I've been working ever since I started freelancing. Literally. For most of the days: every day, most of the hours and way too many of them. I've spent tons of Friday nights and Sunday mornings by my computer working with designs, writing blog posts, reaching out to new clients. The list goes on and works for all days of the week! So this is the story about how vacation made me love my work again! 

Strategy creation for websites is something I'm working with on daily basis. I love to dig through a variety of great or not so great websites to understand what is the key factor that keeps them going, drives leads for them and make their clients appreciate what they can offer. Create more profitable blog or business by building a powerful Website strategy! 

Design world is constantly changing, growing and becoming even more amazing with each day. It's impossible to catch up with everything that's happening! In the same time, there are some trends that you should be aware of. Some of them are following us from 2015. Others are fresh-in. Take a look!