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Step by step to stunning Pinterest graphics that work

Pin Design Experiment: guide to smashing Pinterest graphics that work

By now, most of the bloggers already know that Pinterest is a huge game-changer when it comes to generating blog traffic. One of the most important parts of using Pinterest correctly – creating smashing Pinterest graphics that work! In this article, I have gathered a case study of how my own graphics have improved over 5 years, gaining more and more Pinterest traffic monthly.


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Why Pinterest? 

Pinterest is one of the most popular ways to drive blog traffic, no matter the subject of your posts. Over the last few years, its popularity has boomed big time and now one of the top answers to “how to get more blog traffic?!” always is Pinterest.

Some people like to reference Pinterest as a social media, however, it actually works more like a search engine. I mean, how else would you call a website where you get your search based results in a variety of blog posts…

However, it’s not only about posts themselves. Pinterest is a very visual platform and all search results are shown in images instead of text (like it would be on Google, for example). Therefore, bloggers have hacked the idea that you must create smashing Pinterest graphics to get noticed and drive more traffic to your blog. 

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How to drive traffic with Pinterest? 

To drive traffic with Pinterest, there are a few steps to follow.

First of all, you should explore how Pinterest works. Therefore, spend a while surfing through it and seeing how other bloggers utilize the platform. 

A successful pin consists of several features: 

  • Great content. First of all, you have to produce great content that people will be interested to read. It has to be informative and helpful. 
  • Noticeable image. To get found on Pinterest and be seen in Pinterest feed, smashing Pinterest graphic that works is a MUST. Sure sometimes an absolute crap might get the attention as well (pardon my french). However, creating beautiful graphics that align with your brand can take your blog way further! 
  • Good description. Since Pinterest works as a search engine, writing a Pin description that is keyword rich and explains the content is another important factor of getting more traffic from this platform. 

Once all of this is in place, start building your Pinterest presence! 


Guide to pin designs that make traffic


Must-have features of Pinterest graphics that work

If you’ve spent any time on Pinterest and, especially if you’re a part of the blogger community there, you must’ve noticed how there are some Pinterest graphics that work and others that very often just go unnoticed. 

Here are some important features of great Pinterest images: 

  • The right size. Sizing matters BIG TIME. All of the pins should be vertical. The perfect pin size is 1000 x 1200 px or 2:3 aspect ratio, however, I’d suggest going a bit longer than that. It’d depend on the style of the pin though but I have noticed that longer pins always do better.
  • Easy readability. What’s the point of creating a pin that is impossible to read? None, right. Therefore, make sure the fonts you use and the background they are used on, make your pins easy to read in an instant.
  • Prettiness. As silly as this might sound, the best pins are the ones that are nice to look at, easy on eyes and bring positive emotions. Pins that are dark, heavy or built on negativity rarely do successfully.


Step by step to smashing Pinterest graphics [case study]

To be successful on Pinterest, you must follow the latest trends and do a lot of trial and error. What works for one might not work for somebody else. Therefore, finding your own secret formula might take a while. 

I’ve been on Pinterest for 5 years and here’s a case study of my own pins and how they have developed over time. 

It’s also important to note that I’m a graphic designer myself so I’ve had quite many options to test all kinds of pin variations. 


Master Your Pinterest


YEAR #1: Not-so-smashing Pinterest graphics

With my first Pinterest graphics back in 2015, I didn’t have much of an idea of what the hell am I doing. I didn’t know what is a Pinterest strategy and what I’m actually supposed to do there…

However, I followed some Pinterest image inspirations I found online and came up with my own pin designs. 

Smashing Pinterest graphics that work

As you see in these samples, there’s a lot of trial and error going on. I was trying to find my style not only in Pinterest graphics but also in my business as a whole. I actually did a rebranding several times through the first year of this blog (perks of being a designer…) 

It’s hard to evaluate how effective these graphics were. To be honest, I didn’t much about following Pinterest stats back then and, since I was just getting started, it might’ve been not as successful anyway. 

If I have to compare these graphics to what I have going on now, I might use a word disaster… 🙂 


YEAR #2: Cleaning up 

Eventually, I found my true calling when it comes to business branding. I decided to keep it simple, minimal, with some blue color elements. And so I did with Pinterest graphics as well.

In my second year, I started using clean, simple pins with I started to crack the code of Pinterest graphics that work! 

Smashing Pinterest graphics that work

I knew that the united style will improve my visibility and will let people notice my specific pins more easily. Therefore, those who already had a good experience on my blog might choose my pins over others just because of the noticeable branding.

Although the pins do look a bit blah now that I’m looking back at them, these gave me my first real breakthrough with Pinterest traffic.


YEAR #3: Getting more creative

Once I had found my style, I kept experimenting but now in a way smaller amplitude. 

I noticed that most of the successful pins have screenshots and additional images on the graphic. Therefore, I got more creative and brought in some more design elements, bolder solutions that, at first, felt like a lot of additional work. 

And these graphics really did the job. They get the most attention and loads more traffic than any other graphics until then. 

Smashing Pinterest graphics that work

To be fair, I have to say that it always depended on the topic of the blog post.

Some of these graphics got no attention whatsoever while others still rank as some of my most popular posts. For example, WordPress themes and Design trends


YEAR #4: Trying something new

For 3 years my traffic was okay. It was growing constantly and everything seemed to be working.

However, I didn’t seem to get over the threshold of what I had already reached. I knew that I need to get out of my own frame and try something new.

So the first step was adding a new color to my graphics – pink. The reason why I chose pink is… well… because pink is one of the most popular color on Pinterest pins and I just wanted to see if adding this color to my pins will make any difference. 

Smashing Pinterest graphics that work

I feel like adding pink to my color scheme not only increased my traffic a bit but also brought in another kind of audience.

Pinterest has a feature of showing other similar pins – based on the style of the pin. Therefore, those who are in the pink well and might be seeing a lot of related topics, now also saw my pins.

Besides the color update, I also tried out some new styles that seemed to work very well. Therefore, I decided to stick with simple and bold from here on! Using as few elements as possible and making my graphics even more noticeable.


YEAR #5: Finding my formula of smashing Pinterest graphics

This year I decided to ditch my somewhat united style and come up with unique graphics for each post. This means a bit more work, adjusting all text sizing, images, etc. However, it has proven to have THE best results ever.

If Year #3 and #4 were successful, then now I can say for sure that I have found a way to create Pinterest graphics that work and get noticed every-single-time

Successful Pin Design Samples

No matter the topic or specific image I have used, no matter the text amount or sizing – all of these graphics have shown the best results in years. 

And later on, I changed my branding YET AGAIN. Starting with early 2020, I’ve been rocking the new design of my pins that, obviously, I love the most. So far…

Conclusions on how to create smashing Pinterest graphics that work

Keep it simple and bold

Our attention span is short and our eyes focus on the things that are the easiest to notice, read and remember. Therefore, focus on simple but bold graphics with clear text and obvious message.

Use light backgrounds and try the popular color choices

I hate to be the one saying follow the crowd. But sometimes that crowd really might be leading to a gold mine! And if you look at most of the successful Pinterest graphics, you will see

Experiment. Experiment. Experiment.

Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone! I was stuck in mine for over 3 years until I let myself go beyond and explore new options. Your perfect choice might be just around the corner.


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