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Choosing specific online course topic: will it work for you?

Choosing a specific course topic: will it work for you?

It’s just one of those neverending discussions – how to choose a specific online course topic? Do you even need a more specific topic? Will you be able to sell general one? There is no one final answer but I can give you an insight on how to understand what will work the best for you and your online course.


Choosing a specific online course topic: will it work for you?

So how wide can be your topic and is it really necessary to be more specific in what you’re offering?

There are several things you have to consider before you’ll be able to answer this one. In my case, my online course will be for freelancing newbies, therefore I’m willing to look through several topics that are important for each and every one of freelancers. It’s definitely possible that many other infoproduct creators are seeing this and saying “damn, girl, you needed to be more specific about what are you offering!”, but here you’ll read some reasons why I wasn’t!


4 Questions to consider before choosing a specific online course topic

QUESTION #1: How much time do you have?

Last week we researched the question about what should be your topic. But it’s not only about what you want and your audience waits for. It’s also about what you’re able to create: how much time do you have to create your own e-course?

Are you willing to create it as a spontaneous passion project and build it up in one super-active week? Or it’s something you’ve been thinking about for a long time and now you want to put the same amount of time in a creation process?

If you know that you won’t have enough time or you already see yourself struggling while trying to cover all of your ideas, I’d definitely suggest you sticking to one specific online course topic to solve. And more specific you’ll be – more you’ll succeed in a matter of timing! It will be a lot easier to be productive around a specific course topic, without mind-switching.

In case you have a lot of time on your hands and you’re not in any hurry, you can put your deadline as far as possible and get on a wide and a general topic. It will take A LOT of your sanity and your time, therefore you have to be prepared.


QUESTION #2: Will you be able to sell infoproduct on a general topic?

This is somehow very related to the previous question. If you have enough time both for creation and marketing  – yes, you will be able to sell your online course or any other kind of infoproduct even with a general topic.

Don’t believe what everyone around you might be saying! It is NOT always the best way to choose a specific topic, without any additional questions covered.

There are a lot of different people out there looking for many, many different things, tailored for their needs and ability to pay. You just have to spend some time to find your perfect audience!

In the same time you have to be sure that you can provide useful and important information in all the topics you’re willing to include, which leads us to the next question:


QUESTION #3: Do you have enough knowledge of your course topic?

If you’re a master of one craft, you’re really a master. If you’re a Jack of all trades, you’re a master in none. Will people trust you in this case?

But as for many other things in this life – you just have to be confident, really have all that knowledge and ability to cover all of the topics. If you’ll be able to confirm (in a trustful way) that you’re really informed about everything you’re trying to teach for others, they most likely will follow!

So after all


QUESTION #4: Do you need a more specific course topic?

No, if you don’t want to go that way! I might be easier, you’d have more knowledge about the topic and it could be faster (not in all cases, tho), but you shouldn’t follow it blindly just because most E-courses are created with specific topics in mind. Show them what you got!

I really enjoy meeting you here weekly and getting through what’s done and what’s not so done yet. The truth, as I already mentioned before, is one – time is running out! Therefore next week I’ll be here to Find time for your e-course! If you have this dream for a long time or it just came in your mind, but you just don’t have time, let’s meet next Saturday and we’ll find time for your infoproduct to be made! Believe me, no one has time for this, but everyone somehow manages to find it.


If you’re ready to start creating your online course, make sure to review which platform will be the best fit for your needs and bookmark this list of online course creation tools!

If you’re stuck on your ideas, make sure to grab some tips on how to brainstorm more effectively and spice up your creative juices.

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