The best Squarespace template comparison

I’ve loved Squarespace ever since the very first time when I found out about it. There was just one problem… I had no idea which template will be the best one for me, therefore I ended up trying out most of them and spending TONS of my time. How to choose the best Squarespace template for your needs with the first shot? Here’s a Squarespace template comparison!

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Squarespace template comparison for choosing the best fit


The most popular Squarespace template comparison

Here are the most popular Squarespace template comparison:

Aviator template is great for bold websites that want a minimalist homepage (without the limitations of a Cover Page). Similar: Aubrey

Avenue template is the best for portfolio websites that want to use descriptive text.

Bedford template is one of the most popular templates and it has several variations. Great for emotive, visual brands that want clear call-to-action buttons in the top header. Similar: Hayden, Bryant.

Template Five is the number one choice for many web designers and developers. It is super popular and no wonder why: it’s not cluttered, but still holds enough information for someone to work with.

Forte template gives you a full-screen slideshow. Amazing choice for photographers or product makers with outstanding photos!

Marquee template has a strong visual impact: parallax scrolling design with fullscreen images and floating text. Similar: Alex, Adversary, Shift

Marta template (for commerce-based plans!) is great for visually-led online shops with lots of products, who want a high level of design control.

Montauk template is so popular that SS has come up with several variations of it. It is a great choice for portfolios, online shops and businesses that want to feature contact information prominently in a light, airy design. Similar: Julia, Om

Momentum template is the best choice for photographers. It has fullscreen slideshow galleries & Index galleries, with configurable options.

Pacific template is amazing for image-driven websites. The best for businesses or bloggers who have attractive images and need to segment products or posts into navigable categories. Similar: Charlotte, Fulton, Horizon, Naomi

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To fully understand which of the templates is the best for you, look into the further Squarespace template comparison with focus on specific details each template can or cannot offer.

Things to keep in mind when choosing Squarespace template

The scale of control

So first of all, when making a decision about which template to choose, you should decide: how much you will want to adjust it? Are you willing to dive in all fours and work it through the way you love or you’re ready to work with existing features without driving yourself insane? So let’s take a look at what is the scale of control for these websites.


Forte, Momentum (others: Anya, Galapagos, Supply, Wexley)


Aviator, Marquee, Pacific (others: Adirondac, Adversary, Alex, Aubrey, Charlotte, Encore, Flatiron, Fulton, Horizon, Ishimoto, Naomi, Native, Pacific, Shift, Wells)


Bedford, Five, Marta, Montauk (others: Avenue, Bryant, Hayden, Hyde, Julia, Om, Thorne)

It would seem like a logical decision to choose a website with loads of control, so you can adjust it like you need. But it’s not always the best choice! Many templates are created in the best way possible and any further adjustments can break this aesthetic feeling in them. So be mindful when you take a scale of control as your main decision-maker!



Squarespace templates are well known because of a lack of sidebars. Therefore, I find this part of Squarespace template comparison really important!

Most of them don’t have the option to add it and only for some, there is a sidebar. So take a look at those who have sidebar option, if you’re a blogger and you’ll need one!


For blog: Anya, Avenue, Bedford, Bryant, Forte, Galapagos, Hayden, Ishimoto, Julia, Montauk, Om, Wells, Wexley

For any page: Five

So it’s time to draw your conclusions! Whether you want to risk with an amazing template and have one with sidebar or give up sidebar? OR just work towards the best solution for offered options?


Per page header

When it comes to Squarespace template comparison, a header is an important part to consider.

If you have one consistent style you will want to keep up with through your website, you should have per page header. So take a look at templates that are offering this!

Templates with per-page headers:

Avenue, Brine, Five, Hyde, Marta, Throne

Yes, you read that right, THAT’S IT! So you’ve started to reconsider your template or even platform choice? I’d say – don’t do it! There are tons of ways how to adjust whatever options you have and your initial idea about how you want your website to look like is not always the best one!


Gallery options

For many creatives, a gallery is THE most important part of the website. Whether it’s your portfolio or your product photos – a gallery is important. Squarespace is offering Grid and Slide options for galleries, but not all templates have both.


Adirondack, Adversary, Alex, Anya, Bedford, Brine, Bryant, Charlotte, Five, Fulton, Galapagos, Hayden, Horizon, Hyde, Marquee, Marta, Momentum, Naomi, Native, Pacific, Shift, Thorne, Wells, Wexley


Aubrey, Aviator, Encore, Flatiron, Forte, Ishimoto, Julia, Montauk, Om, Supply




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  1. ilovecreatives says: April 20, 2016 at 1:34 pm

    This is great! Thanks for putting this together!

    This is by no means a complete chart, but something I put together so I can easily choose a template for my clients.

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