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Tips to deal with online fatigue and get back your inspiration

Tips to deal with online fatigue and get back your inspiration

What is this so-called online fatigue? It’s when you’re just so done with sitting in front of a laptop but you still need to get back. It’s a state of mind when you want to go offline for a week and maybe never come back. But your computer and the online world is calling you back because (quite likely) that’s what you get paid for.

I work online, I find inspiration on the internet. Besides that, I really love what I do so I’m always eager to actually work more.

Getting tired of the online world is a normal thing but how to deal with it?!


At some point in this “online fatigue”, I became pathetic. I really hated to get out of bed, because I knew that most of my day will be spent in front of my laptop.

The worst was yet to come. And it was the realization that I was the one who put myself in this place.

Yes, my job is all computer-related, but no one said that I need to spend more than half of my free time in the same place. Although I did some health-related activities (like running or reading), spend some time outdoors (visiting some festivals or just enjoying the sun), I still felt like I am giving up on the real world.

How to deal with online fatigue?

My plan was totally simple: to reduce the amount of time that I spend around the computer. And reduce it critically. I even started to enjoy dish-washing (or cooking itself!) or cleaning up, just because of the chance to get away from the screen.

I got back to the idea to bring a book with me ALWAYS, I started to just sit in the quiet and sip my cup of tea, forgetting about the idea to check my Twitter all the time, read the latest news (which is something I have always hated, actually!).

I managed to make more time for myself. 


Online business obsession

From the very beginning problem itself was a fact that I started to get obsessed. Once I got into my business, I got truly passionate.

And my problem wasn’t only in time management. It was in the addiction to always be in touch, always check twice (e-mail, Twitter, e-mail), always… be there – everywhere.

When I got on Pinterest, I pinned for most of my time. Really! When I saw the benefits of it, I just couldn’t stop.

Everything else just faded away and didn’t seem as important anymore.

But I just decided to stop. Because of the previously mentioned reason – I got exhausted.

How can I do my job if the internet and computer annoy me? If my eyes are hurting, back pain is killing and there is no fun in whatever I do. I started to get lazy and my inspiration level decreased dramatically. It was just time to shake things up.


Actual steps to take

Things you can do to fight online fatigue or, in other words, exhaustion from your business:

1. Find other things that inspire you instead of Pinterest, Tumblr, Stumble Upon or just anything else online related. Is it nature? City? People in your fav cafe? Biking? Concerts? Babysitting? Whatever that is – do more of that!

2. Work shorter hours – be more productive. If you plan only 3 hours for work daily, you’ll be way more productive than working the whole day long. Therefore, you’ll be doing what’s really important instead of procrastinating for half of the day. And the time you get can be spent offline!

3. Create other routines. It could be reading pause for every 2-3 hours you have worked. A longer morning without any distractions, just you and your cup of tea/coffee. Afternoon walk. Whatever hits you, get it on! As it is proven, you have to take on some activity for at least 21-day and later on, it will become your habit. Use this advice and get some new routines in your daily life. You might feel like nothing much has changed, but even half an hour of peace for yourself can be truly priceless!

4. Get back to basics. There are many online-related things that we are using to ease up our daily lives. Many apps for time scheduling, for recipes, for fitness, for reading… for everything! And it will definitely help to avoid them as much as possible. If you’re as exhausted as I was, I’m offering you to take some time off of all the good things that help you and try to get back to basics – post-it notes or notebook for your schedule (can work as good as Evernote, believe me!), reading real books instead of e-books.

Not always it is truly possible, I understand. But there has to be at least something that you could downgrade a bit! You can even try to send out some letters instead of e-mails.

5. Engage in regular activities with your friends. You’ll not only connect with them better but also get some additional offline time! It can be either one hour of tennis per week or monthly game evenings. It’s a small effort that goes a long way and could also inspire you a big time!

What are your favorite ways to get away from the online world? Would love to implement some new tactics!


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