Benefits of working remotely: why people choose remote work?

Benefits of working remotely: why people choose remote work

Remote work industry is blooming along with freelancing, location independence and digital nomadism. Some even predict that it’s the future of the work. I guess it’s time to look at the benefits of working remotely and understand why people choose remote work!


Being a freelancer means working remotely in most cases while working remotely not always means being a freelancer. Let me explain! As Cambridge Dictionary states

Remote working is a situation in which an employee works mainly from home and communicates with the company by email and telephone.

This means that you can be either a freelancer working for a company remotely or you can be a full-time employee, still working for the company remotely. Therefore, it’s not an obligation to be a freelancer to work remotely.

Remote work is possible for your casual day job as well! (It depends on many aspects is it REALLY possible tho but most likely it could be). But let’s take a closer look at why this kind of working is worth serious consideration and what are the benefits of working remotely.


Benefits of working remotely: why people choose remote work?

Benefits of working remotely: why people chose to work remotely

Here are some samples of working remotely:

  • “I am the Director of Marketing for a high tech startup. We are 100% remote, located in 7 countries and 13 time zones. I’m in Knoxville Tennessee and our “headquarters” (or home base) is in Bloomington Indiana. I run our entire marketing department, leading a team of remote employees. I absolutely love it and think we have an unbeatable culture.” Ashley McAlpin, Facebook // Instagram 
  • I’m a content writer for a 3D printing company called All3DP. I’m English and they’re based in Munich. I write news and features articles for them. Although I work for them every day (sometimes including weekends) I still have a lot of time for a passion project which I’m developing with a friend.” Hanna Watkin, Twitter
  • I teach English online. My company is located in China. I am Russian but I have been living/traveling abroad for the last 8 years. I teach classes every day (except weekends).” Lana Fedorova, Instagram.
  • I work full time remotely for HoneyBook and Rising Tide Society. I am the Head of Community Support. Task wise, I’m responsible for coordinating and nurturing relationships with our volunteers, providing support for our members, and managing feedback for our team to continue to improve our education and community. Our office is in San Francisco (and there is another office in Tel Aviv), and I’m currently living in Olympia, Washington.” Kait Masters
  • I have a full-time job 8-5 in ABInbev, the largest beer company in the world. I am the service and operations performance manager for Latam but recently I’ve been working from Bali, Tokyo, Cancun, Medellin and London even though I’m based in Bogota.” Maryell Cisneros, Website

So you see that there are tons of remote work options out there. Either you’re a freelancer looking for a full or part-time position or you’d like to take your current job on a remote level, everything is possible!


What are the benefits of working remotely?

For many, remote work is the perfect balance between being your own boss and having a consistent income and job with benefits. Here are some of the benefits:

BENEFIT #1: Work environment

One of the benefits of remote work is not being tied down to one working place. Sitting in the office all day long can be really exhausting. Therefore, many remote workers chose to change their work environment and work from coffee shops, coworking spaces, their own office or couch in the living room.

BENEFIT #2: More often traveling

When you’re working remotely, you have the option to travel more often since you can work from abroad as well. Don’t confuse this with a vacation! You still have to get the work done even if it’s Hawaiian beach where you’re at. But the ability to travel more often is a very tempting benefit for many.

BENEFIT #3: No office drama

Many people, especially introverts, feel very bad in a casual office environment. Where there are several coworkers, there’s always some drama happening. Someone is always up for a chat or a meeting. And it kills our productivity! Therefore, people choose to work remotely to be more productive and actually get done more which is one of the benefits of working remotely.

BENEFIT #4: Option to spend more time with your loved ones

Work takes A LOT of our time therefore sometimes remote work is an amazing option to be with your loved ones more often. While working from home, you can be with your kids when they need you (but make sure to create some boundaries to get the work done as well!). You can spend more time with your partner (having lunch together or having some longer breakfast coffee…).

BENEFIT #5: Ability to plan your own time

All of this comes to one thing: you can plan your own time and after all – plan your own life. Although you still have to get things done, you can work at your own pace and your own style. No one will check how many breaks you take or how many times you’re going to pee. If midday is your favorite time for a nap, take that goddamn nap! Working remotely gives you the option to live in peace with your inner pace. And that will definitely make you more productive!


Why do people choose to work remotely?

Obviously, all of the previously mentioned benefits of working remotely play a big role in decision-making! But here are some real-life samples:

  • I’m introverted and work best outside of a bustling office. Additionally, my goal is to live/work anywhere – specifically in the EU.” // Ro Hensley, Website
  • My biggest reasons are my kiddos. I want to show them the world while they are still young enough to be amazed and awed by it. So I choose to do without a lot of things so that I can work from home. ” // Heather Simpson, Facebook
  • For my country, this is an entirely new industry and I want to be a pioneer of it.” // Julius Acharyya, Website
  • I love learning languages. There’s nothing I love more than moving to the country where a language is spoken and immersing myself in it once I’m out of my flat. I also love travelling, freedom, and flexibility.” // Maria Sdakit, Youtube

Are you thinking about working remotely? Here’s something for your inspiration: Top 10 companies winning at remote work culture and their secrets


What are your favorite benefits of working remotely?


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