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How regular exercise improved my productivity and life

How regular exercise improved my business (and everything else)

There’s a very popular myth about how regular exercising can improve your life, wellbeing, business, relationships and literally – anything else. And we all know it’s the truth. But sometimes a real-life story is just another good push in the right direction so this time I’m here to share how regular exercise improved my business (and everything else).


I’ve always been a rather active person but consistency is not my favorite word in the world.

It’s been a long road until I’ve found something I truly enjoy and have managed to incorporate it into my daily schedule. I hope it’ll give some inspiration for you to do the same!



My relationships with fitness

Ever since being a young girl, I’ve loved to move. I’ve danced in more dance groups than one can imagine, I’ve been playing all kinds of sports, I was the runner-climber kind of a gal’.

And don’t imagine that I’m a good dancer just because I’ve danced for years. Actually, I was that awkward girl in the back or on the bench. Doing my best to never get on the stage since I was pretty sure I’ll be the one destroying the whole sequence… I really just liked to be there, move, learn, TRY.

In a later age, I got into yoga more seriously. And only recently gym and weight-lifting have become my favorite way to stay active.

This doesn’t mean that I’ve always been lean and fit. Like all girls, I’ve struggled with all kinds of self-image problems. And, as said, I’ve never been very “natural” at most of the movements I’ve been doing.

For me, finding my way to consistent fitness in my daily life was long and full of tryouts but it was always meant to be.

But what if I… hate moving?!

I’m not a professional to comment on this but I am absolutely sure it’s all in our minds. Quite possible, the hate for moving is just another excuse you use for not doing that.

What can change your mind? The right kind of exercise!

We all are designed to move. It’s in our genes, in our background. People are created to move MORE, not less.

And I know for sure – even the least athletic people and even those who really couldn’t care less about more movement in their life still CAN fall in love with some kind of exercise. I’ve seen SO MANY people doing that.

Recently, a friend of mine who has always hated walking started getting into this activity with some friends, trained for around half a year and afterward walked 130km distance in 3 days more than excited to do so!

So if you’re sticking with “I hate exercising” this post might not change your mind. But if you’re ready to get over this block, you can go very far (literally and figuratively)!


How regular exercise improved my productivity and life?

When I started getting into going to the gym and do more yoga, there were several things that changed in my life.

First of all, I realized that it IS possible to add regular exercise to a hectic schedule. It IS possible to get out in the snowstorm to go to the gym. It IS possible to get addicted to moving and feel bad if you don’t.

And it is absolutely possible to get addicted to getting better.

Here’s how regular exercise improved my life and productivity:

I learned to push myself further and overcome all obstacles

When I got into weightlifting, I felt like a huge failure. Especially, around all these bulky guys lifting hundreds of kilos. I was that awkward girl surprised by how heavy a 10KG weight can be (the first time when I lifted it from the stand, I really was like OH SHIT, I WAS NOT PREPARED FOR THIS!).

I also didn’t know how the gym works.

It was my first time in any kind of a real gym and all these things I saw – totally new. Eventually, I discovered how to use each one of them (by stalking other gym members).

A while later I started using most of them. And within months I got from 10KGs to 20, 30 and more in some instances.

But it’s not about the weight you can lift, stretch you can do or move you can or can not make. It’s about doing your best to improve. About taking the leap and giving it a try. And after all – seeing that you CAN or acknowledging things you need to do to improve.

And that’s something I have incorporated into my business more since I started to exercise regularly.

I started making fewer excuses

One of my craziest gym journeys is my story of how I wanted to learn a handstand.

A long story short – it’s been years since I decided to do anything to make a handstand happen. But it also felt like mission impossible, no matter how hard I tried. When I decided to REALLY TRY, I realized that all of the dummy methods are way too hard for me. I can’t keep my body up, I’m afraid of falling, my arms are too weak and injuries are creeping up on me from all the darkest corners.

It took me months of disappointment until I was like “the heck with this, I finally need to make at least SOME progress”. I was so mad at myself for not being able to do any of that… So I just decided to shoot myself up, no matter what happens next – leaving all of my fear behind. Whatever if I fall, bruise myself or die (because that’s what happens when you do handstands). I needed to make it happen.

It was this final push that started my real journey to handstand. I’ve been practicing ever since. And it’s my new favorite move. I still can do the very basics, I’m still a bit afraid and it rarely works out as planned. Besides that, the progress is SO SLOW. But I am so proud of myself!

This and many similar situations have taught me how important it is to leave your excuses behind, no matter what you do.

The same stands for any business venture. The truth is, we never really know how things will turn out. Whether we’ll fall or fly. Whether we’ll bruise ourselves or come out as heroes.

Talking and doing are not the same. Planning and making all the possible scenarios is not the real deal. When you do – you do. And you forget your excuses, your fears, your doubts. You just try and see what comes out of it.



I’ve been feeling healthier, happier and MORE INSPIRED

If you feel like you’ve been stuck into your daily routine, try exercising.

If you have no inspiration, you lack any motivation and things are not getting done – try exercising.

If you want to feel like you’re on top of the world and can do ANYTHING – you know… try exercising.

While this might feel like an exaggeration that exercising improves lives, there are many obvious reasons why it really happens.

More movements, make me feel better about myself. I feel more confident, more able to do whatever I set my mind to. It also inspires me to eat healthier. No late snacks, no weekly beers. Which make me sleep better and my overall health is improved. I have more energy, my mind is clearer.

Whenever I’m stuck in any projects, I go to the gym. Afterward, I come back with new ideas, new motivation.

It’s not always the remedy for it all. But it does change a perspective.

Before you go…

In a few weeks, I’ll make sure to share some more on how to add regular exercise in a busy routine so stay tuned for that.

But for now – do your best to give it a try, find what you love and start out small. There are no requests or restrictions as to what you need to do or how you need to do that.

It is crucial to learn how to love your body and do what’s best for it and your health. And it will improve not only you but also many different aspects of your life.

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