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Guide to email sales funnel for creative online business

Guide to email sales funnel for creative online business

Understanding email sales funnel is an important part of being an online entrepreneur. How to create email sales funnel for creative online business? And, after all, what is a funnel and why should you care?! Here’s all about that!

In short, email sales funnel is like dropping pieces of candy for people to follow so eventually they find themselves in your house. Do I make like ANY sense?! Basically, having email sales funnel for creative online business means building a strategy that’ll hook your reader up and will lead this person to what you’re selling. With excitement to purchase it!


Guide to email sales funnel for creative online business

Guide to email sales funnel for creative online business

There are all kinds of funnels for various businesses and goals. I have chosen to introduce you with email sales funnel that’s based on growing your email list because I find it to be an especially crucial task for online business owners and I absolutely root for building mailing lists!

Therefore, let’s go through the steps you should take to create a marketing funnel and how each of these steps will help you to make sales with a marketing funnel.

I use MailerLite for all my email marketing efforts but you can choose any other offer as well.


PART #1 Pre-frame bridge

In short, it’s your free content: blog, website, videos, etc.

The pre-frame bridge is the base of email sales funnel for creative online business and, most likely, you already have it all set up and running.

This is the part where you invite people in your business and show around. It can be a blog post, video, quiz, article, news piece. Whatever content you’re providing.

The goal of this part of the email sales funnel for creative online business is to attract your audience. To actually make them gather around and notice you. To get them interested in your business expertise and blogging topics.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • This content must be relevant to what you’re willing to sell so you can attract the right audience
  • You should be prepared to create a bridge content on a regular basis so more and more new people find out about you. Generally, this is known as blogging and getting new readers
  • This content should be connected with your opt-in or the landing page (PART #2). Meaning, add opt-ins to your content or link to landing pages, etc.


PART #2 Qualify subscribers

This is where you offer a free opt-in – additional value.

The opt-in or landing page should be connected to your article or any other piece of content and it’s the next most crucial part of your online business sales funnel.

The easiest way to create an opt-in is to either use MailerLite for popups/website signups or ClickFunnels for a landing page design

Should I create a landing page or a signup form?! The easiest answer is to create both. Popup or a signup form on your website is a great way to interact with your current reader while a separate landing page is an additional strategy on how to promote your opt-in and bring more traffic.

Before adding any kind of opt-in or landing page, think about what additional value can you offer for people interested in your covered topics. The additional value should be easy to use and actionable.

What to offer?!

  • Checklists
  • Email or online courses
  • E-books
  • Workbooks
  • Access to private groups or subscription services
  • Guides

Keep in mind:

  • The offer must be free
  • The opt-in should be relevant to the article. For example, in my article about how I used Pinterest to grow my audience, I have attached an opt-in for 50+ Pinterest group boards.
  • Keep it actionable and easy to use

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PART #3 Qualify buyers

Give your mailing list the chance to get a low-value offer. Once they do – separate them in another list.

What you’ve got from your free opt-in is your mailing list. The biggest mistake people make is stopping here. This is where the most actionable part of having successful marketing sales funnel starts!

Qualifying your buyers is a crucial step in understanding how to make sales with email sales funnel.

Here’s what you have to do:

  • Create a low-price offer. The value you’re providing can be huge. But the price must be low. It can be $5 per e-book or $20 per course.
  • The offer must be relevant to the previous chain we’ve gone through which is your provided content and your free opt-in. So the people you’re offering this to are actually interested in what you have in stock.
  • Add the offer email to your online business sales funnel sequence
    • Make the offer sound urgent and unique
    • Make it limited-time
    • Inspire people to ACT NOW

The ones that do are already qualified as your buyers and should be separated in another list. In most email marketing softwares you can easily track clicks and separate people based on their behavior. You can also do it manually if your list isn’t as big.

But… what about those who don’t purchase?! 

Those who don’t buy should be nourished from here on to ensure them for any further purchases. This is a whole different email funnel strategy and this part of the list really should be separated.

How to nourish your non-buyers: 

  • Basically, list nourishing means sending out emails that’ll eventually let them appreciate the value you’re providing for the price offered
  • You can send out emails with your own experience, with “why it’s important“, “how it’ll help your business“, “real life samples
  • There’s no need to overdo it. An email per week could be absolutely fine to keep your readers on track and keep them interested.
  • Yes, some of the list members might unsubscribe. And it’s alright. You don’t need people who are not interested in what you’re sharing!

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PART #4 Identify buyers in heat

The next step is to identify those who are ready for more NOW.

Now it’s time to work with that part of your list that was qualified as interested in your offer and ready to buy.

Very often we don’t offer them enough options to ACT. Give the opportunity to purchase. ONE TIME OFFERS. Multiple purchases in a short frame of time. Give them the chance to get what they need!

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Once again, your offer should be relevant to what they’re already interested in
  • This should be higher priced offer with the additional value offered (bonuses if purchasing right away or within the next 24 hours, discount for the first time offer, etc).
  • This offer should make your list members feel like DAMN, I really need this!!

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PART #5 Make sure they stay

Provide VALUE. Product launch. Webinar. Educate. Offer surprises and special deals.

Your email list can be one of the most valuable assets of your online business. And very often there’s a question “What should I send to my email list?!“. The answer is simple. Send them valuable, informational and interesting information and offers!

  • Offer them free webinars or Live discussions
  • Educate them about your topic
  • Give them discounts and first-hand access to your products
  • Offer more free content and additional bonuses
  • Keep them interested!


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PART #6 Upsell your higher price point products

Once your list is completely sure of all the value you’re providing, give them the option to purchase. Again.

The whole point of having an email sales funnel for creative online business is to bring in more income.

Let’s say you’ve sent them 5 emails with a great amount of value. You have informed them about the solutions to their problems. You’ve provided free value. They’re getting bonuses and live interaction from you. Now, it’s time to take that next step and give them the chance to purchase.

Sometimes, it will take more than one round of nourishing emails to get them hooked. And it’s alright! That’s how mailing lists work. But you have to keep giving them the information and reason to stay and wait for your next offer!

Yes, you can easily upsell your higher price point products more than once. After all, it’s the whole point of email sales funnel for creative online business – to make sales. To keep your business growing. To keep people interested.

What if I’m not the salesy type of person?! Believe it or not, most of us aren’t. But that’s just something you get over when running an online business!


I hope this article gave you a good idea about what is and how to create email sales funnel for creative online business.

Let me know in the comments if you have any more questions and make sure to use the free opportunity to join Funnel University!

What are your best hacks for having an effective email sales funnel for creative online business?


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