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Is blogging a waste of time in 2020? + 5 reasons to blog

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Online marketing is a huge part of any business, online or offline. And blogging can not only be a useful asset but also – a nice hobby that can bring in additional income. For some, blogging can even turn into a full-time business. So let’s discover the truth: is blogging a waste of time in 2020? And what reasons to blog you should consider?


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Having a blog means maintaining a virtual journal. It’s absolutely possible to blog about everything, however, there are several blog topics that are more popular than others.

For example, food blogs with recipes, nutritional facts, diet hacks, tech blogs with tech reviews, digital discoveries and news, fashion blogs with fashion advice, product reviews and, as well as online income blogs about ways to earn money online, passive income and well beyond that.

Since the market is really saturated and anyone can start a blog, most people find themselves lingering on the question: is blogging a waste of time in 2020?

And what are the reasons to blog? Especially, if it might take loads of time to get the blog off the ground.

Read on to find out the answers!


Is it worth starting a blog in 2020 + reasons to blog


Is blogging a waste of time in 2020?

The biggest concern any new blogger has is whether or not it’s worth it. Will it be worth your time and investment? Will it pay off in any way?

First, let’s understand that there are many different types of blogs and the reasons behind blogging. You’ll read more about reasons to blog later in this article. For now, let’s review what kind of blogs you might find out there.

The first bunch would be hobby bloggers. People who have decided to share paths of their lives, their knowledge and experiences in a blog. I like to believe that this is the very base of how blogging was born in the first place. People found that blogs is a nice way to share with a bigger community whatever is on their minds. These bloggers keep it simple, write as they want, pick any topics they like and don’t put too much pressure on it.

The second group could include businesses that have blogs as a part of their digital marketing strategy. Content marketing is one of the best reasons to blog when it comes to growing a business. If you own a business and can share useful insights into blog posts, it’s an amazing way to reach out to a bigger audience and attract more people. For example, a fashion brand writing about fashion hacks.

And the third but not least blogger group are people who blog – or want to blog – for money. They have either started their blogging journeys with this clear intention or eventually, they have come to this conclusion that their blog can make them some additional income. Either it’s a bit of money on a side or full-time income. These bloggers are more strategic about the way they write their blogs, most often there’s a lot of research and overall work included.

Therefore, to answer the question – is blogging a waste of time in 2020? – you should, first, decide why you’d want to blog.

If you’re just starting a new blog, make sure to read this guide!

Is blogging a waste of time if I want to have a hobby blog?

If you are aiming to be a hobby blogger and put out a blog just because you enjoy writing and want to share it with someone – no matter how many readers you might have – blogging definitely isn’t a waste of time!

There are many benefits to having a blog as a hobby. For example, you can improve your writing skills, explore new topics, even make new online friends through a blogger community.

Is blogging a waste of time if I want to write it for my business?

Content marketing is a very powerful way to market your business and build more trust, both in your existing and potential clients. No matter what is your business, blogging is not a waste of time if you can spot useful topics to cover. And, especially, if you can serve your audience with it!

Is blogging a waste of time if I want to earn money from it?

This is the trickiest part. As previously mentioned, there are many bloggers out there and many of them are doing their best to earn income from blogging. The market is crowded. However, earning income with blogging is absolutely possible, no matter how many other bloggers are out there.

Therefore, once again, I have to say that blogging is not a waste of time. However, maintaining and succeeded with this type of blog will take a lot of your time, it would request some learning time and well beyond that.

So is blogging a waste of time? No. Not if you set clear goals and aim to reach them.


Blog Creation Simplified 2020


Reasons to blog in 2020

As previously mentioned, we all might have a different perspective on what blogging can bring into our lives. In this case, I want to take a closer look at those who want to either blog for money or include blogging into their business strategy.

Here are several reasons to blog in 2020!

REASON #1: Content marketing

How many times a day do you see a random article that draws your attention? Either it’s on the news portal, on Facebook, linked on Instagram or published on Twitter.

We get interested in the topics we didn’t even seem to care about. After random scrolling through social media, you might end up reading an article about the heathiest smoothies to make, the coolest brand etiquettes or which cities in Europe were the hottest this summer.

By clicking on any of these, you get into the loop called content marketing.

A business has drawn your attention with the headline of the article, you end up reading or at least opening it. From there, you’ve come to their website. And once they have you there, there are many different next steps you might be provided.

These can include:

  • Clicking on affiliate links, therefore, generating affiliate income for the writer
  • Reading other articles, therefore, increasing their ad revenue
  • Seeing their offer, product, service
  • Signing up for a newsletter or any other incentive like getting a discount codes

You might feel like content marketing sounds a lot like a trap. And, very often, it really is. However, we all benefit from it! You end up learning new information or reading something that interests you, while the writer also earns something, either it’s actual revenue or just your attention to the business itself.

Having a blog as a part of a content marketing strategy is one of the best reasons to blog in 2019!


REASON #2: Growing audience

Having a blog is one of the best ways to grow your audience and increase their trust in you!

There are quite many tricks you can use to get people on board. One of the most popular options is email marketing.

In short, this would require you to offer them an incentive, for example, a free e-book, online course, discount, free delivery or similar, that’d request email signup.

These days, having a mailing list is extremely valuable. Here are just some of the benefits:

  • You get direct access to your customers
  • You don’t have to rely on social media or other means of connecting
  • You can easily track your stats and how many people are interested, therefore, improving your own business as it goes

Besides email marketing, having a blog can grow your audience in many different ways.

For example, an interesting article can end up bringing to your blog readers that might not come there in any other way. Therefore, you’re reaching more people without actually doing more.

Sharing your knowledge in blog posts will also build trust in your existing clients. Especially, if you’re a service provider, one of the reasons to blog is to share your expertise and prove your clients or your potential clients that you know your business!


REASON #3: Passive income

Besides all the marketing benefits, passive income is one of the most powerful reasons to blog!

There are many different passive income streams to work with. However, the somewhat simplest and easiest to get started with would be affiliate marketing.

Having affiliate links on your blog won’t request much of additional time from you. However, if you choose relevant products to share, your audience might bring in some passive income for you in no time!

It’s not all that quick and simple, and the initial setup and research will take some time. But if you decide to have a blog and writing blog posts is on your to-do list, adding in an affiliate link or two is always a great idea!


REASON #4: Community

Bloggers have a great blogging community that can be beneficial in many different ways.

By joining such communities in Facebook groups, on Twitter or in any other dedicated forum, you can not only help your own traffic but also learn from them!

As far as I have noticed, bloggers always do their best to support each other. Although the market is saturated, there is no ceiling to success, there are no resources to run out of. Therefore, helping each other works out for everyone involved.


There are quite many reasons to start a blog in 2020! And I’m sure blogging is still going to be a thing even in 5 and more years. Therefore, get started as soon as possible if it seems to be a good fit for you!

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