore, you’re reaching a new audience!

One of the most effective ways to do this is on Facebook groups.


IDEA #4: Build the anticipation

Whether you’re sending out sneak-a-peak emails to your list or you’re mentioning your course on your social media, it’s important to gather people around for the moment when it’ll be launched.

Having some eyes and ears that are interested in your product will give you more boost to keep yourself organized and put out an amazing product of yours.

Besides that, when people anticipate something, they feel like they should buy the product once it’s out. If they haven’t heard about it ever before, they won’t be interested in buying. But if they follow and know all the effort you’ll be putting in, they’ll want to be a part of it!

Creating a sales funnel can be a great way to build anticipation and drive attention to your product.


What are your favorite online course marketing ideas to build the hype? Share in the comments!

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