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What to do when your SEO results are failing

What to do if all your SEO efforts are failing

Have you done your best and still all you find that your SEO results are failing? Do you feel like you’ve spent years and nothing has paid off? I know the feeling… And here’s what you can do about it!


Here’s the deal. I’ve been having a successful and rather popular blog (the one you’re on) for 5 years. For around 2 of the past years, this blog has become one of my main source of income and I’ve taken the topic of SEO optimization very seriously.

I’d like to say, I have “done it all” to improve my site’s SEO score but, obviously, it’d be a bit of an exaggeration.

But what I’ve done is A LOT. I know it takes time and effort. I have studied the topic of SEO from well-brewed experts on the topic. I have researched a dose of strategies used by some of the highest ranking bloggers. I know all of the basics and well beyond that.

And still, my site gets found in around 15 Google searches per day.


Therefore, I decided to (once again) take A LOT closer look to what I can do to actually improve this and stop following how my SEO results are failing…

If you have worked through all the basic SEO requirements and you still feel like using a failing SEO strategy, read on!


Tips to improve your SEO ranking: what to do when you SEO results are failing


I (once again) examined all of my efforts, asked for the help of both professionals and fellow bloggers, and found out 3 actionable things I can do to improve my SEO score and save my failing SEO strategy.

If you’re in the same pickle as I am, read on to (maybe) find some new methods to try out or reconsider your existing SEO strategy.

NOTE: On my site, most of the mentioned updates are done just recently and several are still in progress, therefore, I am not trying to guarantee you any results and I’m not saying that any of this is a bulletproof way to really improve your SEO. Anyhow, it’s always worth giving a try if you feel like it can change things for you!


What to do if all your SEO results are failing?!

TIP #1: Improve your Keyword Research

When I published a post on FB with this pain of mine, asking for some help on what else can I work on, literally all comments say KEYWORD RESEARCH.

And my initial reaction was – well, duh!

Keyword research is something I’ve been working on a lot and it’s, obviously, the main point of the whole SEO thing…

At the same time, I paused my “been there, done that” kind of attitude, to really stop and listen to what they’re saying.


Why your SEO results are failing


First of all, let me say you this. I have never wanted to sell my soul just for the sake of SEO. And I still have many posts that don’t have the perfect keyword strategy just because it’d screw up the whole idea behind them…

Anyhow, if you are trying to reach a bigger audience and improve your SEO score, improving your keyword research to the max, could make or break it for you.

Disclaimer: it still hasn’t done this for me.

BUT. I do believe that this can be crucial.

And I also believe that my keyword research can be improved and so can yours.

Here are some of the most common mistakes:

  • You don’t do a keyword search
  • You try to rank for too popular keywords
  • You use short keywords instead of longer phrases
  • You’re trying to rank for too wide niche (FOCUS!)

When your SEO results are failing, it’s worth taking the time and really researching what you’ve been doing so far and how you can improve your efforts.


TIP #2 Don’t avoid guest blogging

I’m SO bad at guest blogging.

Over the last few years, I have done several “marathons” of guest blogging when I feel like it’s really important, therefore, I provide around 4 guest posts in a month. And then forget it until the next time I think I should improve my SEO score…

Whenever I write a guest post for a blog or two, and I don’t see any changes in my SEO within a month, I just don’t feel like trying.

But here’s the deal:

  • First of all, you have to write for sites with high Domain Authority. You can check DA for free with several online sites. With “high”, I’d mean at least 30. The more – the better.
  • You have to write A LOT. Have you ever gotten one of those (rather annoying) emails from someone who just wants to post on your blog? Imagine, how many such requests they send out daily… And how many guest posts they can write… Even if you manage to create 3 guest posts per week, it’s HUGE.
  • The content needs to be of high quality. There’s no use in writing if you can’t be proud of your created post. I mean, sure, it’s still nice to get yourself linked even if your post is average. But high-quality post can lead you to even more writing options and improve your credibility.

I’d like to say that it’s hard. It feels like a waste of time (I mean, why would you want to produce the content for someone else while you could do it for your own blog?!). But, at the end of the day, it really is important.

No, I don’t consider this to be the single most important thing. But it can help you big time, as long as you choose high DA posts to write for.

Instead of following the downfall of how my SEO results are failing, I have decided to take guest posting more seriously and definitely suggest for you to do the same!


TIP #3 Reconsider using Yoast SEO


Let me say you this. I have loved Yoast SEO plugin TONS. But for years, I have also heard how more well-seasoned bloggers warn you about not getting too much into it.

I mean it’s great for understanding the base of the SEO and it’s even kind of fun to use. It has helped me to learn a lot more about SEO and it has “trained” me to use the keywords in all the must-have places.

BUT. There still are other options out there.

And just because most (if not all…) bloggers use or have used this plugin at some point, does not really mean that it’s single best SEO plugin out there…

So what to consider besides that?!

When I was doing my most recent research, I got a suggestion to check out Rank Math.

It has 50/50 reviews: those who have tried it, love it and consider it being better than Yoast SEO. Those who haven’t tried it don’t trust its newness.

So here’s the deal. Rank Math is a plugin that is just recently created. In early 2018 it was in beta testing mode and only at the very end of 2018, it became accessible to the public.

Obviously, a new project is NEW. I mean… it hasn’t been in the business for decades and might not be prepared for all the possible issues.

Anyhow. I gave it a try. It’s free. And DAMN.

I feel in love with it big time.

Here are just a few of the benefits of using Rank Math:

  • It has more in-depth suggestions for your keywords
  • You can use more than one keyword and analyze your posts’ performance (all for free!)
  • You can have on-site analytics and follow your SEO performance, without using Google Analytics
  • It’s just as easy and fun to use as Yoast SEO but it’s giving even more suggestions
  • You can import all of your Yoast SEO settings as well as connect it with Google


Why Rank Math is the new best SEO plugin for bloggers


I have also read many people using All In One SEO plugin. I think most of its best features are paid, therefore it might be the reason why it’s less popular. Anyhow, many bigger bloggers with more investment options love it.

And there definitely are others.

All I’m saying is – be open to the options and research each of your decisions before making any radical moves.


TIP #4: Write longer posts

Although this is one of the basic tips you must’ve already heard, I feel like reviewing this point is important.

Most of my posts are AT LEAST 1200 word long. It takes a long time to write such a long post but it’s important for the SEO. As well as the overall value you can give.

But actually most SEO experts suggest aiming for at least 2000 word long posts. 

In Rank Math, you can also see your SEO score improving with every 500 new words or so.

For me, this is still a big challenge. Although I love providing as much value as I can, turning my writing mind from 1500 words to 500 more, is a bit complicated. Anyhow, this wasn’t supposed to be easy, was it?


Here’s a simple truth – SEO is based on an algorithm that rarely anyone can fully hack. Yes, there are professional tips and tricks on the topic, yet some of us try and yet our SEO results are failing, again, again and again.

To break this vicious cycle, I suggest to be patient and really TRY all you possibly can. Analyze results and see where it leads you.

Anyone can rank in Search Engines, as long as you’re providing high-quality content.


Let me know if your SEO results are failing as well and what you’ve tried so far. I’m sure we can find a solution together!


  • Leesa
    December 24, 2019 at 1:01 pm

    Thank you for these tips. I’m starting a website for my new business in 2020, and I’m sure these tips will help immensely.

  • Jennifer Dagi
    March 22, 2020 at 9:16 pm

    I certainly didn’t stumble on this post by mistake. I’ve been trying to diversify my traffic for some time now and SEO is such a huge challenge for me.

    When I start gaining traction and some nice page views, Google does its periodic algorithm update and I’m back to square one.

    I’m going to give it one last try with this new Rank Math plugin. Hopefully, it will turn out better this time! Thanks.

    • ievalaicane
      March 27, 2020 at 5:02 pm

      Perfecting SEO definitely takes LOADS of time and dedication! Don’t give up just yet, it takes a while for the data to get noticed and one plugin definitely won’t save it. Wishing you all the best!!

  • Abby
    May 5, 2020 at 12:01 am

    Maybe it’s just me but I HATE long blog posts and this is why they are trying to improve their SEO instead of give the information and not babble on :/ oh well

    • ievalaicane
      May 7, 2020 at 2:42 pm

      Well, it really depends! In some cases, long blog posts are blabbing but in others – they are just more packed with useful steps, actionable tips… So overall they do give more value! If there is no additional value to provide, then keeping it short probably is for the best, yes.

  • Jayson
    June 16, 2020 at 5:32 pm

    Indeed. Very informative. Thank you for posting this, will surely help me in building my SEO specialist career. You can check my website and feel free to leave some comments.


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