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Is it time to quit your business? 5 signs to consider

Is it time to quit your business? 5 signs to consider

Just like “big girls don’t cry” – quitting is not an option. Or is it? We’ve all been there at some point when we’re not succeeding in a thing we’ve spent our nights for or something that’s been our biggest dream ever since kindergarten is not quite working. How to know when it’s actually time to give up instead of continuing? Is there such a thing as the right time to quit your business?


How to know when to quit your business?

I’ve grown up with a mindset of constant dedication and I know that everyone can do anything, as long as you’re trying. In the same time, life has proven that not always everything is possible especially if you’re not up for giving it all in. Some things take a time you don’t have, the money you’re not willing to spend and creative resources you feel tired of producing. A few days ago I stumbled upon a quote from W. C. Fields:

If at first, you don’t succeed, try, try again. Then quit. There’s no point in being a damn fool about it.

That made me start thinking… How to know it’s your time to quit?

Remember any success everything takes time

If you’re not one in a million who gets really lucky and for whom everything just happens the right way you, most likely, invest loads of time to succeed in whatever you’re doing.

Whether it’s a blog writing, business building, cooperation with other creatives, shop, magazine, stock photo website or literally anything else. It will take time to succeed & it’s the first thing to understand before starting anything. How to work around the temptation to quit your business before it’s successful?

At the same time, is there really any border between “takes time” and “takes too much time”? I believe, there really is.

It took me 5 years to reach my goals and see a real return but the growth along the way kept me aware that I CAN make it happen…

Just like you stop running when feeling tired, stop eating when you’re full & rest your eyes from a day by the computer, you should stop when your challenging something again, again and again, and you just feel so freaking tired of all that.

Admit when you’ve lost your joy

If you feel like you’ve lost the excitement and joy about whatever you’ve been doing, it could be the very first sign to back off & get your hands on something else. It doesn’t mean quitting right away. You just have to pause to understand whether it’s exhaustion or it’s a dead-end for you in this case.

I bet, you start doing things because you love them, you’re passionate about them or the final results you might be getting. Is it really worth the struggle when the excitement is over?

It’s important to understand that not everything can be exciting ALL the time. That’s why excitement & passion is what it is. It brings up your blood pressure, makes your eyes shine & brings a smile to your face. Impossible to live this way all the time.

But when there are days, weeks and months without a spark of the joy, you should understand – it’s gone. The initial purpose is lost. You can always try to freshen things up. Add new ideas, try out new things. Just don’t push yourself if you don’t feel like it.

Understand if there’s no more money

There’s always more to improve, more to invest & more to get out of everything. How to know that you’ve invested enough and you shouldn’t go for more?

First of all, when you’re really broke or you feel like you’re going that direction at a crazy speed – you should stop. If you’ve invested all of your time and money in something that is not paying off, there’s no use in waiting for all the time or money to roll back in. You should get out of this situation as soon as possible, not to sink deeper into it.

It is hard to lose & it is even harder when you can’t get what you’ve expected out of your investments. In the same time – the sooner you realize the loss, the better it can turn out for you!

Do you still own your goals?!

What if you’ve worked on something for so long that you don’t really… remember why you started doing it in the first place?

What if your goals and your life vision have changed?

No one is pushing you to stick with your goals if you don’t feel like they’re the ultimate satisfaction for you ANYMORE.

It’s important to remind yourself – for whom you’re doing this? Maybe you’re feeling too much pressure from your friends or family to succeed in something you’re not even interested in? Maybe you feel like you’ll lose it all if you’ll quit your business?

Either way, you should be able to take a moment and remind yourself of the initial purpose you’re struggling for. Is it still worth it?

Is your support system in place?

Being an entrepreneur, blogger, online creative, craft maker, writer or literally anything else is hard work and it’s even harder if you’re lacking a powerful support system. I’ve heard many, many, MANY cases when someone wants to quit just because of this. Turns out, there’s no one who’ll say “great job!” at the end of the day, no one who understands and truly supports.

Going this path alone is hard. Very often our closest ones just don’t get it. And it’s alright! But having a support system is crucial. I’ve found that the best inspiration, support and motivation for me comes from Facebook groups! That’s where I’ve built meaningful connections. Here’s the list of FB groups for online entrepreneurs you can try out:

Besides that, it’s important to find people who get it. Attend events, either online or offline. Build connections. Talk with people. Share your thoughts and ideas. Find your team!


Let’s be honest. Maybe there is no right time to quit your business just like it’s never the right time for anything else…

Be mindful of your situation and step out of it for a moment to understand which way is the best one for you & your goals!

Running in circles and getting nothing out of it won’t make you or anyone around you happy. If that’s the only way, maybe it really is time to quit your business.


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