If you are a business owner in a nowaday world, there is a big change that you're on your own in this one. You have your own business, your own marketing strategies, your own product and ideas. You create and you sell. You make and you give. If you are a blogger you write and you advertise, you create community and you respond to your client questions. 

Chances are - you have left yourself (your true-self) somewhere there... behind. 

It's the fifth week since I started to share with you my e-course creatin journey, but it most definitely feels like I started just yesterday! A LOT has happened. How far am I with all this? Oh, my... there's still TONS to do and I haven't really finished my content yet. Craziness! This time I'm willing to look through: what you should do BEFORE your E-course is ready and your real marketing campaign fires off?