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The easiest way to set up and sell an online course

The easiest way to set up and sell an online course

While online course creation truly can take months of planning and implementation, not everyone wants to pour all their energy into the process… So what is the easiest way to set up and sell an online course?

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Online course creation is a widely popular and very effective way to earn passive income.

However, the process can be daunting. From the sidelines, it seems that course creation will take a lot of time, energy, investment and management. Besides that, most creatives, bloggers and online business owners don’t think they even have the necessary skill set to get it all done.

Well, good news for you! Let’s review the easiest way to set up and sell an online course. Available for all skill levels and absolutely possible within a week or even less!

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The theory of minimum viable product

A minimum viable product generally means that you start selling the simplest version of your product as soon as possible.

For example, if you’re writing an e-book, instead of getting it written, professionally designed and adding bonus worksheets, you write an e-book and publish a word document for the least price you could ask.

If it’s a physical product, you release “unpolished” version. Instead of creating 3-5 samples, color variations and upgrades, you start selling the first viable option.

What are the benefits of this?!

  • You get the feedback. Whether or not people like it? What to improve? What do people care about the most?
  • You don’t waste your time. Sometimes things just don’t work out. Why invest months into something that people won’t want?
  • You get the additional motivation to create an amazing product. Often the drive to make a product happen disappears halfway. By putting out the minimum viable product, you could boost your motivation.

Yes, on the downside, you’re technically selling an “unfinished” product. But the price should match the stage. And, at the end of the day, you’ll see the benefits yourself.


The easiest way to set up and sell an online course


What is the easiest way to set up and sell an online course?

The same goes for online courses. If you have decided to create a course online but fear the mad amount of work it might require, take a step back and consider, how can you create the minimum viable product?

Here’s my formula on what is the easiest way to set up and sell an online course:

  • Write the content in Google Docs
  • Design the content in Google Docs (a dose of color, added pictures and font variations do the trick)
  • Save it as a PDF
  • Upload on Teachable
  • Start selling

YES. It’s that simple. Now, let’s see it step by step.


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STEP #1: Write the content in Google Docs

Whether it’s Word, Google Docs or any similar program doesn’t really matter but my personal preference is Google Docs since I have it easily synced on all my devices + all the content is safe in a Cloud and gets automatically saved (no laptop errors!)

This has always been my starting point for all courses. I, first, write the overall outline: what Modules & Lessons will be included.

Then, I work on a short intro for each, to give myself an understanding on what content will be in each lesson.

From there, I create a separate document for each lesson to write the actual content.

STEP #2: Design the content in Google Docs

I’m a designer and yet, I still use Google Docs to design my PDFs. Why? It’s easy and effective.

Usually, I do this after the lessons are written. I format some headings, add color and separate some in-text quotes with different font.

Here are some design features you should evaluate:

  • Add pictures. First of all, add your logo. Then, add any pictures in between text that are relevant or illustrative.
  • Set different font for Headings 1-3. For example, Heading 1 and 2 use bigger font while Heading 3 – smaller but all uppercase and in a different color.
  • Use the horizontal line to add separation within the lesson.

STEP #3: Save it as a PDF

On platforms like Teachable, you don’t always have to upload PDFs. You could also add text directly within the platform. However, having a document in a PDF makes it easier to make it brand-aligned and edit on your end when needed.

Therefore, I always save my documents as PDF and upload them on Teachable.

From there, you can make sure they are embedded – visible on the platform without downloading/opening. But you can also enable Download so they can save the files on your end.

STEP #4: Upload on Teachable

I’ve talked several times about Teachable being my personal favorite when it comes to online course platforms. I’ve used this platform for the past 5 years and always end up coming back to it.

It’s a management platform where you can upload, host and sell online courses.

One of the main reasons why I absolutely adore it and suggest it for others – it’s EASY TO USE. For starters and professionals.

You can price the products as you want, making it free or one-time payment, payment in several parts or subscription service.

You can connect Paypal and Stripe and the fees are rather low.

Are there any other “next level” platforms you could use? Yes, of course there are. However, this is the easiest way to set up and sell an online course!

STEP #5: Start selling

As mentioned before, the minimum viable product should have an appropriate price range.

You can’t put the highest possible price on an unfinished product. It should be available for those who later might not be able to afford your offer.

Make it clear that you’re selling a Beta version – it has all the value but the “packaging” might not be as good or, for example, later there will be more bonuses included.

Don’t hesitate to get it out there and get honest opinions.

Selling pure content is the best way to prove it’s value. If you get great feedback, you’ll know for sure that any future versions of your content will sell like hotcakes!


And that’s the easiest way to set up and sell an online course!

At the end of the day, it’s important to get the ball rolling and start doing instead of planning!

Many online entrepreneurs reach for perfection before making sales. But it’s impossible to be perfect without hearing the feedback and letting your product out there.

Got any questions? Leave them in the comments!


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