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How to stay unique in your online business

How to stay unique in your online business and not get too overwhelmed?!

If you are a business owner in a nowaday world, there is a big chance that you’re on your own in this one. You have your own online business, your own marketing strategies, your own product and ideas. Also, you create and you sell. You make and you give. If you are a blogger you write and you advertise, you create community and you respond to your client questions… How to stay unique in your online business and not get too overwhelmed?!


Chances are – you have left yourself (your true-self) somewhere there… behind.

You know how when you start an online business, blog or whatever is the thing you’re starting, you have to put yourself out there. And oh-my-god how many statements there are – how, when and why you have to be so you can get truly successful. I can’t even count how many topics you have to look through to feel good about what you are doing. And therefore you read. You read days and nights, you implement and participate, you create and re-create, brand and re-brand.

Those are the topics about the best times when to appear on social media, about the design of the Pins you should create, count of the names you should write in your blog posts. And it doesn’t end there. There is plenty more.

But where did the idea about ”let’s create for fun!” disappeared?! Somewhere along those reading hours about what and how you should be like.


What to do to get back your creativity?


Marketing is important, but even more important it is to do the job first and create something so stunning that it’s worth your time to get into marketing. Or something even better: as stunning that you don’t even have to market it!

There’s this amazing article I read about Time management and it said

”Meetings get scheduled. Calls get scheduled. Doctor appointments get scheduled. You know what often doesn’t get scheduled? Real work.”

Can you relate? I most definitely can! Therefore you just have to squeeze the right mindset out of yourself, before you get into marketing. Do what you love first! Do what you started it all for first!



That’s a thing! Don’t look at me like that!

Offline days can boost your creativity insanely!

You just have to get off the internet and you’re good to go. Decide what’s your purpose for such a thing. Are you willing to write more? Create more? Do you need to find new inspiration? It’s all possible!

On a daily basis we have this urge to be everywhere: check out Twitter, answer all the e-mails, pin regularly. Even if you’re not that kind of a person, you’re still doing that. Your creativity is left out. It has maybe two or three hours in your day. And this will drive you insane!

One day in a week. Five times per month. Week in a year. Whatever works for you! But you have to find what boosts your creativity and gets you back on track REGULARLY!



This is something we tend to forget. You have got to your dream job, you’ve built your life around your success, you are happy. But are you as creative as when you first started?

To boost your creativity or increase it – you must try something you never thought you could try.

Anything! It doesn’t have to be bungee-jumping (although it can help as well). You can try a new product, new design, write a post about a new topic or maybe get into charity with what you’re offering. Literally, anything new in your life will open your eyes to new horizons!



Do they always have to come in numbers? There are plenty of goals to have and you just have to come clear about yours. What are you working for? Are you willing to make a world more beautiful or peaceful? Are you creating for your kids? Or for your own sense of wonder? Are you willing to sell worldwide or work with the biggest brands?

Social media & marketing, in general, are important things to hold on to, but I bet that your actual goal must be reachable in some other way – by creating better quality? By coming up with a unique product? People will follow great things.

To write down your long term goals is a great thing to do for several reasons: you’ll remember them more easily (as soon as you’ll feel lost in whatever you do, you can reach out to this list and read it through), you’ll have a reminder whenever you’ll have too many any decisions – what are you making them for!, when you’ve written your goals down, you’ll remember them more easily and they’ll stick to you.



Another great idea for those who have strongly established online business: outsource your marketing tasks! Many creatives are not into outsourcing because they don’t really trust that anyone else can get it their way and do the job as they’re supposed to. But if you pay attention to proper decision making about who’s gonna do that – you can find the right person in no time!

Besides that, I’d suggest keeping close any reminder about why you started what you’re doing. Whether it’s a list, quote, photo, book, movie or whatever. Hard times may come and you can get stuck with all the small work without doing the real thing that you were aiming for.

Therefore a little reminder always is a good way to get back on track, understand that marketing is just a tool and it doesn’t have to rule your world!

What’s your favorite way to deal with a lack of creativity in your daily tasks and stay unique in your online business?

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