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Pinterest for bloggers: Why Pinterest is a must-have to drive more traffic

Pinterest for bloggers: Why every blogger must use Pinterest

Pinterest is a pure goldmine for blog traffic. If that’s not a reason good enough, let’s look into more details why Pinterest is a must-have for bloggers to drive more traffic.


By being a very active member of several Facebook groups, I hear again and again people NOT KNOWING about Pinterest and its power to drive traffic. Honestly, it’s always a bit of a shocker.

Okay, okay, I know how confusing it can be to start blogging without much of a clue what you’re doing… To understand which is the right advice to follow… I’ll give you a credit for that.

But if there’s ONE thing you MUST do as a new blogger, it’s to GET ON THAT GODDAMN PINTEREST.

Through this post, let’s see WHY Pinterest for bloggers is a must-have to drive more traffic.

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Why every blogger must use Pinterest


What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a search platform often mistreated as social media. It’s mostly picture-based and relies on good graphics and SEO for better results.

Let’s say, you want to search for a wedding dress. Type “wedding dress” and you’ll see plenty of pictures, each leading to either a blog post about dresses, a store selling dresses or other useful resource related to that.

If you want to be more specific, you’d type in “wedding dresses beach wedding” and voila!, there you have plenty of dresses for beach wedding.

As a blogger, you can be on the receiving end of this traffic AND IT’S NOT HARD. You just have to get started.

Bloggers create their Pinterest profiles with the intention to share their own content with pins. Pin is a vertically tall image informing people about what they can expect within the post. Bloggers then would create boards – like a vision board – each dedicated to a specific topic.

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Master Your Pinterest


Pinterest for bloggers: Why every blogger should use Pinterest to drive traffic?

I’ve been using Pinterest for 5+ years and it has always been my no.1 source of traffic.

Now, after the most recent updates, I’ve finally started hitting 10K months! So far, it’s been two in a row… But I’m sure I’m going for more.

Why it took me 5 years to reach my blogging goals

Let me tell you. ANYONE CAN DO IT.

I help entrepreneurs to turn their offline experiences into online income and I’ve worked with plenty of bloggers in many different niches. The thing is – anyone, no matter the topic of the blog, CAN DRIVE TRAFFIC WITH PINTEREST.

Starting with tens of people per day. To hundreds. To thousands and beyond.

If you’re not convinced just yet, here are some more reasons why Pinterest for bloggers is a must-have to drive more traffic!

REASON #1 Pinterest is widely popular and the popularity of the platform is growing EVERY SINGLE DAY

According to this article, Pinterest’s active user base grew 26% to 335 million last year. Over the past 12 months, Pinterest gained 70 million monthly active Pinners. Pinterest now is the third-largest social network on the U.S. after Facebook and Instagram.


REASON #2 Your audience is there!

While not everybody uses Pinterest, my guess is that you’ll find your audience there!

Most of Pinterest audience is female, 28 – 44 y/o, mothers. More than 80% of U.S. women aged 18-64 with children use Pinterest. In other words, 8 out of 10 moms are Pinners.

However, there is MORE. While moms are the biggest part of Pinterest’s audience, around 20% of the audience is male.

The chances are, whoever you’re targeting, most likely does hang out on Pinterest for one reason or another.


REASON #3 People are in the discovery mode

There are more than 2 billion searches on Pinterest every month. Okay, Google has around 100 billion… But there are more ways how Pinterest stands out!!

People on Pinterest are ready to DISCOVER. The average Pinterest user is on the platform to research and find something new.

What to cook, what to wear, where to go… How to solve their daily life issues.

Instead of being specific in their search, they are ready to explore.

For example, an average Google user would go on Google to find the closest shoe stores in their area. While the Pinterest user is on Pinterest to find what kind of shoes to buy… Exploring different types, creators, styles, patterns…

And diving deeper into the discovery. Finding other outfit ideas, exploring new trends…

“97% of all searches on Pinterest are unbranded. It means that Pinners are open to discovering new products and ideas. Not only that, 78% of Pinners think content from brands is useful.” Source.


REASON #4 Pinterest users are ready to buy

Closely related to the previously mentioned reason, it’s important to note that Pinterest users are not there to only explore, they are READY TO BUY.

Most Pinterest users have the intention to invest. And the more useful, worthy offers they find, the more money they’ll spend.

“And the content doesn’t have to be from brands they know. In a 2019 survey, three-quarters of Pinners say they’re “very interested” in new products. That’s much higher than the 55% of users on other digital channels.” Source.


REASON #5 Pinterest is great for seasonal content

Seasonal pins get THE HIGHEST attention on Pinterest. For example, pinning about Christmas food ideas or Easter decorations can go viral within a day if pinned in the right season.

And there are so many seasons to cover…

  • Summer with picnics and weddings, kids outdoor parties, summer solstice…
  • Autumn with going back to school, Thanksgiving…
  • Winter with comfy outfits, Christmas decorations and New Year party ideas…
  • Spring with gardening, outdoor trips, Easter…

Just to name a few!

Here’s a nice graph of this:

Why Pinterest is a must-have for bloggers to drive more traffic


REASON #6 Pinterest users love all kinds of content

Some content does do better on Pinterest than others. Some of the very popular niches are so-called “lifestyle” topics. For example, food, interior, fashion, life-hacks, kids.

Another big and popular group is working online. Blogging, online income, passive income, digital courses and well beyond.

And, of course, traveling! Finding new travel destinations, itineraries, travel gadgets, tips and tricks.

However, Pinterest IS NOT limited to these specific topics only. Almost any niche can drive bulks of traffic with Pinterest.


Master Your Pinterest


Pinterest vs Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Many new bloggers get in the crossroads of Pinterest vs SEO.

Meaning, as a new blogger you’ll see tips to do Search Engine Optimization and do Pinterest. AND DO IT ALL NOW.

But, obviously, it’s a lot to learn and a lot to work with… So what to do when you need to decide whether to focus on Pinterest or SEO?

The thing is, there are 2 groups of bloggers. Those who get their traffic from SEO and those who get their traffic from Pinterest. Obviously, each will be rooting for their own source!

SEO means optimizing your website’s content for search engines like Google. SEO is all about writing keyword-rich blog posts, making sure you’re using the right keywords, placing them in the images, optimizing your content and WELL BEYOND. It’s a lot of work and a lot to learn.

A fact though – SEO is a must-have for everyone. However, it will take months and probably even years for your blog to see results from SEO. If that even happens…

However, your blog posts should be SEO optimized. But your focus, as a new blogger, should go on Pinterest. Pinterest is going to drive more traffic NOW, within a week or month from getting started.

My suggestion is to educate yourself about SEO and writing keyword-rich content because that’s something that’ll help you to create a smart Pinterest strategy.

But if you do want to choose one of these for your focus, get started with Pinterest. Once your Pinterest strategy is all set up and well working, you can look more into SEO.


Pinterest for bloggers: Why Pinterest is a must-have to drive more traffic


Pinterest for bloggers: When will I start getting Pinterest traffic?!?!

How long will this setup take and how long until you’ll start getting Pinterest traffic??

Here are the basic things you must do to set up a successful Pinterest account:

  • Start a business account. It’s free but business feature gives you more analytics.
  • Set up your profile, write a keyword-rich description, add a nice image, claim your website.
  • Set up several boards related to the topics you’re writing about.
  • Design your own pins. Either with Canva or Photoshop, there are plenty of ways how non-designers can create beautiful pins!
  • Pin, Save, Schedule.

The biggest issue for most new bloggers is HOW TO CREATE THE GRAPHICS. It might also be the most time-consuming part of getting started on Pinterest.

Once you’ve figured that out, you’ll need around a week to start getting some traffic and then, around a month to get consistent growth. If you’ll follow the strategies provided in Master Your Pinterest, you can start getting 100+ readers/per day in around 2 months.

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