Optimize your website with Sumome

I’ve been using Sumome for as long as I remember myself having an actual website. Just recently I realized that I’ve been using all the same old features all the time and that’s when I decided to check what this service is actually offering me. Learn to optimize your website with Sumome!

Turns out, SumoMe has many amazing features I had no idea about! So what is this thing after all? It’s a website that offers you free tools to optimize your website with. You can monitor your growth, use opt-in forms, scroll boxes, even promote your own website. All tools on SumoMe are easy to install and their basic features are free. Let’s see what exactly you can do to.

P.S. This post is not promoted, I’m actually really enjoying this service and I’m willing to share its best features with you! 


Optimize your website with Sumome

Getting started on SumoMe

When you open SumoMe, click on Account in the upper right corner and chose My Sites. By clicking on Manage you can easily work on all features for each one of your websites. This is what you’ll see:

When you click on each of these options, it’s possible to adjust it to your needs: work on design, settings, special features like on which page it will work.

Let’s start with some of the basic SumoMe features it’s so popular for!


Building your mailing list can be a very valuable way of promoting your blog, as well as selling your products or services.

List builder works as a pop-up you might have seen on many websites. You can design it based on your branding and decided how, when and where it will pop-up for your readers! You’ll have to connect it with your e-mail newsletter service (for example, Mailchimp) or your own e-mail address if you want to collect all e-mails there.

The great thing about this feature: You can not only collect e-mails but also create it as an announcement pop-up with CTA (Call-To-Action) button when advertising some of your services.


This feature works in a very similar way like List builder. The only difference – it’s working on a different principle. This pop-up appears only when your website is scrolled down! List builder can pop-up after your stated amount of seconds while this pop-up will appear only when your reader will take some action on his own.

The great thing about this feature: You can make sure that only those who are interested in you existing content (and scrolls down for more) will see this Scroll box. Those who are not interested, won’t be bothered without a reason!


Do you ever see those share icons located on the side of the website? That’s right: they’re coming straight from SumoMe! Actually, this is a feature I explored recently and pretty much by the accident. It’s definitely an amazing way to get people share more and pay their attention to this option. You can design your own Share bar by deciding where it will be located, in what color it will be and what kind of sharing options it’ll provide.

The great thing about this feature: Sharing is caring and very often websites do not provide enough options to share the content easily. This option is obvious but still lets you read the content without any interruptions.


Less known ways to optimize your website with SumoMe

Now we’ve come to features that I didn’t even notice until I realized that I should take a closer look to them. The thing about these features is: if you’re a Squarespace user, most of them are already built in Squarespace and there’s no need to use them through SumoMe. At the same time, other platform users will find it really useful. Also, maybe someone from SS would love to use this on SumoMe as well so read on!


Heat maps is a great way to see where are your visitors going most while Content analytics show you specific data about your provided content. To create a successful content strategy you have to understand which of your articles people are interested in and tools like Heat maps and Content analytics are the best way to find it out.

The great thing about these features: They will let you invest your time in better content, something that people will be more interested in and will engage with more.


I have to say – I love the name of this feature! Welcome mat is your option to create a big welcoming sign up sheet for your website visitors (pop-up for the whole page, right away when your visitor arrives). Isn’t that too tricky to use, you might ask? It sure is. People often are easily annoyed by such huge pop-up screens. But if you design it well and you’re sure about your offer, go for it!

The great thing about this feature: It won’t go unnoticed! Welcome mat will be seen by everyone who visits your website and to check out the content they’ll have to sign up or close the screen first.


The best way to understand this feature is to take Pinterest as an example. You’ve created a Pinterest-friendly image for your blog and you want people to share it easily… But how? That’s when Image sharer comes in! It creates an icon to your photos specifically to let them be shared more easily. It’s super useful for those who are creating shareable images like quotes etc.

The great thing about this feature: Your visitors won’t have to save your photos to their computers to spread them further on. It’ll be possible right away!


One other great feature from SumoMe definitely is a Contact form. You can create, design and add various contact forms for your website and add them on your page or in your blog posts. If your website doesn’t offer to adding forms according to your needs, use SumoMe for the purpose!

The great thing about this feature: It’ll be easier for your visitors and possible clients to contact you in a more convenient and better way.


That’s it for this time! Make sure to check out other of their offered features, you might find something even more useful for your needs or something you never thought someone could offer (true story!).


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  1. ieva says: November 25, 2016 at 5:30 pm

    Thank you, Julie, for your kind words! I’m really happy you find this useful 🙂


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