Online career growth: How to be more successful freelancer?

Here we meet again – covering the topic that has many variables to discuss before getting into it. But I’ll keep it simple! Let’s discuss online career growth: how can you be a more successful freelancer? No matter what success really is for you, I’ll be providing several things to consider before moving up to that next online business ladder (if I may call it so).

Be more successful freelancer

Define what being successful freelancer means to you

Let’s start with the most important part. Define your success! You won’t be able to grow your online career unless you have clear goals on where you want to go with it and what is a success for you!

We all have our priorities and reasons why we’ve chosen a freelance career. For some, the best thing about freelancing is all the free time you can have (if only you work for that), for others, it’s the option to work with your dream clients. And, let’s be honest, for many of us it’s also the financial independence.

At this point, you should decide on what makes your freelance career successful?

  • Many amazing and unique clients?
  • Less working hours, more free time?
  • All the time you can spend with your family?
  • Freedom to travel and be location independent?
  • Bigger hourly rates?
  • More job offers?

There’s no need to choose one! But it’s crucial to actually understand your ultimate goal so you can work for that success! For even better understanding, write it down and keep it right in front of you as a reminder.


How to be a more successful freelancer?

The one and only answer to this question depend on your previously written goals!

But if you feel like you’re stuck in your freelance career and nothing seems to be working anymore, take some time to consider some of the questions and suggestions I’ve provided further on. Also, if you’re just looking forward to some growth, changes or just… being a more successful freelancer!


Have you chosen the right niche for yourself?

Maybe you don’t feel completely satisfied and you’re lacking inspiration for the work you’re doing? Freelancing gives you this amazing option to actually do what you love so maybe you should consider changing your niche? This doesn’t mean that you have to start it all from zero! But you can consider working in the fields that seem a bit different career path than your current one. It’s a great cure for those who don’t feel satisfied with their freelance careers anymore!

Maybe you need to get more specific with your offer?

It’s proven that niche specific freelancers very often get more successful than those who are working in all kinds of fields! It will be easier to focus on your goals, upgrade your skills, follow the latest trends and be even better in what you do. Therefore, consider narrowing your niche and trying to work on specific projects or with a smaller audience.

Take on projects you could “only dream about”

When you start setting bigger goals, your freelance career will get a completely different feel of satisfaction! If you don’t feel like you have enough knowledge or expertise for the project, sign up for that and figure it out while working on it! It will be an amazing way to upgrade your skills and feel better about the path you’ve taken.

Meet other freelancers in your field

Either this meeting is virtual, in Facebook groups, through emails or on Twitter, or it’s real in various summits, workshops or coworking spaces, meet other freelancers to widen your horizons! Very often we feel like we know it all when in reality we don’t. But it’s okay! We just have to step out of our bubble to learn and explore more which can be a great benefit for your career!

Use opportunities to learn!

Very often these options to upgrade your freelance skills are free. Use online courses, e-books, Youtube videos or literally anything else that suits you and improve your skills! Working within one field for years or even for months can be exhausting. Maybe it’s time to take the next step, learn something new and add it to your offer!

Find someone with whom you can discuss your struggle

A mentor or another freelancer. Share your struggles! Share your dreams and visions. Sharing, once again, can give you another perspective and new ideas on how to improve! Besides that, you can actually show them what you’re doing and ask for suggestions on how to improve it!

Change your working space

It’s not always about the work you do but also about the way you do it. This time, let’s discuss changing a working space! By changing the environment around you, you might feel more inspired, more creative and come up with new turns in your career. If you’ve been working at home, try out coworking space. If you’ve been working in a coffee shop, go to a library. It doesn’t always have to be a long-term decision. Even a small step can go a long way!

Cooperate with other professionals

You don’t have to do everything on your own! If there’s an aspect of your daily work you don’t really enjoy, you don’t have to cope with it if you have the option to outsource! Whether it’s a virtual assistant you’d like to work with or a content creation… Make sure to optimize your skills and your time by adding people to your team! It can be both, a long-term deal or a solution for the project. Just make your move!

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