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Unique WordPress themes for your website by Pixelgrade

Unique Wordpress themes for bloggers

I’ve talked about WordPress themes more than once and there’s a good reason for that: choosing the best theme for your blog can be hard and it’s especially challenging for new bloggers who have no idea what exactly are they doing… Therefore, let’s review a service that’s offering unique WordPress themes for your website AND give you an option to actually TRY before making the purchase.


Most of the WordPress themes are pricey and rarely any new blogger can afford to spend tens of dollars for a theme they might not even know how to use. Even if you have a decent experience with various themes, each new theme comes with new challenges and sometimes really hard to learn features.

That’s where Pixelgrade comes in with an outstanding approach to this whole WordPress theme experience.


Unique WordPress themes for your website by Pixelgrade


This blog post includes affiliate links. If you sign up for the service through my provided link, it means an additional support to keep this blog going. Thank you!

What is Pixelgrade?

Pixelgrade offers subscription-based WordPress themes. This means that for a fixed monthly price you can try and use any of their offered themes, seven up to this day.

Pixelgrade is a design studio with a strong focus on building WordPress themes that solve real and painful digital problems. In short, they provide truly unique WordPress theme solutions! Pixelgrade’s main focus is on creative entrepreneurs, hobby-driven people and small businesses which can be perfectly seen in their business approach.

They’ve been in business for more than six years already and know what people are seeking for. What’s even better – Pixelgrade is actually open to your feedback and they’re always seeking ways to improve and create an even better product.


Unique WordPress themes for your website

My first experience with Pixelgrade honestly surprised me. I’ve been building WordPress websites for a while and have surfed through a good dose of various themes but, at some point, all of them started feeling all the same.

Since actively seeking to upgrade my own website, I was very picky about everything coming my way. And all I could think of when I saw Pixelgrade for the first time was – damn, why didn’t I find out about this service faster?

Out of their seven themes, I got instantly attracted to at least 3, which, I’d say, is a damn good rate for a picky person like me. My next problem was how to choose the best…


But… How does it work exactly?!


  • First, you can sign up for 14-day free trial. This means FREE theme download and tryout for 14-days. Ah-mazing is what I say.
  • Then, you can review all of the themes and download the one (or several) you want to try out. All of the themes will download as a ZIP file.
  • Afterward, all you have to do is to upload this theme to your WordPress and voila!

After the trial, the monthly price of the service is $8.25/month if paid yearly or $9.25/month paid monthly.

If you need any help in getting started on your website, make sure to grab this free guide Blog Creation Simplified.


Unique WordPress themes for your website by Pixelgrade

Now let’s get to the case and review what they have in store.

Features all themes have:

  • Easy to navigate dashboard. Pixelgrade lets you easily download, update and work on any of your chosen themes.
  • Optimized Speed. Crucial for any website these days. Not only because users appreciate good website speed but also because Google appreciates it as well!
  • Good SEO practices. One of the most important features of having a successful website is optimizing your SEO. Pixelgrade helps you to do this with ease!
  • Responsive and mobile-ready. Well. This is just plain obvious.
  • Easy-to-personalize. YAY for those who don’t do “code things” and don’t feel like getting into them either. You don’t need to write (or even see) a line of code to get updates done.
  • Effective support system. No service is good without effective support.


Theme #1: VASCO

Unique WordPress themes for your website by Pixelgrade

As the first up, I want to talk about their latest creation which was launched only a week ago: Vasco.

This theme literally has it all:

  1. Unique and easy to use layout
  2. Outstanding design elements
  3. Minimalism in a perfect combo with colorful elements

I was literally counting days until being able to try this theme out. That’s how excited I was! And it really exceeded my imagination.

The theme is specially designed for travel bloggers but can easily be adjusted to any other field website as well. It has a wonderful landing page that gives you an insight into all that the website has to offer: an introduction to the author or the topic, category review, subscription box, most recent blog post, Instagram feed and more, based on your own preferences.

I really feel like it’s the perfect balance of “must-haves” and some additional fun elements that make the theme unique to you and your blog.

Notification bar on top is a great way to easily point people in the direction of the goodies while functional navigation on the right is an easy-to-use option for search and connecting on social media.

The only imperfection, in my opinion, is the lack of the sidebar for a blog post page. But Pixelgrade has already approved that they might work on some upgrades regarding this so don’t let it stop you!


Theme #2: FELT

Unique WordPress themes for your website by Pixelgrade

Felt is the theme that caught my attention in the first place. It took me no time to realize that Pixelgrade must be an amazing service if they’re offering something like this theme.

Once again, it’s a unique approach to a rather simple problem.

If you want to have a website with easy to navigate and functional landing page but seek something more outstanding than the casual offers, Felt is the perfect fit for you.

Although the theme offers rather basic features – banner, magazine-style layout, blog post categories – the way it’s all laid out makes it look very high-class. This theme also has various eye-catching design elements that make it tons more unique than other themes out there. That’d include the vertical text, overlay on blog post photos and the flow of the layout.

This theme definitely is a great fit for those who have made blogging their main source of income or are looking forward to doing that. Felt is highly focused on various Category blog posts which makes it easy to use for those who cover more than one topic on their blog.


Theme #3: GEMA

Unique WordPress themes for your website by Pixelgrade

The last but not least call for this review was not the easiest decision to make. Mostly because all themes are equally exciting! But I’m here to keep riding the wave called “Unique WordPress themes for bloggers” and choose one of the most stunning options on Pixelgrade: Gema.

Just look at the functions of the theme! Besides the wonderful layout with big and clear photos, it also has a nice animation which makes this theme really interactive.

Sometimes this layout might seem confusing and especially if you’re trying to keep things simple and organized – Gema might not be the way to go. But if you’re up for some adventure and you also have great photos to showcase, make sure to give it a try!

One of my all-time favorite parts of this theme is the stunning blog post page. Just look at this charm!


Before you head off in your theme hunt… 

From where I stand, Pixelgrade is F U N. This platform is easy to use, very responsive to your needs and truly worth your time and money. If you’re seeking unique WordPress themes for your website and are ready for an unusual approach, make sure to check out Pixelgrade! Grab your free trial over here.


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