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Podia platform review for digital product creators

Podia Review for Digital Product creators

Finding the best platform for your digital products can be a tricky task to deal with. But, as I usually say, the best way to make the right decision is to be informed about the options! This time, let’s put the spotlight on Podia review. With Podia platform you can sell online courses, memberships, and digital downloads. No technical headaches, zero transaction fees, and unlimited everything! 


While Podia isn’t really the most popular platform for online product creators, it’s still a very powerful player in the field. Turns out, when you look into it, people who use the platform are quite eager about it and praise it big time! 

Previously, I have given you quite many reviews about online course trends for 2020, as well as tools to use for your course creation, including the comparison of platforms like Teachable vs Thinkific. Now, it’s time for the Podia review. 

Let’s understand how this platform is different and how it might be just the perfect fit for your digital products! 


Podia Review for Digital Product creators


Podia review: is this the best digital product storefront for you?

With Podia, you can create an all-in-one digital storefront by selling digital downloads, online courses and memberships. Besides that, you can send newsletters and emails, and process payments within the platform. 

The interface of Podia is neat and simple. The dashboard offers almost all of the must-have features. Therefore, with Podia, building an online course, a digital shop, or membership site looks a lot like an easy task! 

Compared to its more complex competitors, Podia offers simplified solutions for your digital product store.

Podia Review for Digital Product creators

Let’s look into all three digital product types you can create and sell: 

PRODUCT #1: Memberships

Membership site means getting monthly or yearly revenue from your students who are subscribing to your site. A great sample would be a membership site created by a trainer providing new workouts every month! 

PRODUCT #2: Digital Products

Digital products, often called Digital Downloads, can include quite many different types of passive income. For example, e-books, workbooks, templates and similar. 

PRODUCT #3:  Online courses

Online courses usually give your students a membership site to log into but the difference from actual membership product is one-time payment with repeated access to the product. 

The good news: you don’t have to pick one! You can sell any or all of the offered products on Podia. 


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Reasons to switch to Podia

While it’s absolutely up to you to decide whether or not Podia will be the best digital product platform for you, there are quite many reasons to switch to Podia if you are already using another platform for your digital products. Here are some of them!


For me, one of the main reasons to switch to Podia is the simple fact of having a chance to sell everything from one marketplace. If you’re creating more than just one type of digital product, it’s the perfect chance to sell all of them in one place, without losing your mind about different ways to present different products! 

REASON TO SWITCH TO PODIA #2: Intuitive and easy to use

Podia is the perfect platform for beginners since it doesn’t request technical knowledge to set up or maintain your products or sales. With its drag & drop option, Podia is intuitive and easy to use, no matter your background. 

Reasons to switch to Podia

REASON TO SWITCH TO PODIA #3: Easy to switch

One of the main reasons to switch to Podia would be the ease of the process. Podia is actually offering to make the transition for you! 

REASON TO SWITCH TO PODIA #4: Great customer service

Customer service is one of the most praised Podia features online. As soon as you read a review of Podia, quite surely there will be a mention of this. 

REASON TO SWITCH TO PODIA #5: Zero transaction fees

After you’ve invested in a plan, Podia doesn’t request you to make any more payments for them. Podia offers zero transaction fees and I call it a BIG win! 

REASON TO SWITCH TO PODIA #6: All of your products in one place

As we’ve already learned, with Podia, you can not only sell courses but also digital downloads and memberships. Besides that, you’ll also have access to a simple email marketing system that’ll give you a chance to reach out to your students. 


Cons of Podia

As any platform, nothing can be perfect and here are some of the cons of Podia to consider! 

  • Lack of landing page customization options. As a website designer myself, I always pay close attention to the customization options for landing pages. Unfortunately, Podia’s landing pages are quite simple. They still do the job! However, you won’t be able to reach the perfect design with their offered features. 
  • It can get a bit pricey. Although this is one of the cheapest digital platforms online (which you can make sure of in the next section of this article!), it can get a bit pricey for those who are just starting or are selling some low-priced products.
  • It’s not as well-known. This is roughly a reason not to use a product, however, sometimes your clients might prefer signing up for products that are based on the platforms they know. Mostly, it’s just a matter of ease of use. But this point is very 


How to sell Digital Products online with Podia


Podia compared to other digital product platforms

As already mentioned, there are quite many platforms that give you a chance to sell your digital products or create membership websites. Let’s see how Podia looks like compared to other digital product platforms!

Podia compared to Teachable and Thinkific

Podia compared to Teachable offers more versatile options to sell a variety of digital products. 

While Teachable’s main focus is online course creation, Podia offers all three directions: digital products, memberships and online courses. Podia is more robust than Teachable or Thinkific (both of which are quite similar). 

When it comes to pricing, Teachable, unlike Podia, offers a fully functional free plan. However, Podia gives a chance to try their product for free for 14 days. 

The cost of their initial plans are quite equal. Teachable’s basic plan costs $39/paid monthly or $29/paid yearly while Podia’s basic plan is $39/paid monthly or $390/paid yearly. If you opt-in for yearly payment, Teachable comes out as a more budget-friendly option. 

Besides that, if you give a go for the free trial, you actually get 15% off when purchasing the plan! 

Podia compared to Kajabi and Kartra 

Podia is like a simplified and budget-friendly cousin of Kajabi or Kartra.

While Kajabi has away (!) more customization options and tons more features, Podia is a better choice for those who prefer simplicity over-complicated systems. 

To give you an idea, with Kajabi you can set up everything your online business-related: your homepage, sell digtial products, memberships and online courses, create separate landing pages, as well as work with e-mail marketing.

Podia, however, focuses on products only, without providing as versatile options as Kajabi. 

In this case, it’s all about your focus! If you’re looking forward to moving all of your business to one platform, Kajabi or Kartra will be the best way to go. But if digital product selling is just a side hustle – or somewhat an experiment – Podia will be a better fit.

Besides that, Podia is a lot more budget-friendly than Kajabi. Kajabi pricing starts at $129/monthly. 

Podia compared to Gumroad

Gumroad is quite different from other of my mentioned platforms since it’s digital download focused. Gumroad is used mostly for things like e-books, worksheets, presets and templates and is not a good fit for online courses or memberships since it simply doesn’t offer to host of such content.

Therefore, Podia compared to Gumroad is more robust and offers way more options. 

If you are looking forward to doing more than just sell your digital products, make sure to opt for Podia instead of Gumroad. 


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I hope this Podia review gave you a good insight into this platform! It’s definitely a good fit for digital product creators, however, make sure to review pros and cons before making your final decision.

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