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Why Teachable is the best online course platform?

What makes Teachable the best online course platform

Are you planning to create an online course but are not sure which platform to choose? Here’s what makes Teachable the best online course platform!


I’ve been working with online course design and setup for the past 5 years. For my own and my client projects, I’ve had a chance to experiment and try out many different platforms including Teachable, Thinkific, Kajabi, Podia and others.

In my honest opinion, Teachable is the best middle ground.

See, with each platform you’ll give and get something. Some are pricier but with more features. Others have easier interface but worse support. Some are more flexible, others – offer more features. 

It’s always a balancing act and the true question is – what’s your focus?

For me, it’s an elegant design with easy to use platform. Although I’m a designer, I don’t request a full-customization. Quite contrary actually. I know that fewer options make my life easier! 

However, user interface and easy onboarding is not debatable.

So altogether, for me, Teachable comes out on top and here are more insights on why.

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What has changed on Teachable in 2020?!

For those of you who are already at least a bit familiar with Teachable, here are some absolutely amazing Teachable updates you don’t want to miss:

  • Besides online course hosting, you can now also do Coaching sessions through the platform! Both sell and host. 
  • The sales page designer has become a lot more flexible with features like background coloring for each section, etc. 
  • You can now do A/B testing on the pages and have several Sales pages set up. 
  • There are new features for the pricing. 

Now, let’s get to the most important part. What makes Teachable the best online course creation platform?



Why Teachable is the best online course platform


Why Teachable is the best online course creator

REASON #1: It’s budget-friendly

Starting July 15, 2020, Teachable has eliminated the free plan from their offer. Unless you already have a Teachable’s school created, you will be eligible for the paid plans only.

However, they have the most budget-friendly offer within the field! Their plans start from $29/monthly. 

Compared to other online course and membership platforms:

The reality is, as long as you’re planning to create an online course business, you WILL need an upgrade, sooner or later. 

Most of the free plans (if available) offer either limited courses or students, limits you in terms of branding and personalized domain, don’t offer promo codes, etc. 

Therefore, Teachable comes out as one of the cheapest offers in the crowd! 

REASON #2: They are offering a Coaching platform

Besides online course hosting, Teachable is now offering a platform for Coaches as well! This means that you can host courses AND personal 1-on-1 coaching sessions. 

They rolled it out mid-2020 and it has been a huge game-changer.

If you’re an online coach or plan to make it a part of your online business, Teachable now makes it easy for you to combine coaching and online courses. 

You can sell your coaching services + work with clients on the platform. If this isn’t amazing, I don’t know what is!

REASON #3: It’s easy to use

One of the reasons why I’ve stayed with Teachable from the very first day and have always suggested it for my clients is the easy usability. 

As with all the platforms, you’ll need to, first, get familiar with it. But once you do – it’s all super simple! 

REASON #4: It has a beautiful page builder

While the page builder is rather simple and can come out as a bit annoying for those who want to have full control, I absolutely adore this simplicity.

The thing is, for a Sales page, you don’t need to have a madly unique design to make sales. You can absolutely make it happen with those several blocks available on Teachable. 

Recently, they have also improved the sales page and now it’s even more fun to use. 

For example, here you can see one of the most recent pages I’ve set up on Teachable. It’s simple but delivers the message!

It’s definitely perfect for starters since it consists of easy drag & drop editing. However, it’s absolutely enough for a professional Sales page design as well!

If you do feel like Sales pages is what’s lacking in this offer, you can also always create a separate Sales page on your website and then point it to Teachable’s checkout. That’s what I’m doing with my online courses!  All of their landing pages are built with a free Elementor editor on WordPress. 

REASON #5: There’s an amazing team behind it!

One of the main reasons why Teachable is the best online course creator out there is simple – they have a truly amazing team on the other end. 

This doesn’t just mean “cool people”. It means that they’re always working for the best possible result!

It means fun challenges and freebies, online webinars and masterclasses on how to improve your business.

Recently, they also recreated their platform and made it even more functional and fun to use, with more additional features. 

REASON #6: Great user experience

Think about your potential students! They want an easy to use and fast to understand platform that will not only look nice but also function accordingly.

Teachable has not only an amazing backend for course creators but they’re also providing great user experience for school students.

The layout of the school is straight-forward. Your students will be able to easily track the lessons they’ve already completed, as well as go back to them whenever necessary.

Overall, I consider this platform super easy to use for students!

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Let’s compare Teachable to other course creation platforms… 

Why is Teachable better than Kajabi?

Here’s the thing with Kajabi. Most people either love it or hate it. 

In my opinion, Kajabi is an amazing platform with plenty of features – it incorporates the functionality of a website, blog, courses and email marketing.

However, as they say – Jack of all trades, master of none. 

Obviously, having ALL of your business on one platform is absolutely great! But the structure of the site can be quite complicated. Even though I’m tech-savvy and build websites for a living, I lose a bit of my mind every time I use Kajabi… 

Most of the online business owners who have Kajabi will say “it’s easy to use” but I’ve noticed an interesting pattern – most of them don’t use even half of the offered features!

Yes, it’s easy to use if you use it to sell one course or want to build a site with an email signup.  

But if you don’t use all the functions, you can just as well choose a cheaper offering… 

From my experience, Teachable is better than Kajabi because 

  • It’s a lot cheaper
  • It lets you focus on what matters 
  • It doesn’t overwhelm and is easier to use 


Why is Teachable better than Thinkific? 

When it comes to Teachable vs Thinkific, I’ve always said Thinkific is like the cheaper version of Teachable. Not in terms of pricing, ironically, but in terms of setup and presentation. 

I’ve used Thinkific for several of my clients and the Sales page design is the most frustrating part of the whole experience.

While the setup seems to be just as easy as it is on Teachable, it doesn’t have the same functionality and responsiveness. Therefore, you end up spending a lot more time to create a beautiful design. 

Yes, they offer a completely free plan for 3 online courses and unlimited students! Which is a great bargain. 

However, the user experience you get for it is quite limited and the setup of the courses can be frustrating. 


To wrap it up, I definitely suggest you checking out any of the free platforms and giving them a try. It’s easy to understand what feels more intuitive and easier to use FOR YOU if you just give it a try. Teachable is the best course creation platform for me but it’s absolutely possible you might think differently!

Don’t hesitate to share your course creation experiences in the comments!! Which platform do you use and love? Which one has frustrated you the most?

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